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Evil United (Jason McMaster)

Interview with Jason McMaster from Evil United
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 January 2012, 9:55 PM

After being a member, and still is, of many bands that range from Glam to Progressive Thrash Metal, Jason McMaster is still heavily active. EVIL UNITED is his new band with old friends with a new album out. Steinmetal had the chance for a little conversation with one of the 80s vocal icons.

Hey Jason, thanks for sparing the time to have this interview for the Metal-Temple magazine, what is up with you these days? Last time I heard you, and I mean before I had the chance to listen to your new band of all-stars, EVIL UNITED, was with the Texan group of IGNITOR.

I am up to a lot, playing shows with DANGEROUS TOYS and EVIL UNITED, releasing the new IGNITOR CD in April called “Year Of The Metal Tiger” through MVD Audio Worldwide. It’s a return to True Metal. Also I have been writing new broken teeth material.

So tell me about EVIL UNITED. How did that idea turn up?

It is a group of old friends, and Texas Metal alumni, getting together time allowed, writing and record a selection of new material is all we wanted to do. Turns out, releasing it, and playing shows has been more fun than we expected. We met up and discussed writing together a few years ago. It took us that long to finish, since all of us are in many bands and working a lot.

At first I thought that EVIL UNITED would represent something that none of you guys has ever done. On the other hand, after I listened to your self-titled debut, I came to realized that it is probably not the first odd musical experience of most of you guys. Do you agree with that?

We didn’t have any game plan; we just wrote what we were feeling. We knew it was going to be a heavy record, and it did seem to take its own shape once we got it up and running. As far as it being odd, its stock Metal in some parts, and very modern in some other places.

While listening, I noticed how the music shifted in the boundaries of Thrash Metal along with some of classic Metal stuff under a modern cloud of production. How did you see yourself in this kind of Metal music as a vocalist that shared a place in Progressive, Power and Glam Metal?

I love Rock N’ Roll, Heavy, Thrash, whatever. Being able to use my voice in different ways is a luxury and I am very happy that I am able to make music with a lot of my friends I have known for over 20 years in many of my bands. I have had many heavy fast bands in my career. Growing up on QUEEN and KISS, ALICE COOPER, and stuff like that, it was obvious that I was going to get into all sorts of Rock and Metal.

Do you think that this particular album made you muster abilities that you never thought you had in your early career, and I mean besides from gaining experience?

My band GAHDZILLA motor company had a lot of this sort of Metal dirge into a Thrashy type. This with peaks and valleys in style, meeting up with progressive stop start riffing like old WATCHTOWER stuff is not new to me, it was very comfortable and seemingly songs were writing themselves.

Are there any particular songs that touched you or left a mark on you from this release? If so can tell what do those mean to you?

“Blasphemer”and “Hexorcism” lyrically for me are extremely interesting to me. Shouting out at the unlearning of the ignorance being taught to the young public social soup by teachers and parents about what they are supposed to believe and not to think for themselves or they will be subject to punishment is hexorcism, and blasphemer is who they are if the revolt against those beliefs and have chosen to believe what they feel is right instead of follow all trends.

I wondered while listening, I noticed that the release is rather modern than old school. Since most of you guys are from the older guard, why not produce something fresh but with an old school orientation?

These are your words…"fresh with an old school orientation"…is exactly what we did, and exactly what we wanted.

What is next for EVIL UNITED in the coming future?

We are already writing the new material for another release and playing shows.

Jason, I can’t thank you enough for this interview. I wish you and the guys of EVIL UNITED the best of luck on the road ahead!



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