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Fabrizio (MacBeth)

Interview with Fabrizio from MacBeth
by Amy La Salla at 19 April 2005, 9:00 AM

MacBeth is an Itallian Goth Metal band. Their sound is agressive and full of melancholy, the perfect soundtrack for a dark night. I was quite happy when the opportunity to interview them arose. Here's what Fabrizio (drums) had to tell us…

What is your favorite part of being in a band?

A musician can speak with a special language… I think music is the supreme art and I love it… This is fantastic because music has a great power!

What are your influences and how do you feel they show up in your music?

I guess a musician must listen to all kinds of good music. So, there’s not only one band or few bands in our background. I very much enjoy listening to: Muse, Slayer, Rammstein, Madonna, Sopor Aeternus, Porcupine Tree, Placebo, King Diamond, and many more… Our roots are very different and that’s good because we are all open minded with different tastes in music. I very much like different cultures, languages, histories and traditions too. Since Vanitas I’ve used many inspiration sources, mainly from the Italian culture… Malae Artes comes from latin tradition…yes, but it’s cool! We’re Italian, the name of the band is a tragedy of a British writer and it deals with the king of Scotland. The new album intro is also a picture of Klimt the Viennese painter!

What album was the easiest to record and why?

The last one! Because we’ve learned to stay simple, to compose good songs and everything comes out naturally!

Is there a full tour planned?

The band will play live in all the main Italian cities like Milan, Florence, Rome and many others…

I know our management is trying to plan a summer tour in Mexico and finally we hope to play live in Europe too…

What has been your favorite show so far? What is the strangest thing to happen to you while on tour?

Last year we played live in a great summer festival in Italy and after the show we met a bunch of South American fans together with our youngest supporter (3 years old). Her parents said that her 3rd name was Macbeth!

Where would you like to tour that you have not been so far and why?

I think U.S.A….It would be great to tour the States ;)

How is the Metal scene in Italy?

The problem is that Italy doesn’t have a big Metal or Rock scene. Metal is not the main music. There are a lot of good bands and musicians but we don’t have support from the media, we’re not supported by big media like regular TV.

In what ways do you feel that Macbeth has changed over the years?

Malae Artes is always in MacBeth’s style but is also a step ahead into something more mature. Concerning our new sound I can say that our symphonic element is still present although enhanced by aggressive guitars and very good vocal melodies. I’ve composed new songs with Max who’s the new guitarist, so in the new one you’ll listen to a new songwriter. Our new songs sound very different and I like the new sound because it is fresh and powerful too.

The music is catchy and direct, lyrics are easy to understand so music is hand in glove with lyrics. The new album shows the evolution of our sound and of our technique. We’ve used carefully chosen sounds and voices. I believe that now we are heavier compared to the music we did in the past and we learned to work in a different way. You also clearly see that we matured in the way we write songs. We went straight to final result avoiding all the useless things that you put into the songs.

What has been the reaction to Malae Artes so far?

The new one was well reviewed and appreciated by the media and I know that fans will like Malae Artes very much too. Radios are playing Miss Murderess and magazines put that song in their CD compilations! We’ve always been artistically free and never scared about what people are going to say about our albums…anyway we received very positive feedbacks during years…we’re happy and we love our fans!

What is your favorite song off of each of Macbeth’s releases so far?

I pretty much like all our songs, but if I had to pick one from each album….

Shadows of Eden  from Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo
El Diablo Y La Luna from Vanitas
Henceforth from Malae Artes

What is Macbeth’s relation to the internet and what do you think of it as a method of promotion?

The web is perfect to promote your music! You can reach the world in a click. But there are several negative aspects too, like for example copyrights!

What are your ambitions as a band and as individuals?

I’m a musician and as an artist I dream to do something special to be remembered. I would like to be remembered by people as a good artist. We hope to grow up as musicians and as people too. I love what I do and this is something that I’ve been doing for years so far. I believe in Macbeth, in our songs and in my hard work. You really need to believe in your music, because otherwise it’s not working.

How would you describe Macbeth’s sound?

Our sound is like the Chinese Yin-yang, the black and white shapes in a circle that represent  interaction of the two energies. And so the same goes for MacBeth, our sound is melodic and powerful at the same time. Two opposites in one…

Everyone who listens to our music can’t really put us into a category because it’s hard to classify us into a scene. We do things without the intention of going mainstream. I don’t like tags…it’s hard to choose a musical genre to explain what MacBeth play.

Malae Artes is your third release. What is the story behind its title?

Malae Artes means something like arts of hell and all songs deal with lies, deceit, double faced people… The main theme of my new lyrics is to lie. It’s the art of lying, of acting…when you lie you’re killing. Nuda Veritas (the intro) is a prelude to many reflections upon appearance. But be careful! Do not expect a negative album because our lyrics will teach you to open your eyes and search for the other face of everything. This time lyrics are simple, and that’s why I’m really satisfied. Anyway, you’ll find an important subject…

Any final words for our readers?

Thank you for supporting our music! We’re nothing without you…

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Thanks Metal Temple and Amy for this cool interview :)


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