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Interview with Destynation from Destynation
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 October 2006, 7:16 PM

Form the ashes of Swedish Power Metal 'fantasy travellers' Eternia, Destynation's Rising Up debut labum was a rather interesting effort, neither far away nor too close to the 'typical' Euro Power Metal style. Sweden proves - once more - the fact that you have to 'dig' really deep to come up with a mediocore band (no matter what your 'taste' is). This intervew was eventually 'uploaded' a little bit late but - what the heck? - this should not matter; c'mon in an' enjoy your Destynation!

Well, congratulations on your work, first of all!

Thank you very much! Always nice to receive congrats!

A little bio info on Destynation would be helpful, for the majority of fans not yet familiar with the band.

Well, the history of Destynation is quite short as the band started in February 2005. But there is a history of the band that goes way back to the mid-90s when everyone was playing in a fantasy-Power-Metal band called Eternia. The Eternia days lasted for about 10 years and includes the demo CD The Guardian Of The Treasure, the full length album Tales Of Power and the self-financed EP Shadowgate. But all things must come to an end and eventually so did Eternia in early 2005.

One month later, February 2005, Destynation saw the day of light for the first time. We recorded a 3-song demo and after comparing offers and contracts from different labels we decided to go with Sonic Age, whom we had been in contact with since the Eternia days.

We built a studio (which was later named Studio Madness) and started the recording of Rising Up immediately. It was finished in January 2006 and released in April. Shortly after we were offered an endorsement deal from Mayones Guitars And Basses, Gdansk, Poland. And here we are now!

The first thing I’d like to comment on your first studio effort is the impression I got from the overall atmosphere. You must have had a helluva time while recording plus a great work helped by the studio team!

Yeah, we had some moments in the studio, both good and bad. Well, it’s actually our own studio and we were engineering the whole recording ourselves. So there was no crew, just us! Except for the final mixing and mastering, where we had to pull out the heavy artillery - Matti Juntunen and Anders Zackrisson.

I think the album was slightly delayed to be issued, huh? Did you have any problems with this?

Well, there was some minor gear problems in the studio, and delays caused by sickness, like when Anders was doing vocals he got the flu, so we had to wait for him to be cured. Then we had temperature problems which made the instruments tune out of key. Altogether we were delayed about two months.

Now that the album is released, what’s your impression?

We’re very satisfied with the final product. Overall feeling good. We’ve received some great reviews and comments on the album.

Certain things could have been done better you know, you find things you’d like to change, stuff you didn’t have time to fix and so on…But nothing is perfect in this world so…

But we’re satisfied with it; it came out the way we wanted. Now we only hope the rest of the world feels the same way we do.

Was it a team decision to focus on the European Heavy/Power Metal sound? Many people fans think they’ve had enough with this up tempo melodic Metal stuff!

We write only stuff we want to play. If someone in the band doesn’t like the songs he has a choice to not play it. So, yes, it’s the team’s decision to play the songs.

If we would care what other feel about music we would probably sound like any of those popular-depressive-wanna-kill-myself-radio-Metal-acts of today. And that wouldn’t be so cool - would it - because that’s not who we are. You can’t listen to what others think when it concerns your own work; because that’s their opinion, not yours.

Really, which bands/artists have influenced Destynation as a band? Apart from this, are there any other influences in you all, as musicians?

I can’t say any specific influence for Destynation. Everyone gets influenced in their own way. I for example get influenced by almost everything I hear or do. But, of course there are bands that have had great influence on us, maybe as musicians or maybe just because they were cool. Or just great childhood memories from bands like Europe, Deep Purple, Helix (editor: clap clap clap!!!), WASP, Dio, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister etc

How did you come in touch with Sonic Age Records? Are you so far pleased with this partnership?

Yes, we’re very pleased. We got in touch with them back in 2004 I believe. They contacted us and offered deals. So we’ve been talking, discussing, planning and negotiating for over a year before we finally inked a deal with them. We were also offered deals from many other labels but after comparing and checking up on them we finally decided to go with Sonic Age who’s expertise in Metal couldn’t fail. And so far they have fulfilled their obligations with us.

The video for the title track is cool! Heavy Metal to the very end. Guess you had a perfect time shooting it!

Yeah, thanks! That period was incredible, though it seems so distant now. Living in the studio for months, day out, day in, nothing else in the world did matter… I truly love it!

It was during the recording we named it ’Studio Madness’. A very suitable name, taking into consideration all the stuff that went on in there, hehehe.

You think videos - in our days - still help a band to promote its music?

Yes absolutely. It’s still the best media. You reach the audience both musically and visually and that’s important because the visual appearance is extremely important.

A cool video can lift a mediocre song to new horizons.

Yet, touring does promote music 100%! So, what are the touring plans for Destynation? Guess you’re thirsty enough to get onstage!

You bet!! We’re almost dying to get on a tour. That’s the greatest thing about music, getting out there and rockin’ with the audience & meeting a lot of cool people.

We’re looking at different options and solutions for this. We got some things going on but nothing that I can reveal for the moment. We hope to get a tour here in Scandinavia (of course) and then it would be awesome with a tour in the US. Actually any country would be so extremely cool, we hope to tour the whole world…who doesn’t? We would tour just about anywhere if people want us to come.

Mentioning promotion: too many bands, numerous labels, free promotion via the Internet. On the other hand: not enough money anymore in the hands of Metal fans. You think this is ’healthy’ situation for music?

You’re right. A certain amount of competition can be healthy, it only gives a wider range of music providing to the fans giving them more to choose from, but the situation right now is not really helpful. A lot of bands and labels will fade away and die because of this. Hopefully they will soon realize that it isn’t worth it, you know; spending a lot of money on pure crap instead of finding and helping the true talented and gifted bands. That it’s not all about the money, it’s about appreciating music and those who do it well.

Last last: your beliefs for the future of Destynation and Metal music in general, in the years to come?

I honestly believe that Metal will grow and grow, because those who once tried it can’t go back to whatever’s ’normal’ and it becomes a circle until everyone listens to Metal. The reason to this is: it has everything!! Soft songs, fast songs, heavy songs, beautiful vocals, screaming vocals, pounding double pedals to only soft percussion, instrumental neo-classic Metal guitar virtuosos, screaming guitar riffing, experimental fusion Metal etc…

Regarding Destynation, I believe you will hear many albums from us in the future, we’ll probably evolve musically during the journey, I would guess that we’ll keep it up for as long as we live. Because for us it’s not about the money, it’s never been about the money, it’s a love for music, a passion that never fades, a feeling of freedom which makes the writing and music come to life and therefore makes the love and passion for it even more real. Like when you meet your true love. Someone who’s always there for you, who doesn’t crave anything besides loving you. That’s what music is about.

We’re actually starting our 2nd album before winter and we won’t give up until we’ve toured the world…at least twice (which probably only will feed the flame). So…see you out there!!

See you, I hope!


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