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Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall)

Interview with Efthimis Karadimas from Nightfall
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 07 October 2010, 3:10 AM

It is a fact; NIGHTFALL have returned and since “Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants” made a more than a good impression to METAL TEMPLE we grabbed the chance of a really nice QA with the band’s mastermind Efthimis Karadimas. Read what he had to say about this pretty ‘loud’ comeback.

Salutes from METAL TEMPLE and if you don’t mind my saying welcome back NIGHTFALL!
Thanks a lot! Glad to see you.

So, 6 years after the last NIGHTFALL album we have a new one. During that period what was the band’s status? Was it in hiatus or it had split up?
We consider that time a revitalizing break. It was the perfect opportunity to gather back our pieces after the so many releases and all those events and affairs a band has to undertake in the discography arena.

What happened to NIGHTFALL during these six years?
Whatever happened it led to “Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants” and that’s the good news now.

How long did it take you to write/record “Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants”?
It took months to prepare and weeks to record.

What did inspire you in the album? Judging by the cover of the album and the video clip can one say that this is a concept album about the Greeks ancient history?
Our ancient history has always been a great source of inspiration. It couldn’t be otherwise thanks to our origins. However, it is used as parable and not as a straight forward story about the events themselves.

Talking about the video clip, who had the idea to use shadow theater? It looks absolutely amazing and kind of evil.
Glad you like it. The technique is primitive but it looks so nice in the screen nobody can ignore it. We had the idea to work that way and to avoid the typical “headbanging” type of video or the high tech ones. I am satisfied people of today are amazed by such an ancient technique of displaying things.

Are there any plans to shot another video clip and possibly use some band footage?
The follow up to “Ambassador Of Mass” will start soon. Most probably it is gonna be the “Thirty Tyrants” song.

The cover shows an Athenian battle ship; what was your input to the art cover making and how did you choose the artist?
The ship and the sea play an important role in my life. I decided to use the Athenian trireme because it was such an advanced ship back then. I sent many samples to Travis Smith and he got back to me with such a magnificent cover. His work is unique among all other things he has done so far and that is a compliment to us; thanks to “Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants” he also pushed his artistic limits a bit further. Art feeds art, that’s right.

NIGHTFALL features a brand new lineup that has nothing to do with the band’s first days; how did the lineup affect the sound of the new album?
The multicultural background of the musicians played a big role in the final outcome.

When and how this lineup did come together? What were the requirements to join NIGHTFALL?
There are many good musicians around but what makes the difference is the character. Being in a band means you squeeze your ego and you let your insecurities cured through common work.

Based on your perspective where does the new album stand musically when compared to the previous NIGHTFALL albums?
It has the melodies, the typical NIGHTFALL guitar riffing and the mystical atmosphere all NIGHTFALL albums have. Don’t ask me to analyze it technically. I am the last person can do that.

NIGHTFALL has been for a long time part of the Greek Metal scene; do you feel that this scene has matured? Can a new Greek Metal band move further from the Greek boundaries?
We are already beyond the country’s boundaries since the release of “Parade Into Centuries” in 1992. The fact that right after that release many French labels started releasing Greek albums proves that the effort’s been successful. Things have been greatly developed since then and you now see Greek acts being released and promoted world wide. All bands here succeeded to convince Greek fans as much as foreign ones about the quality of the music produced in Greece. What now remains is to see more bands coming ahead with new, interesting ideas to propose. Personally, I wanna see more experimentation and less mimic of styles that already known out there.

Expanding the previous question, do you believe that the Greek metalheads are a little bit harsh and with the Greek bands? I mean do they support their homeland bands?
I think they do.

And now a slightly difficult question; do you feel that NIGHTFALL had the support it deserved from the Greek metalheads?
Of course! Whenever we played live people were there to see and listen, while our releases attract many fans here. It is my decision not to exploit the band and not to flirt with the mainstream line. Unless you are considering shallow titles like “the band of the year”, “the best band” and silly stuff like that essential for an artist in the metal scene, then we really enjoy the best out of Greek audience.

Back to the new album; it has been out for a while; what is the feedback you are getting so far? Are you satisfied?
Feedback is great. Sorry if I can’t please everyone with NIGHTFALL music but this is not a mainstream band to follow masses demand curves J

The vocals in “Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants” have more to do with the prime NIGHTFALL albums like “Macabre Sunsets” or “Athenian Echoes”; was this done intentionally or it just happened during the composing process? Can we say that NIGHTFALL are moving back to the roots?
Each song gets the type of vocals fit best. I don’t know if this is a true return to our roots whatsoever.

So, can we expect a full tour in the near future? If so, what are your plans? Will you only visit Europe? What about the difficult market of the US?
We have offers to study. There is no rush, nor stress about it. Regarding the US market, well whatever comes is welcome. We didn’t prepare “Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants” to chase new fans or to open new markets. I am so fed up with all those “band business affairs” I don’t even wanna spend a minute thinking or planning such things.

Next year there will be 20 years after the release of the “Vanity” demo; are there any plans to celebrate this occasion?
No certain plans for the time being.

And looking back to these years do you feel satisfied with NIGHTFALL? Can you spot the best and the worst moment of the band?
Actually I feel blessed; for all the good and bad moments have played their role in the NIGHTFALL script.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer to METAL TEMPLE questions; please conclude this interview with a saying of yours.
Thank you very much for your time and appreciation to NIGHTFALL!


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