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Eddie Jacobsen (Sic)

Interview with Eddie Jacobsen from Sic
by Elina Papadoyianni at 18 December 2007, 7:39 PM

SIC is a freshly formed band hailing from the Faroe islands that came to Greece for a live concert at the An club to promote their debut album Pandemonium. Of course METAL TEMPLE took the chance to ask some questions and get some interesting answers from the band's guitarist Eddie Jacobsen so read on!

Hello Eddie! A few months ago SIC released their debut album and I have to congratulate you for your great work. Let’s start by the story behind SIC and with some biography info..

SIC began as a jam thingy in late 2001 early 2002. A buddy of mine and I were talking about how cool it would be to start a metal band. I hadn’t played the guitar for like 4 years and just picked it up and started writing muSIC – I always dreamt of making muSIC the way I wanted to hear it and here was the golden opportunity. Actually the song Fading is from that period, however it has been rewritten several times since then.

The two of us kept jamming and added a bassist to the band and later a vocalist. But that dude (the singer) got replaced when our singer Mikkjal joined the band in 2003. We kept this lineup until early 2005 when we (Mikkjal and I) got fed up by their carelessness and we called up 3 friends of ours all with different backgrounds. They – Gudmar, Frans and Magnus – joined the band in February 2005 and that’s when SIC became what it is today; the 5 of us instantly clicked! We set out to make an album and started writing material. We eventually found our sound and the songs that we were happy with and went to the Jailhouse Studios in Denmark in September 2006. We recorded the album in 15 days and then released it in February 2007.

How do you see things so far? Do you feel satisfied with the band’s course since 2002?   

I think that we are all satisfied with it yes, or else we wouldn’t have this much fun doing it and be so fucking great on stage, haha ;)

Personally, like I mentioned above, I am happy with the course of the band since 2005. Prior to that it was just too careless and we (Mikkjal and I) wanted more – much more! A big frustration has been that things are going too slow, but that is changing. We have just signed a great deal with manager Orpheus Spiliotopoulos and the man is doing an amazing job and is a tremendous help to the band! I see great things around the corner if you know what I mean ;)

You come from The Faroe Islands…What’s going on with the metal scene over there?

Too little I’m afraid. The past 15 years there have always been a handful of metal bands but they never follow the dream, you know, they grow up and all that silly stuff, haha… however folk metal band TYR are doing great and with our release of Pandemonium we have inspired many bands here in the Faroe Islands. Take ’Global Battle Of the Bands’ for example, this year in the Faroe Islands the majority of the bands played some sort of metal. I can recommend some devoted metal fans who read this to search Faroe Islands on MySpace, could well be that you find something of interest.

Which bands you think have influenced the most the sound of SIC?  

Good question. Like I mentioned before, we all have very diverse backgrounds, yet remarkably similar! Have in mind that the youngest band member is 19 and the oldest is 29, yet this is not a bad thing – on the contrary! We all have bands like PANTERA, SEPULTURA, METALLICA, MESHUGGAH, MACHINE HEAD, BLACK SABBATH and a few others in common. Then we all have listener favorites, like someone likes Marilyn Manson, KORN, SLIPKNOT, CARCASS, PINK FLOYD… I mean, the list never ends and I believe that we take the best from all our inspirations. Most often people think we remind them of PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD, SLIPKNOT and a couple of others to select a few.

The sound of SIC is really important to us – we have put great effort in trying to create our own sound. Just wait until you hear what we are working on now, hehe ;)

And why choosing the name SIC? Because of its obvious meaning?

When I first got the idea of making the band back in 2001 we were talking about what the hell the band should be called. Tons of lame suggestions were being made. Then one day I was reading this book and I came across (SIC!) and was all like hell yeah, why not just name it SIC? The name is pretty obvious and to some extent it’s even lame haha… but as always, a name isn’t cool before the band makes it cool!

SIC also reflects us well. We’re SICk fucks ;) and also the Latin meaning of the word. Look it up! ;)  

Are there any tour plans arranged?

As of now there are some confirmed dates for England and Scotland in January 2008. You can see the venues and dates on our homepage Lots of other plans are in the making and we’re hoping to tour parts of Europe as well as the States already next year! And of course; we’re already dying to get back to Athens soon!!!  

You chose Athens / Greece for shooting the videoclip for Rosengarden In Hell. First of all, how did it go and secondly, why did you choose Greece?  

Well, the video went great! This was a first time experience for us since this is our debut video and we loved it! Great people were working with us. Achilleas (Director) and Sivylla (Assistant Director) came up with an amazing plot! The story is really twisted and there are some amazing visuals in the video that will emphasize that!  Achilleas from Hypnagognia Films directed the video! You all have to see this bad fucker when it comes out!

Why Greece? Hehe… it seems that almost everything with SIC is pointing towards Greece right now. I don’t know, maybe we are the lost 5 Gods from ancient times!!!! Actually we have to go back to when we were in studio. I asked Seth if he knew any cool directors that he thought would fit our style, he forwarded me to Achilleas Gatsopoulos and things were on a roll. Initially we were supposed to film the video in Copenhagen, Denmark but due to circumstances the filming was moved to Athens, and we’re all happy about that – wouldn’t have found such a cool location here in Denmark. By the way, our manager is ALSO Greek ;)

Who did the artwork for the cover of Pandemonium album? It’s actually great work!

We were discussing the artwork, how it should be and who should do it. The album already had the title Pandemonium (which is a Greek word hehe). Then our drummer Magnus asked me to check out Seth Siro Anton since he had done artwork for our drummer’s previous band, MAKREL. I then contacted Seth but never heard back from him and kept on looking… but then I went through spam mail weeks later and found his reply in there!!! He agreed on doing the artwork, and then we began discussing how it should be, what it should reflect etc… Yes! It is great, I love the artwork and Seth has done an amazing job on it!!

How would you describe the sound of SIC?

We always wanted a sound where people would go oh, that’s SIC for sure. Our sound is a big part of our identity; it’s our voice, it’s how we express ourselves, it’s what makes us stand out! Finding your own unique sound is by no means easy as it takes a lot of experimentations with guitar sounds; tuning, amps, effects etc… but once you hit that perfect spot it gets really interesting.

And one other extremely important factor is the lead voice in the band; Mikkjal! There are few who can stand next to this guy! He has an amazing talent both vocally and performance wise!!!

We always wanted to sound like this mean badass machine that is just pounding heavy in-yer-face sound out the speaker! It had to be dark yet with a light tone to it, it had to be massive still with some sort of lightness to it, it had to be grinding and uncompromising and most important of all; it had to be SIC(k)!

We are still evolving and the sound of SIC is still finding its shape, but what you hear on Pandemonium is what SIC is about. We are happy with the way we sound. However, being happy with it does not mean that we’re stuck with it. We love to experiment and evolve; we feel that this is crucial for the band’s existence! We don’t want to make the same album over and over again.  And I am sure that as long as we do this the way we do it and are honest about it, the muSIC will be killer! That’s what metal always has been about: Honesty!

Which of the recent upcoming bands you find as very promising for the future?

There are many that I find to be very interesting. One of my recent findings is a band from France called END. These guys sound like MESHUGGAH but not that technical, you can find them on MySpace. We would all love the idea of going on tour with them. A growing band from Denmark is also setting their marks on the scene: MNEMIC. Also I noticed that you have a cool metal scene in Athens and we all really liked the band KARMA VIOLENS and the guys from the band made us feel really welcome there.

If you look at the American scene then bands like DROID and 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH are really up and coming there and I’m sure that those bands will be around for a long time.

And let’s not forget, SIC is going to take over the shit! Haha ;)  

How would you react in the thought of leaving permanently Faroe Islands and Denmark for the purposes of the band?

We all LOVE that idea, hahahaha …. Of course, you will always miss your home when you’re away from it for a long time. But I guess it’s more the family left behind that you miss rather than the country and again, home is where the heart is and the heart is in SIC! We have talked about that possibility before and all agree: There is no motherfucking thing stopping this machine if we can help it! ;)


Worst moment ever in a live show..!

For me personally would be shortly after releasing the album Pandemonium. It was a small gig in the Faroe Islands but many people took their time to show up and expected us to deliver as we always do. This night was different. Two of the members were SICk, one was drunk and I was really, really, REALLY drunk, I don’t even remember the concert that well. I stopped playing at times, really embarrassing and I felt almost heartbroken when SIC Chicks and Dicks came over to me and said Eddie please don’t drink on shows. That was a lesson learned actually.

There are maybe one or two other shows that haven’t gone exactly as good as we wanted them but yeah, guess you can’t avoid that really.

So chicks and dicks if you’re reading this and are in a band, NEVER drink to the point that you are unable to deliver, it’s disrespectful towards your fans!!   

How do you see yourself and generally the band 10 years from now?

As a person I’ll be the same, we will all be the same, we are one strong fucking unity that is not easily affected by any force from the outside, and it is this which connects and drives us. We have a dream and that is to do what we do best and pursue that dream with all it takes.

10 years from now we’ll still be rocking, hopefully playing sold out gigs and on world tours and festivals. With the help from Orpheus I know that it is possible! Cheers mate ;)

…if not, well… we’ll still do it anyways because this is who we are.

I believe that you sound can be very appealing to the metal audience in the U.S. What do you think?

I agree. Being a big fan of the European metal scene I must admit that our sound is maybe a bit more appealing to the American fans. We already see that Hollywood MuSIC TV is taking great interest in us. It’s a great site; check it out here and Ruthy from HMTV Holland is also eager to get us over there.

But I am also aware of the fact that the metal scene is slowly dying (it never will) in the States and growing in the EU. But perhaps we could contribute to change that fact ;)

SIC’s ultimate goal!

That would be to keep writing muSIC and making a living from it, having lots of fun, getting to know new people and then taking over the universe!! Hehe… All we want is to play in front of a crowd and give them something of us, something that they can bring with them home and pass on. That’s why I started playing muSIC. MuSIC is the language that everyone understands despite ethnical backgrounds and that brings us all much closer together!


Thanks a lot Eddie! I leave it to you to close the interview with a few words..

Thank you for the interview! We really appreciate the support from you guys and it was nice meeting the two of you (Elina and Yiannis) at the Underworld Club. I’m sure that our roads will cross again and I’m looking forward to raising my glass and howl YA MAS!!!! at you all ;)


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