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Edu Falaschi (Almah)

Interview with Edu Falaschi from Almah
by Chiara Pellegrini at 15 May 2007, 10:41 AM

Edu Falaschi is an unusual singer:
He's an excellent singer, but he's also an able composer. When he joined Angra he composed some of the best ever Angra songs. At this point of his carreer he's ready for his solo album, just a few calls to some good friends and he managed to build an elite band.
During the european Angra tour the solo project of the singer Edu Falaschi was coming out. We met the blond singer during a show in Rome (Angra +Firewind+Powerquest)and we had an exclusive interview, where Edu talked about his solo project called Almah.

Hello  Edu, first of all why did you call your album Almah? What’s the meaning of  these words, is it in brazilian?

It’s a Hebrew word, it means virgin, pure, but some religious people say that it means evil, malice, so we have two possible meanings…It was cool cause it gave me many ideas for the lyrics and this word sounds in Spanish and Portuguese like soul. And in Greek it means a big step. That’s cool!

I saw that you have a great team with you for this project. Could you tell us something about it?

Yeah! I have on the guitar Emppu Vuorinem from Nightwish, Lauri Porra from Stratovarius and Casy Grillo from Kamelot. They are friends of mine that have helped me with this great album. And I even have other special guests like, Mike Stone from Queensryche, Fabio Laguna from Angra and Edu Ardunaufrom Dr. Sin, percussionist, violinist, gospel choir, etc. It was a great honor for me to have the opportunity to work with those people.

And how did you choose those musicians?

First, I wanted real friends, second, I needed great musicians, and last but not least, I wanted to work with new musicians.

How did you start to compose your album?

I started just composing without thinking about any project. But after some time,  I realized that all songs had a personality, so I decided to show it to the world. I usualy start a song on the guitar or piano or acoustic guitar.

How did you start to sing ?

I had a cover band when I was a teenager, I mean 16 yeasr old and I was the guitar player, but the band decided to change the singer, so everybody in the band started singing and I was singing better than the others…so I became the lead singer!

What`s your favourite singer?

Ronnie James Dio

Where did you record the album?

I recorded Drums in USA, guitars and bass in Finland, and all the rest in Brazil.

What’s the label of this project?

AFM and JVC  

Do you have any touring plans for Almah?

Yeah! I just signed with the biggest and most important Brazilian agency this week. They are preparing the tour that, maybe will start in Brasil in July, and then in the end of the year Japan, and maybe Europe, I really hope so!!! I’m very happy!


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