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Devilish Impressions' Quazarre: "This world is about to fall into pieces anytime soon… I believe all of us actually sense it and know that it’s coming."

Interview with Przemysław Tomasz Olbryt aka Quazarre from Devilish Impressions
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 14 August 2019, 1:58 AM

There is a darkened legacy being forged, well it has been forged for some time, yet from the looks of it, there is a good chance that it might rise to a new level of existence. The Polish dark lords, Devilish Impression, are back to haunt, and hunt. Signing with a new label, and releasing an EP that is an eye opener, that is the way to go forward. Steinmetal had chance to talk with the band's founder and leader, Quazarre, about the new EP, the essence of the music and lyrical concepts, promotion and more.

Greetings Quazarre, thank you for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine. How have you been nowadays?

Hi! Thanks for allowing me to talk about the band here at Metal Temple’s pages. I’m good, working on the coming EP related issues, including interviews and other stuff. Hope you’re having a good time too?

Yep, you know, just sitting at home after a long day's work hehe

Devilish Impressions returns to the fold with an EP, “Postmortem Whispering Crows”, signed to a new label, and presenting a nearly new lineup, which tasted steel for the first time on record. In your view, what is special about this EP that it couldn’t wait for yet another full-length? Is it a teaser for things to come in the form of a full release later on?

Actually, these are unreleased tracks from the “The I” album recording sessions. For some reasons we just considered them inconsistent with others that landed in the regular album’s tracklist. I mean, lyric-wise they still fit within the concept behind the latest full-length but musically we felt they were way to diversified, thus we decided to mix and master them once again in a different way we did the album and put them out as a separate release. What is special about them? Well, I do think these are killer songs regardless! Taking the EP opener “Dvma” for instance with its main, heavy riff and a melody in the background that goes on practically throughout the entire song, or guitar leads that go far beyond the frames of the black metal genre.  Those who are familiar with the band’s previous offerings have easily noticed never we had played this way before, therefore I believe some may find it really interesting to see the band explore slightly different areas again.

When it comes to tracking “Postmortem Whispering Crows”, it had been done with the previous members. Just to make it clear, the new guys that are on-board for some time now (Isemal - guitars, Avernatvs - drums, MT - bass) are not only capable of playing all the parts of the ex-members but have also been “tested” out on the road on numerous occasions ever since they have become the family. And, believe me, it feels like we are unstoppable now!

In one of the comments you made regarding this EP, you said that you have been influenced by 19th century Polish literature, in particular The Young Poland period. What is the nature of this fascination? Has it been the guiding light behind Devilish Impressions all this time?
It certainly had strong influence on whatever I’m doing nowadays… Having quoted “Dzieci Szatana” (Satan's Kinder) by one of the period’s visionary Stanisław Przybyszewski within the lyrics of “Adventvs” MLP (Hammerheart Records, 2015), it’s been a logical way for me to immerse both “The I” and “Postmortem Whispering Crows” even deeper into the decadent world of other haunted figures associated with the philosophy of their leader. “Confiteor”, Przybyszewski’s monumental essay on the role of the artist with its main slogan, ‘art for art's sake’, being an appeal for the autonomy of artistic activities, became the epoch’s manifesto and, in a way, it represents also my own perception of what ‘art’ is and why it definitely should not serve any political or social purpose. At least not in case of what we do here with Devilish Impressions. Of course, my intention while digging it was not to blindly follow each and every thought he presented therein yet I certainly share some convictions born out of his mind in regards to existence, the Absolute etc. It’s for instance mesmerizing the way Przybyszewski combined Słowacki's concept of King Spirit who destroys the existing forms of being to create finer ones, with Nietzsche's idea of the Overman. To legitimize these ideas, he finally accepted the concept of re-incarnation. And that resembles of what we as the band have gone through in a way…

Have you been trying to make analogies between that period’s creations and nowadays society’s social status? Since you have been spreading messages about decadence…

This world is about to fall into pieces anytime soon… I believe all of us actually sense it and know that it’s coming.

Musically, similar to your previous releases, “Postmortem Whispering Crows” might be dark as they come when it comes to its fusion of Black and Death Metal drives, yet it is dramatic and emotionally agonized in its atmosphere and melodic touches. The band has that sense of being constant in its form. Do you agree with that assessment? If not, what did change in this EP?

Well, yes and no… I mean, I do agree with your assessment because combining the aggressiveness with some atmospheric and melodic touches is, in a way, the band’s trademark indeed. On the other hand, though, every time we try not to repeat ourselves, try not to come up with an album that’s a copycat of our previous works. That’s been the main idea behind Devilish Impressions since the band’s day zero, to avoid doing what has already been done, if you know what I mean. I honestly feel much better when I can fully relate to something I create, even though I realize it may not turn out to be as successful as some of our earlier outputs or that it will not necessarily meet someone’s expectations, rather than to follow up with tunes that can potentially be picked up by someone who likes this or that album. I think that the real fans of the band totally get that point, they know we would never do anything just to please anyone’s taste.

When it comes to songwriting, has it been a mutual studio crafting effort or it merely came from you and onwards to the rest of the members?

Ever since the band was formed it’s me being both its driving force and the main composer. It’s not about tyranny though, well, one may say it is in a way, but it all simply just comes down to be able to stick to a certain vision of the band and paths that are being taken with each consecutive release. Of course, I let others step in with their own ideas and if they fit within the general concept then I am obviously more than up for them. Once everything’s pretty much arranged the way it creates some solid, distinct draft so to say, other members work on their parts so they can put themselves into it. I may for instance suggest how to arrange parts of the drums here and there but at the end of the day it’s mainly on the drummer to do so. The same for bass guitar or someone else behind background tunes and effects. I do allow others to be as creative as possible to eventually bring their ideas and arrangements up to the already existing structures.  It’s actually very inspiring to listen to the songs I have composed in their final shape, better arranged than I would have expected.

 “Interregnvm”, at least in my bill, is one of the EP’s strongest pieces, if not the mightiest. What can you tell about it?

Well, to me it’s a bit hard to talk about it being composer of all the songs myself. “Interregnvm” may be the strongest track indeed yet it all depends on what precisely in someone’s mind make particular song catchier than the other. It certainly has this raw, dark and somehow primitive feeling to it, up until the middle of the song wherein these epic melodies break in and take the listener to a whole different dimension…

Which is your favored track out of this EP? That one piece that haunts you. Please elaborate on your pick.

Due to the reason mentioned above I can’t quite pick this one particular track I would name a very favorite of mine.  I think there’s plenty of hooks in each of the songs and it sometimes depends on the mood you are in that makes you like this one better than the other. I may like “Interregnvm” today the most only to change my mind tomorrow. Every single note or word have had certain meaning in the time of its creation process, therefore, no matter what my choice is, I can assure you I can relate to all the songs, honestly.

Recently you signed with Non Serviam Records, after being a part of the Lifeforce Records roster for quite some time. What made you change grounds? Was is a mutual decision between both parties?

Yep, it’s been a great journey with Lifeforce Records yet they simply weren’t interested in releasing an EP. When reaching out to other record labels in regards with “Postmortem…” we bumped onto Non Serviam, considered their offer, gone through a couple of others and decided to give it a try with what we thought was best for the band.

To which bands have you been listening to lately? Any prospects that you believe would make it to become one of the bigger bands of this age of Metal music?

Sadly, due to many reasons I hardly have spare time to listen to music nowadays. Talking of moments when you really focus on listening, not having it play in the background. Anyways, I believe there are plenty who can make out there but I can’t point out any particular names right now.

Nowadays, in order for a band to promote itself best is lesser in CD sales and more in live performances, whether through tours and festivals. However, there is also the development of promotional platforms to assist bands to reach new listeners such as YouTube, Spotify etc. Therefore, I have to ask, do the two elements complement each other, or a band could simply rely on one of them in order to promote itself?

A lot has changed within the music industry over the last decade but… Even though it is very difficult for some bands to adjust, including us in Devilish Impressions, I think the best way is to use whatever’s available. I know, I know… It’d be way better to be able to focus on just writing music and lyrics, be able to do what “artists” are supposed to be doing and at the same time do not give a flying fuck about anything else. Yet we all live in a different world these days. One may say that the “good music” speaks for itself… Of course it does! But you are not in a position to give it out there to all then people you would like to reach out to without having certain dose of a real support. So it’s still more about a chance given by someone who believes in the band or be lucky enough to get yourself in the right spot at the right time. No matter what, all of us have to do our thing the best way possible. If it turns out successful then great, if not, you’d better die trying hard rather than seat back and wait for “deus ex machina”! As we all now, it rarely shows up anyways, hahaha!

I couldn't agree with you more on that

Will Devilish Impressions be back touring in the coming months? What are your plans to support the new EP?

We have recently been touring Asia, and there are several issues up on the table which we are working on as we speak. Cannot reveal anything as of yet but it seems we will be hitting the European roads with a great company later in the year and at the beginning of the next one. Anyone out there willing to catch up with us? Make sure to keep an eye on the band’s pages to get yourself up to date.

Quazarre, once again, thanks for your time. The new EP I hope is a teaser for an upcoming storm. Amazing work. Cheers mate.

I do appreciate your opinion and am truly grateful for that. Thank you very much for giving us a chance to present Devilish Impressions to all the Devils focused on Metal Temple’s feed. You better watch out as Postmortem Whispering Crows are on a hunt again!!!




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