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Elias Loginides (Spitfire)

Interview with Elias Loginides from Spitfire
by Maria Kallinikou at 20 June 2009, 6:14 PM

Twenty three years is a hell of a time span. This period lent enchantment to SPITFIRE, who are now back with their second album Die Fighting. Elias Loginides was eager to discuss the reasons for this delayed comeback, the band's focal point and also to share his view about Metal nowadays.

Interview with: Elias Loginides from SPITFIRE

Hello Elias, welcome to METAL TEMPLE and thumbs up for the new album.

Thank you very much for your kind words and for having us in METAL TEMPLE.

Would you like to tell us some things about Die Fighting? The production, the line up (there are some changes). How long did it take you to record it? Are you satisfied with the result?

Starting with a few words about Die Fighting; its production was achieved in three stages, from which the biggest part was processed in our studio in Peraeus. At this moment our line-up is: Elias Loginides (Guitars), Panos Hatziioanidis (Guitars), Hannibal (Vocals), Nikos Mihalakakos (Bass), Manos Matsos (Drums) and Kostis Tsoumpris (Keyboards). It took us fifteen months for this album to finish and I could say that I am satisfied and proud of the result.

It has been 23 years since the release of First Attack. Why did it take you so long to come up with a new album and moreover, what are the motives for releasing one now? Was it something you were keeping in mind?

There was no other thought occupying my mind!! All these years I tried to find the right people for this release. As far as my motives are concerned it was and it is my love for this music and my urge to communicate with people in my own way. For the 23 years that passed, what can I say? They have passed.

Can you tell me how did you choose the title for the new album? Which were the thoughts occupying your mind in order to write songs but as well to choose the title.

The title of the album reflects my beliefs concerning life! For some things, one has to fight ‘till the end. If someone wants to see what is exactly in my mind the best think to get it, is by reading my lyrics.

The new album's been out for almost two months. What is the feedback that the band receives?

It is still too early, but it seems that the new album is doing good. I constantly receive messages with words of excitement for SPITFIRE's come back and for Die Fighting. Such moves pay me back in the best of ways.

Summer is close, SPITFIRE are with a new album, will we have the chance in seeing you in live concerts? Do you have any further plans?

Of course you are going to see us playing live, we couldn't do otherwise. But we want to make the best possible choices in order that we, and the crowd to have a great time.

If I am not mistaken, you were about to release an album back in 1996, however it did not see the light of the day. Would you like to tell me what happened back then?

Back at that time we had enough tracks for a new album, but what was missing was the mood and the excitement to work hard in order to finish it, hence our work back then just took the form of a simple demo.

Listening to the new album I found that SPITFIRE, despite the time gap, still has the ability in taking you back in time. Is that something that you arranged purposefully or did it just happen?

It would be nice to have a time machine and going back and forward in time, hahaha! Let the album lead you where it wants, knowing that nothing was done in purpose.

I assume that you are updated with metal today. Is there any band that you feel that has caught your attention and thought that this band could really do something extra in the metal scene?

I do not really have a close look upon what is happening in music nowadays but honestly I am disappointed from today's Metal.

Comparing Metal nowadays and twenty years ago, what do you think has changed? Is there something from that era that can't be retrieved? Do you think that people who are listening to Metal today, have the same motives and needs as the people who listened to Metal back then?

Metal as it is today has lost its purity and its simplicity. Back then everything was starting from simple, pure Rock music. On the way, Metal was blended with other kinds of music making it as time marches a bad noise. Therefore, I would like to give an advice to all the music professionals out there: DO IT SIMPLE.

Thank you Elias for your time, is there anything that you would like to add?  

Apart from thanking again METAL TEMPLE for this interview, I would like to send a message to Metal fans: be active in supporting Greek bands. Thank you.


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