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Ditlev Ulriksen (Shotgun Revolution)

Interview with Ditlev Ulriksen from Shotgun Revolution
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 15 July 2013, 11:05 PM

Long live Rock N’ Roll, and let the hell break loose, freed Rock is what counts but also a revolution, a struggle for one’s own opinion. Plenty of messages were raised with the release of the Danish SHOTGUN REVOLUTION’s debut album, via Mighty Music. Kati talked with Ditlev Ulriksen, the band’s vocalist, about the new album, a little history and more…  

Hello Ditlev, how are you? Thank for your time for this interview for Metal Temple, it's honour.

Hi Katarzyna…I´m very fine thank you :) and of course I have time for you and the honour is all mine…

So first things first, why going for a shotgun revolution?

Shotgun Revolution is not in any way shape or form a political statement…we´re a happy and very apolitical little unit…and we want it to stay that way…The name is a metaphor for guitars and peaceful musical revolt…so people should go for the SHOTGUN REVOLUTION for fun, party, loud guitars, bashing bass and drum session…and more loud guitars…and of course me…the gentle and soothing voice on top of the mayhem…

Congrats on the release of your new self-titled album. How you can describe work over it?

Actually making this selftitled album was quite easy, as it is in fact a „best of” from our 2 danish releases, the first one from 2010 and the second from last year…so what you´re actually hearing are songs spanding from sowhere about 2008 till 2012…

Can you share your favored moments of the album’s making?

My favourite moments can be explained with 2 scenarios…writing and demoing the songs and the mixing and mastering stage, where it all comes together and the hard work comes to show.. But if I have to choose one moment, it has to be our trip to New York getting the first album mastered by mighty, but sadly late, George Marino in Sterling Sound…That was absoloutely amazing

 “Just Getting High”, “I Don't Care” and “Constantly” are tracks that I really enjoyed off the album. What can you tell about these songs?

I´m glad you enjoy those songs…it´s 3 very different songs that each describe a state of mind…Despair, desperation and anger….it has to be up to the listener to put it in context…explaining the background for each song makes it more difficult to make your own interpretation of the songs…so I try not to explain TOO much…

What are your main inspirations for composing the music and writing the lyrics?

I think we´re inspired by everyday life in a kind of unconscious way…everything we listen to and read about and experience in our everyday life inspires and in some strange way ends up as riffs, choruses, lyrics etc….we also feed of each other and a word, certain moods in riffs or other musical ideas can boost a feeling or an emotion, that creates a theme for a song.

While listening I noticed influences of GUNS'N' ROSES, AEROSMITH, BON JOVI, DEF LEPPARD or EDGUY. Do you agree? Have you guys been following some of these bands?

We´ve heard that before and being compared in one way or the other, with such big names makes us proud and very humble…but to be honest we don´t  deliberately write songs with these great artists in mind…again it must be some subconscious thing going on there…Personally I’ve never been into BON JOVI or DEF LEPPARD other than the hits on the radio and I haven´t heard anything by EDGUY…that leaves, of course, GNR and AEROSMITH which are artists everyone in the band loves and have listened to, since back in the days….

I think your voice is amazing, melodic and powerful. Is it all natural or have you had training before?

Thank you thank you thank you…with the danger of sounding a little cocky, my voice is naturally like this…I have sung for years and played 1000s and 1000s of gigs over the past 20 years and by that, developing my sound and technique…to be truly honest, I’ve consulted both voice coaches and doctors from time to time, in order to keep my voice in shape and preventing or repairing any damage that too much singing CAN eventually cause over a period of time…so I do nurture my voice…but basically it´s just me.

What are your personal interests as an artist?

My personal interest is to entertain and hopefully enrich my audience with inspiring and meaningful music and lyrics…to be deep and reflecting and also immediate, impulsive and outgoing…being true I think is the most important thing…

What are the future plans of Shotgun Revolution? Do you guys have any plans doing of supporting your new release?

In short term we´re touring Denmark again this summer and fall and we´re working our asses off to make a tour of Europe and beyond…I won´t say it depends on how the album is received…but of course it will make things a lot easier, if the good reviews keeps coming in…we have always worked hard and will continue to do so and we are ready to do anything that makes sense, in order to promote our music !!!

Which is your greatest expectation as a member of Shotgun Revolution?

I personally think this band is able to do anything…so my expectations are sky high…and with a naturally grounded confidence. I think this band has the possibility to go really far…we are our own worst enemies and we are the only ones, who can slow this freight train down…and as long as we have that in mind and keep up the fantastic work ethics that we have, the sky´s the limit !!

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you guys the best of luck. Do you have Do you have any last words for the readers?

You´re welcome Katarzyna…it´s been a pleasure…Final words can only be : Rock on mofos…stay true and enjoy our music…if you want us to come and play, we´ll do what´s in our power to get there, so let us know…please support us the best you can ´cause you, the fans, are the reason we do this !!! See ya out there….


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