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Geoff Thorpe (Vicious Rumors)

Interview with Geoff Thorpe from Vicious Rumors
by David Kaluza at 11 April 2002, 8:29 PM

Vicous Rumors might easily be one of the best metal bands ever to come out of the US, and just recently proved this by putting on a killer performance on their European support tour for Savatage.
We catch up with Geoff Thorpe on Vicious Rumors recent and future activities and what they have in store for us…

(thx a lot to Anke for letting me use some of her pics)

Well, first let me congratulate you on the excellent gig in Antwerp in February, you guys kicked major ass. Was the entire tour like this and how do you look back on it ?

Thank you, the show in Antwerp was a lot of fun!  I felt VR played  for blood every night!  So yes, I would say the whole tour was that kick ass.  It was a total success for VR.

How did you feel having the opening spot on the tour ? Personally I know a lot of people who thought it would have been better to let Blaze open and let VR play a longer set, especially since the band band has been around a lot longer than Blaze. Any thoughts on this ?

We just did a whole European tour without a record company or a new album so I was happy to be on the tour.  As far as Blaze goes they have the same label as Savatage so they got the support slot.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 200 or 20,000 7:30 or 11:00 p.m. we are here to play the best we can & kick as much ass as possible!

Why were there no newer songs played ? I know the time was rather short, but in my opinion songs like Born Again Hard, Something Burning or Break would have fit in perfectly.

We just felt in a 30 minute set we wanted to show everyone that VR is back!  With the classic sound the band was made of. Our new album is total classic Rumors !!

How come Morgan Thorn left the band and Brian returned ? And what was the reason for Brian leaving in the first place back in 99 ? Do you think this line-up will be stable enough for the future ?

Morgan couldn’t do the job we hired him for!  It was a big waste  of time!  Luckily, Brian was available when I called him last March.  He had left the band to pursue another project.  He left on good terms. Our doors were open to work together again.

On the webpage it says that demos for the new album will be recorded in april/may. Can you give us some details regarding song-titles and how many songs were written ? Does a lot change between the demos and the actual album ?

As far as the New CD all I’m going to say is we’re still writing and we have about 8 new songs for the CD.  We’ve written about  20 songs so far, it’s classic VR ala Digital Dictator & Welcome to the Ball & the future of VR.  I’m very excited about this CD!

Tell us a little about the song-writing and how it takes place ? Does everyone participate in it or is it mainly you that does the songwriting ?

I head the band in songwriting, I always have.  We complete songs together as a band.  We plan to work together to make the best  VR CD we can!  Back to the classic power & melody of the band.

What about the lyrics ? Who is the main lyric writer at current in the band and where do you guys come up with the inspiration for them ?

Brian and I will write the album mostly, we do collaborate with others from time to time.  Mostly we just pull ideas from our sick and twisted lives!  Or mine anyway.

How important is the internet for a band like Vicious Rumors ? And what are your thoughts on the whole mp3 situation ?

Our website is very important it keeps us alive in down time.  MP3 are cool but the artist must be paid !

Have you considered that with the current line-up this might be the right time for a new live album (a double one preferably) or live DVD ? Any plans in that direction ? If this would happen do you think it would be possible to let your fans vote for songs that should be included on the album ? I would really love to hear six stepsisters, against the grain or something burning on the next tour.

Very good idea, it look’s like we’ll do a studio album first. We talked about adding Against the Grain & Six Step Sisters to the live set.

Looking back on your musical carreer so far, are there any things that you would have like to  have changed or done differently ? Any regrets or positive feelings about anything in particular ?

Yes of course there are things that I would change or done differently.  But that’s what life is…you learn & move on.  I’m very thankful to have had such a long and exciting career.

Which bands would you consider to be VR’s main influences ? And on a personal level, which guitar players have influenced you the most ?

For VR I would say Priest/Zepplin/Sabbath, for me on guitar David Gilmore/Neil Schon/Jimi Page/Hendrix/Dime Bag.

What do you think caused the fact that VR never got the commercial succes it deserved in comparission with let’s say Iced Earth ? You guys have a lot of die-hard fans, but for some reason don’t seem to make it to the next commercial level, even though you deliver killer albums and have great live shows all the time.

Political power!  I just haven’t had the right politicians so we have remained in the underground.  Everything is about to change, new label, new management.  22 years of hard work is about to pay off big!  In many ways it already has.

What other metal bands do you listen to these days, and are there any bands or albums in particular which grab your attention ? What is your opinion at the current metal scene, both in the Us and Europe.

I like Sevendust.  I’m not into alot of newer bands.  I’m glad the European scene is still into REAL metal!  It feels like it’s getting better in the USA too!

Are there any bands in particular that you would like to tour with in the future ? Can we expect a headliner tour sooner or later ?

Let’s see what happens with the new CD.  You can bet we’ll be on tour one way or the other.  Thank you for your support! We’ll be at Wacken Open Air 2002.

As a final question, could you look back and comment on the following VR albums, and how do you look back on them ?

Soldiers Of The Night - My first full length CD.

Digital Dictator - This is when it felt like we really had a good band.

Vicious Rumors - Atlantic record!  We spent a lot of money.

Welcome To The Ball - Left my house and didn’t come home for 6 months on tour..that was fun!

Word Of Mouth - Our most versatile album.  Carl is a GOD!

Something Burning - I was mad as hell!  Angry meat and potatoes metal.  It felt good to me.  Great tour with Accept.

Cyberchrist - Recorded & mixed in 16 days.  Fun tour with Blind Guardian.

Sadistic Symphony - Thank you Brian O’Conner!!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer the questions, and to close of the interview, any final words for your fans ?

The fans and the love of music is what keeps me going.  I thank you all!


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