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Doc Coyle (God Forbid)

Interview with Doc Coyle from God Forbid
by Ian Kaatz at 05 April 2006, 11:29 PM

I didn't really know what to expect from this interview being that I don't think I have ever read a God Forbid interview. Doc Coyke (guitar) was a very cool guy and very talkative, Christ almighty. But seriously, he was a great guy and I look forward to seeing them open for Children Of Bodom. Here are his thoughts on the new album and video shoots.

How is the tour going so far?

The tour is going incredibly. The tour is really big; one of the biggest U.S. tours we have done. It’s like sold out almost every night. Anthrax’s fans have been really, really responsive and really receptive to the band even though lots of them don’t know who we are before we play.

What is it like to be touring with, legends in my opinion, Anthrax? Did you listen to them while growing up?

They are legends, it is exactly that. I can’t say that we have toured with that many legends, I mean we have done tours with Slayer, Slipknot and bands of that caliber. This is one of the more extended periods of time that we have gotten to do something like this. It’s very cool. It’s almost like you are apart of history, especially because they just got back into this reunion and who knows how long we last. So, we are just glad to be a part of it.

You guys just finished up a European tour with The Haunted. Do you feel like European crowds accept you better than American crowds or is it the other way around?

I don’t really think it is better or worse. It’s just a matter of we aren’t as well known there. So it will take some time and we have to keep going back to keep our status up. Over here we have really toured so much and earned every fan that we got. In fact we have really only done two European tours, so we just aren’t as well known. It was also a smaller tour; it wasn’t like a massive tour. It was definitely for the band.

Recently you guys announced some headlining dates after this tour and then another U.S. tour with Children Of Bodom. So you guys are hitting the road pretty hard. Do you enjoy touring a lot and what’s it like touring with so many different bands?

It is confirmed, but we aren’t allowed to officially confirm it until after the Anthrax tour is over.

Is that okay to print?

Yeah, this won’t be posted for like 2 weeks right?


They are going to the same places so they wanted to hold off on promoting it, but yeah we are doing it. We are actually missing like the first 6 shows and Chimaira is going to fill in for us.

Do you get along with the other bands? If not, would you care to tell us any stories about bad touring experiences or good ones?

I can’t really think of any bands that we haven’t really gotten along with. Maybe just one guy and it is something that is like whatever. Usually most of the people that are here are here to play music and have a good time.

What’s it like having such an extensive touring schedule, I mean you did the Meshuggah tour, the European one, this one and now the Bodom tour?

We tour a lot because that is pretty much… if we don’t do that, we aren’t going to reach our goals. We aren’t going to sell the amount of records we want, we’re not gonna get the band’s name out there like we want to. It’s real hard work, but it’s just like any other career where you wanna succeed and move higher; you gotta work hard to move up.

Let’s talk about your latest album, IV: Constitution Of Treason (2005, Century Media Records). Who in the band came up with the concept for this album?

I came up with the actual story but Byron \[Davis - vocals] and Dallas \[Coyle - guitar] wrote most of the lyrics. Really, it stems from their creativity and I just took it to another level and made it a little more cohesive. That’s one of the things too, I don’t want people to listen to the album lyrics and take it literally to what the story is because it wasn’t written like that, the story was written afterwards. I really want people to take their own interpretation of what the lyrics mean.

Did the news events of the last say 4 years have to do with the inspiration for this album, with 9/11 and all that crap?

American culture is a very violent culture and the way we solve problems we are always engaged in some kind of military tactics to gain more power in the world. It shows kind of a reaction to that, but it is not anything new, ya know? There is always wars going on and as long as there are, there will be artists to write anti-war songs. It is just really what we were feeling at the time. It is a popular subject, like Green Day and you know, all these types of bands are doing it. I wouldn’t say that it is the most original but we wanted to make a really strong album and tell the truth.

The album also debuted at number #119 on the Top 200. How did that feel?

It was cool but you know, actually we thought we were going to do better. It’s just one of those things with each album; an artist tries to get another level up. It is something great you can show your friends and family, that actually you are doing something and accomplishing something. It also really shows how far the Metal scene has come in the last few years.

Gone Forever was just released in 2004. Why so quick with another release? Did you just have the material all together?

It was a couple of things. One was when we recorded Gone Forever we actually had like 6 months between the recording and when it got released, so it was quite a bit of time. Which makes quite a bit of time in between the writing of the two albums. We were just creatively ready to write and we decided we were going to put out an album in 2005. There were certain things that we wanted to do on the Gone Forever tour cycle that kind of got messed, so we decided that we should focus ourselves on another record and try to hit it out of the ballpark with that one.

On another note, We Put Out Records is reissuing your first EP, Out Of Misery. Did you guys have any say in this and if so, what made you want to reissue it now?

We originally put it out a few years and it is actually the label owned by our former management company. The contract was almost up and they saw that God Forbid is getting all this press and all this hype. The album is getting a lot of response and a really good friend of ours runs the label, a guy that actually worked at Century Media Records, so I don’t really think it is that big of a deal. It is a Demo, it is literally the God Forbid Demo turned into a record along with some live songs. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as like what the band is today. It is kind of like let’s see what the band was like way back in the day. The recording quality is pretty amateur and the songs are… it is just plain funny. If people are going to buy it and think it is going to be like our newer stuff then don’t buy it. It is kind of cool to go back and listen to what you sounded like when you started.

You also recorded a video for The End Of The World. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it due to the lack of MTV2 and my computer’s hatred for Real Player files. Who came up with the concept for the video?

We actually shot a video for Chains of Humanity first and the people that worked on it took too long and it didn’t come out right. We thought well, we still need a video, so we ended up basically playing the video in a couple of days and it is just a strictly performance video and we hadn’t done a strictly performance video. It was cool, man, it was just straight up hard, ugly and I think it is probably of one of the heaviest songs on the album.  It is definitely nothing spectacular like oh this is great; it was really we needed a video quick. For the time and money spent on it, it came out really good. We just shot a video for Fallen Hero, which came out amazing. That is something really to look forward to.

Have you been doing any writing while on the road or is it too soon?

Not really, we have been so busy. The songs from this album are really so fresh and they really are still new to us. I definitely wouldn’t expect a new album as quickly as the last one.

Now time for some fun questions. If you were to have me over for dinner, what would you cook?

I can’t cook. It would probably be grilled chicken and eggs. If you can’t cook it on the Foreman Grill, I can’t cook it.

If you won in the lottery like multi-millions, what is the first thing to be bought?

Two chicks at the same time.

Excellent answer. If you could have any one super power, what would it be?

I wish I had the Nightcrawler power, where you can go through the walls. Where like you can almost transform dimensions and shit.

Any last words?

Thanks for coming out. This area is actually a cursed area. We have missed like 3 shows here. We were supposed to play with Zao in like 2001 and we were supposed to be playing with GWAR a different time, then another was another time with Atreyu. Then another time in Kansas City we were supposed to open for Slipknot and Byron was sick, so we played instrumental. This area is somewhat cursed for us, so hopefully it is a beginning of better days.

Yeah, I think this area sucks. I think it is just Kansas with all their Bible belt crap.

Yeah, I can understand that. Thanks again for the interview.


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