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Elisa, Tony (White Skull)

Interview with Elisa, Tony from White Skull
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 17 May 2009, 2:06 PM

WHITE SKULL returned with a female singer and the brand new album Forever Fight that won METAL TEMPLE's impressions. Tony left his guitar and Elisa her mic to sit down and reply to our questions about the latest WHITE SKULL news.

Interview with: Tony and Elisa from WHITE SKULL

 Hail from METAL TEMPLE! Thank you for taking some time to speak to our readers.

Tony & Elisa: Hail to you, it's a pleasure for us!

 As I said to my review on your album I 'met' you with the The XIII Skull album. So, what did happen after this release and you decided to return to the female vocals?

Tony: When Gus left the band, we started thinking what would better for the band. We decided to search for a new singer, but to look in two directions; to continue with male vocals or return to female ones. A lot of guys (men and ladies) came to try with us but when we heard the song sung by a female voice we had no more doubts; we said female voice is the voice for WHITE SKULL.

How did you choose Elisa? Did you have something specific in your mind for the position of the singer?

Tony: We were looking for a good female singer in harmony with the band, Elisa is the singer!

 What are the differences in the composing process between male and female singers?

Tony: Not many, for me and Alex were like jumping in the past, we were 'born' with a female singer. For the other guys it was not a problem, they are good musicians and they listen to me and my experience. We are a good team.

 I always do this question to female fronted bands; how difficult is for a woman being on the road for a long time with a bunch of metalheads?

Elisa: Fortunately I've never had such kind of problems with metalheads. They've always respected me as a sister of Metal, and if ever someone once dared to say a wrong word, I answered so strong that then he just had to bow his head! ;-) I think that problems arise by all those women in Metal who just make of their own appearance their first weapon. Of course, if they get dressed in this sexy way, men get crazy, but it's not my business anyway.

…and can a female singer (who is also beautiful) attract more attention than the band and thus create some internal problems?

Elisa: It's almost for the same reason I said before. Often a female fronted band makes of its vocalist the only business card. It's true that the vocalist is always the first in line, in pictures etc.. but some bands really go too far! A band is a group of people, we are six members and I don't feel I have to be the only first in line.

 Ok, let's go to the new album. What are the differences from your point of view when comparing this one with the previous album?

Tony: First of all, the vocals; now we have a female singer behind the microphone. The sound is the WHITE SKULL one, more Heavy Metal than Power Metal, we used keyboards like in the past, but this time they are more sound-wise without leaving much space to the other instruments.

Is there any special meaning behind the title? What are the lyrics about and who is responsible for them?

Elisa: I wrote the lyrics of the album and they're telling about barbarian invasions in despite of the Roman Empire who was marching to its decline. The title Forever Fight, though, also reminds us our strength to fight every day against all things and persons which go against us. All of us have worked for years to reach our ideals and we'll never surrender!

 How important are the lyrics for the singer? I mean, can one sing with passion when the lyrics are about something he/she does not believe in?

Elisa: You got the point! I think lyrics are very important for a singer! I always believe that I could not sing on an album of my own band without writing the lyrics. It's true that passion and involvement come through the words of a song. Of course, as I come after 2 previous vocalists, I also have to sing their songs and their lyrics, sometimes,  but fortunately they're all near to my thoughts. I could never sing something I don't agree with.

 You have been around for more than a decade; are you satisfied? Are there any regrets?

Tony: Yes I am satisfied and so is the rest of the band. We hope to increase our live activity and play, play and play a lot of shows around the world. No regrets, some mistakes are part of our story and life.

Elisa: I'm around with the band for about 2 years.. but I'm still very satisfied, hehe!

Who had the idea of putting Beer, Cheers as a bonus track? Is this a rehearsing track or what?

Elisa: This is a song of joy and party that ends the whole battle and also the album. It's a little far from our typical musical style, so we thought about putting it as a bonus track. But then, we always play it live during the shows, ‘cause people really enjoy it! And it has become a part of the album in the end!

How is the situation on the Italian Metal scene? Can a new band make a stand in Italy because here in Greece things are a little bit rough.

Elisa: Well probably in Italy it's not much different. We should also say that there are so many bands nowadays! Really, so much people play an instrument and create a band, so there are more bands than fans!! It probably doesn't help the music business..

At your myspace page  you mention only three live shows in your home country. What are your touring plans? Any festival dates?

Elisa: Yes, we put on line the first shows now, but we're working on to play at some other festivals and shows also in Europe, in the future. The album was released at the end of March, so many places were already booked by other bands and soon comes the summer, so probably we'll have the most live shows next autumn and on.

How different are the 'male sung' songs with you on the mic? Is there any song that was difficult for you to perform?

Elisa: Well I think it's naturally much different. And every singer fits better in his own songs! I think some 'male sung' songs of ours come out better with my voice and probably some other come out worst.. it's a very diplomatic answer!! :-)

People always say that Greek and Italians have a lot in common; but what about the Metal scenes, can you find any similarities?

Elisa: Oh, I really like the Greek history and I also studied it a lot in my past at school!! I find it very fascinating.. Well I don't really know much about your Metal scene there, but I don't think it could be much different. In Italy we had some 'golden age' in the ‘90s but then the situation went more and more down..

 Ok thank you for your time. Feel free to add anything that I forgot to ask.

Elisa: I say hello to all of you and hope to come in your country one day and shout Forever Fight with you! Stay strong, brothers!

Tony: a big hello to everybody and I hope to come in your country to play. Forever Fight Rules!


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