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Entire Lineup (Anarchadia)

Interview with Entire Lineup from Anarchadia
by Angela "The Hunter" at 01 February 2013, 11:53 PM

Heavy Metal has been introduced a couple of decades ago but yet there are places around the world that it remained in an underdeveloped status. And yet, that fire seems to grow stronger and stronger, and there are bands that pop up and prove that there is something good out there. From the middle-east comes a new band, by the name of ANARCHADIA that made some impact in the metal community as they are collaborating in their debut album with John Schaffer of the ICED EARTH fame. Metal Temple grabbed the chance and Angela “The Hunter” is discussing with them about their record, their collaboration, the Metal in Syria and other nice stuff. 

Today we have here with us the members of ANARCHADIA, a new yet promising band from Syria. Hails and Cheers friends! Thank you so much for doing this interview! To start with can you tell me who is in the current line-up?

First of all, thank you for having us. The members are
Nour : vocals
Siam : guitars
Alaa : bass
Raafat : guitars
Sami : drums

Can you give us a brief history of the band?

Nour: Well, we have been friends for a long time, and forming a band was our ultimate dream. There were some projects between Siam and Raafat in the past, but this one seemed to be the surviving one. After a long stay in Egypt, where he formed the melodic death metal band 'Paindemonium', Raafat got back to Syria and gathered with Siam, they were so eager to start a real Syrian band and lead the road until the end. So Alaa who happens to be a lead guitarist as well, picked up the bass guitar and joined the band,  then Sami was chosen to take over drums. In their search for a vocalist, Raafat and Osama 'the manager' knew my older brother, who told them about me and showed them some cover songs I've made ,then I gathered with Siam, Raafat and Osama, and that was it, I finished the lineup then we picked up our instruments and started rollin'..

What is the metal scene like in Syria? How about the Middle East in general?

Nour: Metal music has always been neglected and considered to be weird and odd for society and authorities according to the traditions here and the middle east in general. Of course, this was a result of the misperception and the huge misunderstanding that evolved around this kind of music especially in Syria, and according to this situation; media support is almost zero, no easy-to-get musical instruments, and in general Arabic and Middle Eastern societies don't have that parental musical interests and this circle never seems to stop. So you may say that the metal scene in Syria is generally poor. Although this same Scene has been growing so rapidly, especially in the last couple of years with new bands coming out to the surface. Regardless of all the difficulties we are facing as bands, I wish this improvement will keep moving forward, so we can increase the Arabic share of the global metal scene.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Raafat: We definitely hope that our music would spread globally, I mean yes we have fans from different areas around the world, but when you feel that you are on the verge of a noticeable achievement , you instinctively start imagining it grow. and the aim here is not only fame , it is also a desire to stimulate minds, and having the opportunity to wake people up by sharing your visions and ideas in the song lyrics. This is a pretty big deal to all of us. and of course we wish to play live with a lot of our idol bands who have influenced us and inspired us to play in the 1st place. sharing the stage with bands like Megadeth or Testament or Exodus would be fucking epic! Basically we desire continuity and perseverance to keep this cannon ball blasting!

Tell us about the upcoming album.

Alaa: I'd like to think that the album is going to take the listener into a journey, each song is dedicated to one specific condition of human life yet the whole album is connected into one whole vision and message; starting with devolution as an intro that speaks up against war and of course we are obliged to speak up against war because ,for us, as a metal band coming from the middle east and especially Syria- not talking about war would be like ignoring the elephant in the living room.!! The first 4 tracks starting with devolution, Demoralize, Beasts of Burden and Narchaotic are expressing the state of degradation that we -humans- have reached, and the evil we brought onto ourselves by not living for each other's' well-being but for materialistic gain waging wars and nurturing sectarian conflicts causing a vicious circle of hate among people, all for the sake of profit leading to a whirlpool of chaos and turning us into "narchaotics", hooked on disorder. The other part Includes "True World Order, Elevation Call, Adagnitio, Confronting my Demons , Occupy the Wall and Let us All Unite" which offer some kind of solution and hope for a better future where knowledge is the key to refute all delusions and misconceptions, enabling us to face and conquer our own demons and having the mind set to question authority and change things for the better, and of course praising the occupy movement that we all admire for its peaceful act and we as a group really stressed  on the non-violent act to regain rights and revolutionize the mind. Then we concluded the record with "Let us All Unite" quoting the famous Charlie Chaplin Speech from the movie The Great Dictator which somehow summarizes all our wishes and goals.

Do you have any other guests on this release besides Jon Schaffer? How was it to work with Jon?

Raafat: No actually, it is only Jon for now, but who knows what might happen in the next album you know. Working with Jon was wicked! We all share the same vision on who the real enemy is, and who the real puppet masters are worldwide causing all the conflicts by applying the- divide and conquer-methodology while " as the late George Carlin said" the rich banking cocksuckers can run with all the fuckin money.! We also share the same idea on what the "solution" should be, and how to make it relevant. And of course we tried to impress the man as much as we can, you know. We composed the song while imagining how the melodies would fit with his voice, because Nour usually uses the growling technique, and Jon has aggressive clean pitches, so we wanted to come up with a formula that can combine both elements, and still make it sound persistent and solid. Anyway the experience on the song "True World Order" was just amazing, and Jon is such a great dude and probably one of the most humble musicians you can ever encounter in the metal scene. And we are just psyched about this historical collaboration.

Are you playing any shows you’d like to mention here?

Raafat: No, not yet really, we are still focusing on the album release right now, which should be very soon, and after that, we can't wait to hit the stage and blast the tunes to the fans live and feed off their energy.

Do you guys have a venue or a place that you would love to play at?

Siam: Our passion doesn't require a specific place, I guess, and of course we would love to play some huge events like Hellfest and Wacken and big places like that, but we are sure of one thing, we won't hesitate whenever and wherever we have the chance to fire up the audience and bang the shit out of them, and flame up the stage and of course the more crowded it will be. the more insane it will get.

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

Siam: This project is our passion and we will do whatever it takes to make it a recognizable success, it holds the message and the true spirit of every single one of us, also as a team. I'm pretty sure we will keep on pushing the limits and giving everything we can in order to deliver our music to the entire planet if that's possible ,and to entertain the fans whenever we get the chance to. But as you know, there will always be another out of control elements that could affect the path of any project such as the market and it's requirements, how much support we will have along the way, and of course the personal and the general circumstances that could be helpful or harmful to the band's situation.

Hopefully in 5 years from now. If things worked out the way they should. I see the band touring the world nonstop, spreading the word, smoking every joint in the way, and banging our heads till we carry'em in our hands.

Does anyone have any side projects they’d like to mention?

Alaa: Well, actually we do have side projects, some of them have been released and some  haven't been officially released yet, and they differ from heavy metal to melodic Death Metal. Raafat plays with a band from Egypt called "Paindemonium" a melodic Death metal band, Raafat is on the guitars and vocals. It's a must check project with a great message and high profile musicianship. We were also invited by our talented friend Sami Fraihat to play on his project 'Six Degrees', but with a different line up: Raafat on Drums, Siam on Vocals and I as a bassist, it's a progressive metal project mixed with the " psychedelic" element, and we think it's going to be a unique project that holds a great deal of surprises for the fans.

Siam and I were invited to guest on "Brotherhood's" upcoming album "Dehumanization".  This project is going to include the official band members alongside many talented guitarists from Syria. We will be playing solos on four songs and the album should be released in 2013 which I think is going to be a one of a kind experience.

Lastly, where can your fans find out everything they would like to know about you?

Fans and friends can check our updates through Facebook page:
And listen to the songs on Reverbnation:

three songs are available for free download through the Reverbnation link.

Again, thank you guys so much for answering my questions! I truly appreciate your time.

We wish you nothing but safe travels on the road ahead of you.


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