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Floor Jansen (After Forever)

Interview with Floor Jansen from After Forever
by Michael Dalakos at 11 April 2007, 12:45 PM

Hey this girl is tall! And beautiful! I find it quite hard to stick to questions music related! But we are pro, right? Oh well AFTER FOREVER delivered an excellent album and now I have the chance to talk with singer Floor Jansen here in Athens. Let's see what she has to say…

 why did you name the album simply AFTER FOREVER?

Well while composing this album we thought that this was the moment of a total overview of our work so far. What better title than to chose then the one that describe our music best? This album is a compilation of everything we have done so far. Also this is our first album in a new company… anyway you look at it this is a giant step forward for us. It feels like a new start for us.

 How long was the process for the making of this album?

Well not that long! (laughs) we started writing about a year ago in March 2006. As always we first record all the instruments and then I started working on my vocal lines and lyrics. It was the first time we also worked with a real producer, that took place in August. In September we started recording with a pause of two weeks for a South American tour. We also went to Prague for the recordings of the symphonic orchestra. We finished in the beginning of November.

 There are a couple of songs in the album that can easily attract fans outside the rock / metal scene. Is this a hint for the future of AFTER FOREVER?

First I have to agree that there are a couple mainstream… yes you can say them mainstream songs in the album. But there’s also some really heavy songs in this one. I cannot really say that we do not want to attract new fans in the band and I don’t see this as a bad sign. The more fans you have, the more popular you get then the more attention you get from label and organizers and all that stuff. So yeah why not? Again if you compare this album with the last two you will find out there are more brutal vocals in this one. After all our music was always a compilation of styles… metal, gothic, atmospheric music.

 Do you think that the collaboration with the producer worked in favor of the band on this matter?

To be honest with you? No. You see he started working with us after the songs took their final form. So what he did mostly was to make our job easier in the studio. Of course he added some elements but as a band we know really well what we want to sound like.

 There are some special guests in this album…

Yes indeed and we are very happy about this. We got Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and DORO in this album. What a honor for us. Jeff got in contact with us after watching one of our shows and tell us he liked our music. So we asked him if he wanted to do a crazy solo and so he did!!! As for DORO what can I really say? She is one of the first metal queens out there. We got in touch her because we thought it would be cool to have another female voice in the album, but we wanted a real metal voice and DORO, oh man she’s got a great voice for metal.

 This is your first album with Nuclear Blast. Did the contract with your previous label ended?

Yes. Transmission helped us a lot in the past and the end of the contract was coming. So we wanted to start working with a new team. We realized that we wanted a label that can help us grow bigger. You can’t imagine how many labels got in touch with us. But in the end it was Nuclear Blast that did the most attractive offer, plus they do have some great ideas and they are quite enthusiasts with what they do.

 Are there any leftovers from the studio for limited editions? Will there be any limited editions?

Yes there are a few more songs not included in the album. One of them will be included in the single Energize Me. The song has a cool videoclip… yes the album will come in a few cool editions…

 Oh come on tell us about them!

Oh no I can’t (laughs), there are some special things for our fans…

 A vinyl…?

Honestly I cannot say (laughs) we have many ideas but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

 Touring plans?

Yes we do have. We will do the Earthshaker tour, this is a traveling festival with FINTROLL and several other bands… MACHINE HEAD is one of them as well. After that we will do several headlining shows in Europe and more festivals. We also have some shows in USA. We are quite busy regarding playing live.

 Life on the road for a lady… How difficult that might be?

Well its all in your mind. Of course there are moments that are not that comfortable for a woman but I am so use to it. I am not the kind of person who constantly complains you know. I don’t need any special treatment.

 What is your favorite song from the new album?

You are fishing right (laughs) seriously I don’t have a favorite song from the new album. Each song is a part of me, my babies (laughs)…

 Is female fronted symphonic metal a trend in music?

Yes of course. No point hiding this.

 Will this last?

As long as every other trend lasted. Fans of metal music are not easily handled. As soon as they start feeling bored listening this kind of music they will drop it.

 And your future?

There’s always a rise and fall. So far we are still rising. I have no complains about our career so far. Honestly I think that AFTER FOREVER and a few other bands will make it after the storm. We like to think we are quite original to make it.

 Your last words…

AFTER FOREVER is a great album. Really (laughs). Check it out!

Finally after the end of the interview I had the chance grabbing some comments from Floor about several albums…

While checking the STAR ONE PROJECT DVD…  we had a blast doing this, probably one of the things I will always remember

While checking the BEAUTIFUL VOICES DVD… Our old label wasn’t kind enough to inform us about this? I learn about it after buying myself a copy! I think it’s a great piece of work.

And some final words… You people in Greece are so kind, last night we went to a club and a guy showed up asked me if his girlfriend would come for an autograph because she is a fan. So sweet of him


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