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Gabriel Castro - Yurei

Interview with Gabriel Castro from Yurei
by JoJo Hamilton at 02 November 2019, 6:22 AM

YUREI is a Brazilian guitarist who recently released an instrumental album titled "Saudade." Metal Temple writer Jo Jo Hamilton recently caught up with him to talk about the album and the creative process behind it.

What inspired you to write the album “Saudade”?

This album was inspired by the word Saudade and the meaning of it. There is no direct translation for it, but in Brazilian culture it means essentially, "the memory of something with a desire for it". So when you miss something or someone you say I have "Saudade" if that makes sense. My family and a lot of my friends are in Brazil and I tend to find myself feeling nostalgic a lot. A lot of those emotions went into writing the album, hence the title.

How many instruments were used during the making of the album?

Guitars, drums, bass and a variety of synths were used for the album.

Why did you choose to make this a non verbal/instrumental only album?

I love video game soundtracks, they have a crazy way of making you feel emotions instrumentally. This writing was very inspired by the final fantasy soundtracks so like the music in those games, I wanted my music to speak for itself.

Of the 8 tracks which was your favourite to compose and why?

That's like asking which child a parent likes more haha If I had to name one it might be Risen because I just love having ideas/layers expand and change throughout a song. That opinion might change though, I loved making all of them.

How long did it take to write the music for “Saudade”?

I think it turn around 2 years, 1 of which was more serious. Some of the stuff like the intro to Risen and Dark Matter were written with my drummer Nate, and then a lot of these ideas sat on my computer for a while. I eventually had all these ideas, some half ready, so I just set a studio date with Evan to give myself a timeline and then majority was written in half a year.

When writing the music for the album, where did your imagination take you?

Most of the music was written while dealing with life so a lot of it was just a way to let out what was in my head. Once I got the artwork back from Aria Fawn it really helped me write because I had a visual in my head. So for parts like the end of memoria and forest of waters I was trying to picture myself in the artwork.

How long did the recording take when you produced the album?

I spent 3 weeks in Maine with Evan Sammons of Last Chance To Reason and I think we only had 1 day off. Nate finished the drums pretty quickly and Evan had recorded the drums for Anima a few weeks before I got there.

How difficult was it to write an instrumental only album?

Honestly it wasnt too hard, its just sometimes you get that writers block (especially in the canadian winter) so overcoming that was the hardest thing. I feel like so much has changed since my EP, I overthink ideas and get attached more than before haha.

Were there any set backs during production or did everything run to plan?

We had an issue with my ibanez and it made us have to do a lot more work once we got it back because we were on a schedule. In the writing of the album I was also working 60 hours a week so It was hard to find time to write. Creativity doesnt just come sometimes too, so that made it a bit difficult. Especially on a deadline. Once it was finished and recorded everything went smoothly.

But after that everything went smoothly!

Of the 8 tracks on “Saudade” which is your favourite to perform and why?

I have only ever played an early version of Continue live but once we jam this live I feel like Memoria will be up there. I just love playing the riffs in it and the buildup near the end always reminds me and Nate of running up a hill into battle haha.

Are you happy with the final outcome of the albums production?

I couldn't be happier, having Evan engineer and the legend Jamie King mix/master had always been a dream of mine so I love it all.

What is the vibe you are putting out there with the album?

Bringing you into this ethereal world based on reminiscing and distant memories. The Forest of Waters is the present and without Saudade it cant exist.


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