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Emily Lazar (September Mourning)

Interview with Emily Lazar from September Mourning
by Bradley Karr at 08 February 2018, 11:39 AM

SEPTEMBER MOURNING isn’t like many bands out there today. They are a transmedia dark culture project. Transmedia is the technique of telling a single-story experience across multiple platforms. September Mourning does this through comic books, albums, videos, and live performances. By putting all these platforms together, you get the full story that is being told.

The story centers on September a human-grim reaper hybrid. She must dwell in both the world of the living and the dead, with her one crux being the empathy her human side feels, and she wants to give souls a second chance. September comes alive in most of the platforms by being portrayed by Emily Lazar.

Emily created the storyline of SEPTEMBER MOURNING and pitched it to Marc Silvestri at Top Cow Productions. From there the project took form and the band created a demo album called Melancholia. In 2014 they released the EP Volume I to coincide with the release of the first comic A Murder of Reapers. By 2016 September Mourning had signed with Sumerian Records and released a full-length album Volume II to coincide with the second issue of the comic. All the while the band has released a number of videos and toured.

What SEPTEMBER MOURNING accomplishes across the different media platforms isn’t seen by many bands. You can listen to their albums while you read the coinciding comic and the lyrics are the words on the page. A fan can have the experience of the main character of the book narrating their story for them. Then at the live shows the image you see in the comic book is there in the flesh in front of you. The project has tapped into a market that few other bands can match.

Recently the band was going to tour several cities, but had to cancel when the headliner fell through. Metal Temple Editor Bradley Karr had a chance to interview Emily Lazar and asked her several questions about the project, the band, and where they go next.

Please allow me to give you a big welcome from Metal Temple! Can you tell us how September Mourning started, was the comic first, the band or did it all come together at the same time?

The concept came first. I wanted to do something immersive and transmedia. I created the characters and storyline. The band and live shows came from that concept as did the comic books.

The idea of the project going through many different media platforms from comics, live shows, and albums is a great way to reach more fans. Why do you think more bands don’t experiment with the media platforms and do you think more will start in the coming years?

It takes a lot of work to make a band function, so doing something on the transmedia level as I have done is around 10k times the amount of work. I think it's overwhelming for most. That being said I love the work. There are already some attempting it as we have, that seem highly influenced by us.

Is there plans to push September Mourning into other media platforms in the future?

Yes, we are working on things as we speak.

In the long line of performers like Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Marilyn Manson to name a few you guys put on a visually striking show. How does the live shows, the songs, albums, and comic book interweave with one another?

Like I've stated everything branches from the concept and characters that form the world. The opportunities for creation are endless.

Do you think there is a lacking in today’s industry of theatrical shows with the music?

Not really…. I think there are more and more bands pushing theatricality. I think that the theatricality needs purpose which is what we provide with the characters and story which separates us from the others.

What personality traits does Emily have that can be seen in the character September, or does September let you be someone completely different?

September's traits are a magnification of my own. The need to do the right thing, to help people, to battle the negative and the extraordinary relationship with death… all things that stem from my personality in some way.

Who were some of your influences growing up and now?

My parents loved Bowie, Annie Lennox, the Beatles, The Cure…my uncle listened to death metal. My father played classical piano. I had a variety of influence from a young age. Now a days I listen to a lot of modern hip hop… The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, G Easy, etc. I find inspiration in different types of music besides rock.

You recently had to cancel a tour because the headliner pulled out. How did this affect the band, and have you guys thought of doing a headlining show yourselves?

We headlined a lot last year, so we didn't want to again when the headliner cancelled. It made us sad but gave us a chance to write. We want to get new music out soon.

If you could tour with anyone who would you choose, and where would you like to go that you haven’t yet?

I like the boys in Asking Alexandria, Muse, Pvris, Tonight Alive, 30 Seconds to Mars…there are many great bands doing inspiring things right now. We would love to go to Australia and back to Europe.

The creativity of the band can be seen in the music and live shows, besides music what other things do you do that the fans might not know of?

The comic books tell the stories as well… the videos tie in components of the stories in a more visual form. We have social media platforms which continue the world online and we are working on more and more things to accompany the storyline.

Are you currently working on any new material, new songs or a new album? If so is there any details you can give us?

Yes, we are writing a new release and 2 new comics that will come out in the spring.

Where would you like to see September Mourning as a band in the next coming years?

Playing larger crowds and growing our own unique sound and fan base more and more.

Thank you for your time and this opportunity. Is there anything else you want to share with us that I might not have asked?

I would just like to thank each and every one of our fans that have opened themselves up to our world. We cannot do any of this without your love and support.

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