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Dom Macaluso (Throwdown)

Interview with Dom Macaluso from Throwdown
by Katrina Cannon at 24 July 2005, 8:46 PM

Bassist Dom Macaluso was kind enough to share his thoughts and feelings about being on The Sounds of the Underground Tour and about Throwdown being labeled The next Pantera. He actually pulled his car over to give me this interview. I was scheduled to call him at 4:30 central time but when I called he said he had forgotten about the time change, since he's an hour ahead of me and was on his way to lunch with his dad. I told him that he could call me back when he was done and that was fine; instead  he stopped his car to interview with me. That was very nice of him and I greatly appreciate that.

How are things going?

It’s good, it’s a little stressful, but everything’s good.

Your new album, Vendetta, comes out on June 28th. How did the recording go?

The recording went very well. It was actually our best experience ever recording. Zeuss \[the producer] was very professional. In all of my experience with recording, every recording engineer I’ve ever run into was a total flake, so it was great working with him.  He just had a lot of ideas for us. It was a great experience.

How was it to work with the renowned producer?

Great. At first it was a little funny ‘cause we had known him from the Hatebreed guys and I think there had always been this stigma like we were a baby Hatebreed or something. In the beginning I think he was just doing the album, but about midway through the session he got a taste of what we were doing and he got a feel for our personalities and we just started bonding. He ended up being a really cool dude. At first I think he was a little standoffish but we won him over, I’d say.

Is there any particular theme behind Vendetta?

Not necessarily. Every song is individual in themselves. It just kind of has to do with us shoveling a lot of crap as a band. A lot of times we feel like we get the short end of the stick a lot in a lot of regards, so I guess this is kind of like our vendetta against the world.

You recently filmed a video for Burned. How did that go?

Great. It’s always kind of like a battle sometimes though. We worked with Chris Sims at Timecode Entertainment who’s actually a friend of ours, we’ve grown with him for quite sometime. Now he’s made it to a much bigger place where he has to charge everyone, even friends. We were kind of haggling over that for awhile but we’re really glad at how things turned out and we always respect his vision and respect what he’s doing. All in all it came out well and we’re really happy with how it all turned out and hopefully it translates well and people will be into it.

Were you surprised to be labeled as the Future of Metal by Revolver Magazine?

\[laughs]Yeah, I don’t know about that one. It’s funny to us, I guess.  It looks like everyone in press, publicity and our label want to take off and run with that one because it’s a big deal to some people, I guess. But we’re just a bunch of humble Hardcore kids that I guess kind of now has crossed over a little bit into Metal. We think it’s an honor to be held in respect with bands like Lamb of God and Killswitch Engaged and everyone else who was in that article. It’s just kind of an exciting time for Metal right now but I hope they’re right and hopefully we can get out to some new people.

How do you feel about the statement that’s been made saying Throwdown is the next Pantera?

I don’t know, that’s what a lot of people are kind of dubbing us. Its almost scares me in a way because they feel like we have to live up to some expectation but in another respect it’s a complete honor because that’s probably collectively our favorite Metal band as far as our band is concerned, so the fact that people are mentioning that, is great to us. But if you look at Pantera, they are one of the biggest Metal bands and they have millions of fans and I don’t think those people will ever go away. That’s what’s great about the Metal scene. As people grow up into their 30’s and 40’s, they’re still fans of Metal, so if we can get out to even a percentage of those people, it would be exciting for us.

How do you feel about being on The Sounds of The Underground Tour with an array of Metal bands?

We feel good about it. First and foremost we were stoked to be out for the summer with our friends like Every Time I Die, Lamb of God, and Norma Jean, just bands that we have toured with, so it’s always a good time to spend time with people that you like. Beyond that, we love the package environment, like Ozzfest last year. It was a great experience getting out to that many people. I think we’re one of those bands that try to take control in a live respect over big audiences so we look at this like a challenge but we’re excited about it

 I take it you guys are really close with Norma Jean because I just spoke with Daniel (Davidson, drummer) a few days ago and he was saying how he was excited to be back on the road with you guys.

\[Laughs] Definitely! It was weird how it went down because a handful of our friends’ bands like Bleeding Through and Eighteen Visions that have toured with them had said that they were great guys and when we toured wit them we just clicked instantly like we had known each other forever.

What are your plans for after this tour?

We’re doing a headlining tour with Remembering Never, Cyanide Beach and The Agony Scene. That’s gonna take place in August. We want to support and get out to different fans and things like that, so we’re hoping to do a bigger support tour after that.

Do you have any really memorable tour moments?

Every tour moment is a magical moment and an experience in itself. Anyone who has been on tour can tell you it all just kind of blurs together and it seems like all the memories just run. There’s a lot of peaks and valleys. I don’t have just one instance. It’s one of those things that we’ve been a band for 8 years now, so picking one instance is a little bit tough because there’s been so many amazing and terrible moments.

What are some of your musical influences?

Personally, I listen to a lot of stuff these days. When you’re younger you go through a lot of peer pressure and listen to stuff because it’s cool and nowadays I just listen to things I like and some of it is a little off base than what we do. There’s one band that I’ve been prompting in interviews called Acceptance and they do something like Jimmy Eat World. It’s a little poppy but they’re great musicians. I just checked out the new The Agony Scene record and it’s a good thing that I like it since they’re gonna be on tour with us \[Laughs]… so, I’ve been digging on that.  It seems like right now there’s a handful of bands that are doing similar thing so it all kind of blurs together in my mind. It’s kind of hard to pick and choose.

If you could tour with any band that you haven’t already toured with, who would it be?

Uhhh, I don’t know. We’re trying to do some different tours right now. We’re trying to get out to a slightly different audience, kind of like A.F.I. or Thrice. Those are the tours that we’re really looking into. Beyond that we want to tour with Slipknot and Killswitch Engage and also to plan our keep in the Metal world.  We just want to get out to new fans that haven’t heard us yet.

Any Last Words?

Thanks for the interview and the album comes out June 28th. So, for people that have heard of us or think they know about us, give it a try because it’s a little bit different.


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