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ETERNAL FREQUENCY's Emelle Elizabeth: “If I could somehow bring MJ back from the dead and write a song with him I could seriously quit music after that hahaha. Life COMPLETE.”

Interview with Eternal Frequency from Emelle Elizabeth
by Andrew Harvey at 08 October 2021, 4:33 AM

Eternal Frequency has been gaining somewhat more and more attention over the last 2-3 years since their formation in April 2018. They are a mix of metalcore, hard rock and active rock. They are all the way from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the USA and they are ready to rock your socks off with various single releases which have certainly brought the heavy rock genre to the fore. Particularly for the fact that the band is fronted by a female singer, Emelle Elizabeth. It is clear that female singers have made their mark on the heavy rock and metal scene across the globe. Eternal Frequency have released a number of singles including two fantastic covers of “The Show Must Go On” by Queen originally and “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails originally. Metal Temple writer Andrew Harvey recently caught up with the band for an interview, to discuss how they coped throughout the pandemic and exploring their past achievements in more detail.

First of all, Emelle, thank you so much for taking the time to take part in this interview for Metal Temple magazine and of course I have been looking at your website and really loved your music too so well done on everything you have achieved so far!!

Emelle - Hey there! Thank you so much for having me!! It’s an honor. I’m thrilled you dig what we do!

I will start off by asking how the band has been coping now since the pandemic started and have you been able to play live again recently?

Emelle - Honestly the band has coped extremely well during the pandemic. It really gave us an opportunity to hone our craft and produce the best original material as possible. We have! We have played several shows since everything opened back up again and we have more in the books coming along here shortly! Very excited.

I read you and the band have been going on now for around 3 years, could you tell me a bit more about how the band came together?

Emelle - Yes, the band started in April of 2018 with myself and a former member. Due to creative differences we parted ways. I’d say the band didn’t really become a strong family unity until Justin, Tyler, and Dane joined on. All of us work so perfectly in tandem together and all of our hard work has started to pay off. I love those guys with all my heart. They are my brothers.

I also read you're being managed by John Phillips(who also manages Snoop Dogg, Body Count and Breaking Benjamin) so how did this opportunity come up?

Emelle - Long story short, we were in talks during the “Temptations” days of signing on with John, but we didn’t have him totally convinced until “Parasite” dropped.

You have done two covers which took me by surprise but they were both brilliant, “Head In A Hole” (Nine Inch Nails)and “The Show Must Go On” (Queen), how did it feel being able to do your cover of these two songs?

Emelle - Well thank you for the kind words. Doing covers of these completely different styles of songs was a complete honor and a hell of a lot of fun. All of us in the band idolize Trent Reznor, Freddie Mercury and Brian May so to attempt such ballsy songs was a little nerve wracking but we did our best to honor all artists and their contribution to the music world. I really feel in my heart that we did them justice. Our plan wasn’t to even attempt to “out-do” the original songs, which I might add, is IMPOSSIBLE. We really were trying to introduce the strong messages to a whole new generation.

So the band all come from Pennsylvania specifically Harrisburg, so have you been back there to play and if so, does it feel emotional playing in front of a home crowd?

Emelle - Oh yeah! We love playing Harrisburg, we have such incredibly loyal fans there. Our first show back since the pandemic was actually a headliner at XL in Harrisburg and our next show planned is with HAWK October 2nd at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center.

So in terms of influences and those you look to, who would be your favourite singer of all time, male or female?

Emelle - Hands down Michael Jackson. My mother saw him twice in concert in the 80s and was a huge fan therefore she got me into him at toddler age. I was obsessed. I studied his song writing, singing, dance moves, performances, everything. He’s a huge reason why I wanted to be an entertainer.

So as you are a female singer of a heavy rock band, would you say there are enough bands led by female singers?

Emelle - Not nearly enough. Being a woman in rock is empowering and inspiring. I encourage the young girls out there who are passionate about rock music and want to be in a band to go for it. I'm honored and excited that I have the opportunity and duty to be a voice for strong women everywhere through rock music.

Staying on the topic of female singers, do you feel more can be done to encourage more women to sing and join a band?

Emelle - Absolutely without a doubt, especially in rock music I feel like it’s still seen as somewhat taboo for a woman to be seen singing rock, letting her hair down and kicking it with the boys. Even in 2021 I find there are certain men who think women shouldn’t be in rock music and that they only belong in the pop world, I respectfully disagree. I want to let the other young ladies know out there to NOT be afraid to follow your heart. Join the band, headbang your little heart out and sing your metaphorical balls off. Fuck anyone who says you can’t do something just because you’re a woman. Women in rock are fucking powerful and strong and every girl deserves to feel that way.

Just going back to your main influence, if you had the opportunity to work with them, would you prefer to write an original song or do a cover?

Emelle - If I could somehow bring MJ back from the dead and write a song with him I could seriously quit music after that hahaha. Life COMPLETE.

I also read about your cover of Queen's “The Show Must Go On”, you donated 100% of the proceeds to the NIVA, how did this come about?

Emelle - Well NIVA, for those who don’t know, is the National Independent Venue Association and during the pandemic they were creating petitions and raising money to help keep local venues doors open. We thought about how appropriate the song's message was with how the world was at that time. We just wanted to do our part as best as we could.

Looking at your various singles that have been released in the last 2-3 years, which one would really stand out as 'the one' single that the band can be proud of?

Emelle - I’m proud of every song we have released (naturally) there’s been so much growth since 2018 musically, lyrically, vocally. I can’t really say I’m proud of any specific one, I’m honored by the love some have received more than others. The songs are like my children. Everyone is beautiful and unique in its own special way. And I must say the unreleased material and the stuff we are currently working on are absolutely game changers in every way. Just wait.

In these modern times, of course bands release their music online. Is that how you discovered music growing up or did you buy CD's or cassette tapes?

Emelle - My parents were always spinning vinyl or letting me borrow cassettes/CD’s as a kid. I had a cassette player and a Walkman for long car rides. They introduced me to 60s-80s pop, classic rock and hair metal. My love has never stopped. Those are still my favorite musical eras to this day.

So talking of platforms, for anyone who wants to follow you online, is there a news feed people can sign up to on your website?

Emelle - Yes sir! You can scroll down the home page of our website and there is a submission form!

So when can we expect some more new music from the band, will we be expecting a new single or perhaps a full length album?

Emelle - Soon. Very soon

Finally I want to ask if you have got any upcoming concerts or a tour planned in the near future?

Emelle - October 2nd with HAWK at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center in Harrisburg, PA and in the works for a few more we have yet to announce. Don’t worry lots of shows are being planned!!!

So of course, that is it, I would like to thank you again Emelle for taking part in this interview. I hope the next few months are very productive with you and the guys from Eternal Frequency. Hopefully if gigs come back for us in Dublin, Ireland, where I am, I will certainly keep an eye out for any shows you plan.

Emelle - Thank you so much again for having me! This was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed your questions. If you know of any booking agents in Dublin let me know! We are trying to play international asap! Haha


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