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Frank Thoms (Accuser)

Interview with Frank Thoms from Accuser
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 June 2013, 3:16 PM

Though being back for several years, the German ACCUSER finally drew out their strength in numbers, forging their old Thrash Metal code and reinserted it into action. “Diabolic”, via Red Shift, is probably their heaviest release yet. Steinmetal talked to Frank Thoms, the band’s founding member, about the new album, material, and more…

Greetings Frank, and thank you for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple. How have you been these days?

I am fine!

Just recently, ACCUSER, which you have been leading since its emergence in the mid-80s, released another bone breaking album called "Diabolic". First of all congrats. I have to admit that in comparison to your other album titles, this one is quite provocative won't you agree?

Yes it is. The title is the tool for describe the malice of mankind in one word.

Over the years, and since the band's comeback, ACCUSER have undergone changes when it comes to its Thrash Metal trend. It began with old school, then turning into the groovier Americanization, and now, especially with "Diabolic", it is a new comeback to the roots that were on display on the first albums. I wonder, is this the old ACCUSER talking?

It´s the transportation from old style into new style. The result is timeless stuff with a traditional atmosphere.

Along with what seemed to be as the resurgence of your old school prowess, there is also the bit of extremity, noticeable on the vocal line and a few of the rhythms, on "Diabolic". How do you think that the whole concept of extreme Metal, Death Metal per se for that matter, effected your song writing perception?

I think Diabolic is an album who needs the intensity of aggression. The lyrics get more expression and the music gets more power. It´s a natural development.

I might be wrong, but "Diabolic" also emphasizes ACCUSER's closeness in style to the American Thrash Metal scene with turns of EXODUS and TESTAMENT rather to the local Teutonic Thrash machines like the bestial triplet that needs no mention. How do you find this notion? Do you agree?

I have listened and pursued to the American Thrash Metal from the beginning. I cannot deny the influences. Now, it is the Accuser style.

A little off course questions, when it comes to your style of Thrash, what something new do you think that nowadays ACCUSER brings to the table?

We haven't invented new music. But we have cultivated a style which we still more intensively realize.

Were there any special messages surrounding "Diabolic"? I found "Save Your Legends" quite a punch in the face, not the other weren't of course. Does it have any special meaning to you?

“Diabolic” is orbited by three components. The time factor, the darker side and mankind. “Save your Legend” is about a priest in the Middle Ages and his wheeling and dealings to attain power.

In terms of sound, "Diabolic" is miraculous, what any Thrash Metal fan would probably want to listen to all day long. Who produced it? Was this sound preset your original vision for this album?

Martin Buchwalter has produced this album. The sound matches exactly "Diabolic" and is grown with the recordings and with the atmosphere of the songs.

After integrating with the contemporary Metal scene for quite some time, especially in your local vicinity, how do you find it, for better or worse? Is this a golden age for Metal?

In the past, we had dominant directions which have determined the scene. Today we have a lot of Metal directions with their followers. Yes, this is the golden age for Metal.

I have always been interested to know about the Red Shift label, is it your own business prospect? Or is it something else entirely?

It´s our friend Basti Brühl. He is the label, the promoter, the manager and our super nanny LOL !!!

What about ACCUSER's future plans for 2013?

We already have played some concerts and we are ready for the summer’s festivals. We plan a tour in fall and we will write a couple of songs in winter.

Though "Diabolic" was just released, is there a new material on the works?

Yes, my iPhone is full of ideas and fragments.

Frank, I wish to thank you for your time for this interview. I wish you guys all the best, you really did great with "Diabolic" and the world deserves to know about it. Any last words for the readers?

Thank you very much for your support. I hope to see you guys on tour ! 


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