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Edu Falaschi (Almah)

Interview with Edu Falaschi from Almah
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 16 October 2008, 11:40 AM

Since ANGRA are in the freezer for reasons explained below, Edu Falaschi talked to METAL TEMPLE about his latest album with ALMAH. Even though he was ill he once proved that the Brazilians are warm, friendly and really nice to talk to persons.

Hi Edu, how are you?

Hi Dimitris. I have got the flu so my voice is a little bit strange. I hope that you will manage to understand me.

 That's bad but I think I can understand you just fine. So, I will try to be quick and leave you to rest. How the idea about ALMAH was born?

Actually, it was in 2006 when I decided to release a solo album so ALMAH was born as a side project. You know, I was getting really tired with all the problems we had in ANGRA and especially with the manager. I needed something to do something new and do a solo album. So, I invited some friends Emppu (Vuorinen from NIGHT WISH),  Lauri (Porra from STRATOVARIUS) and Casey (Grillo from KAMELOT) to record this album and this went fantastic. But this was a project work. In July of 2007, ANGRA needed to stop because the problems became too serious. But I did not want to stop and just play video games (laughs). Music is my life so I need to record albums and play live. So, I was talking to Felipe (Andreoli bass in ANGRA) and we decided to do something with ALMAH but now as a full time band.

 How did you form the lineup?

Well, we wanted musicians from Brazil because we needed to find time to rehearse and compose the new album. So, we found three very good musicians and made the lineup of ALMAH. Actually the two guitar players are the best in Brazil apart from Kiko and Rafael of course.

 What are the differences between the first and the second ALMAH album?

Well, the first one was completely composed by me. Of course, I gave space to the others guys but it was mainly my work. This one is the product of team work. I needed this time guitarists to add their own ideas because after all I am not that good guitar player myself (laughs). So, I recorded the vocal melodies and let the guitarist do their own stuff.

What are the lyrics about? I had read that Fragile Equality is actually based on a book.

Yeah the lyrics are based on this book. It is a fiction story that talks about the balance in life. The balance we need to find to keep living and eventually be happy. For example, we need a balance in relationships to keep this going, in a band to keep everyone happy and make it work. The album is like a soundtrack to this book that is made in manga style that is really famous here in Brazil. Inside the book there will be a CD that will contain just the music of the album without the lyrics so you can really use it as a soundtrack or even as karaoke to sing along.

 Will the book and the CD be released together or are you planning to make a special edition out of it?

First, the CD will be released and this has already been done in Brazil and Japan. In October, the CD will get to the rest of the world and the book will be released only in Brazil in December. Next year the book will come to Europe and Japan translated in English. After all these maybe there will be a special edition that will have the CD and the book as you said.

 Back to the music. I think that you have changed your vocals in ALMAH compared to ANGRA, am I right?

Yes I did change them. You know in ANGRA I try to sing very high since the older songs were sung by Andre in an extremely high pitch and this is not my style. I sing like Dio and Dickinson high but not that high. So, in ALMAH this is my natural voice that is clearly not that good in making falsettos like I have to do with ANGRA. This adds more confidence to me when I have to sing live. Because I am using my natural pitch and this is better for the fans who are getting exactly what they are listening to the CD.

 So, can we say that in ALMAH you feel more free artistically?

You can say that because with ALMAH I write the vocal melodies. In ANGRA someone else is writing them and sometimes is not the proper melodies for my voice. So, in ALMAH everything came naturally and this is why I say that this is the best album I have ever recorded. Of course, I have the last one I did with ANGRA Temple Of Shadowsa€¦

\[interrupting] Do you like more than you first one Rebirth?

Yeah, I like it more because it is more complex and rich. You know that ALMAH are the same position with ANGRA when we did Rebirth. Because ALMAH have three new musicians with fresh energy like we did during Rebirth, it is really great.

 I have a general question for you; All the Brazilian Metal bands without regard to the music genre are using traditional sounds. Why does this happen? Is it because you have a strong bonding to your tradition?

Indeed, it is something like this. I believe that from the moment we are born we feel this kind of stuff like percussion or samba. It is in our blood! Another reason is that we want to create something different from the Europeans and these elements are perfect with Metal.

 What are your tour plans with ALMAH?

I want to do something in Europe…

\[interrupting] Are you thinking of a headlining tour?

To be honest I don't care. I would like to play as an opening act for a big band like STRATOVARIUS, HELLOWEEN or IRON MAIDEN but I know that it is difficult. The truth is that I don't know except from the fact that we will get to Europe in April.

 What about the setlist, have you thought what songs will it contain?

Well, it will have songs from the two ALMAH albums but it will also contain ANGRA songs that I have composed like Nova Era, Heroes Of Sand, or Spread Your Fire.

 Ok, I think it is time to clear out the situation with ANGRA. There was a recent press release saying that after the end of ANGRA there is a new band called ALMAH. What is the truth?

There was a big confusion on this. I have to state that ANGRA are not dead. There is a big problem with the manager who actually owns the band's name. We had a big fight with the manager about financial issues and actually we discovered a lot of bad things so we had to split. Then the manager said ok but since I own the name you cannot use it anymore; you cannot do albums, live concerts nothing. So we have to fight this legal problems through lawyers but here in Brazil legal fights take such a long time. It can take almost five years to get into a solution. The truth is that we are the band and not the manager so the name is ours. The bottom line is that we don't know when this will be solved so this is why I have ALMAH.

That is really sad. So, what is the response to the new album?

It is amazing. Actually, I have to thank the fans for their response and for believing in us. In Japan the album is a huge success. We have just released the album in Brazil and in one day we sold almost 4000 CDs that is a big number nowadays with all this illegal downloading. Many TV shows are inviting us so it is just fantastic. Of course I know that many doors are open because me and Felippe are with ANGRA but still I am happy about this success and I'd like to thank everyone.

 Ok, Edu thank you for your time, get well I hope that we will see you again in Greece.

Yeah I can come to drink and play some bouzouki. I like the Greek people and I have to say that I am fan of FIREWIND; Appolo has an excellent voice and Gus apart from being an excellent guitar player he is also very funny. I hope that in the future we can do something with FIREWIND in Greece.

 This would be an excellent situation! Believe me. Ok, Edu we have scheduled our future meeting so please say anything to close this discussion.

First of all thanks the Greek fans for their support; I still remember the concert we gave in Greece and thank you Dimitri for the very nice questions and for the opportunity to talk about ALMAH.


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