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Gerard Fois (Eternal Flight)

Interview with Gerard Fois from Eternal Flight
by Ian Kaatz at 20 February 2008, 2:37 AM

Gerard Fois the man behind the voice of the Power Progressive Metal ETERNAL FLIGHT had a really nice chat with the Templar Ian about their latest release and more. Read on!

How you are doing? I hope well.  To start off with Under The Sign of Will is your second and I must say excellent album from the band since forming in 2001, what went on within the band between the two albums?

Pretty good, thank you! We did some shows, did a demo for labels, searched for a new drummer and new labels, wrote another album and recorded it in my studio called Morphoenix. We have 2 new labels Thundering-Pervade mainly for Europe and Nightmare Records for the USA, Canada and Central America!

Is there any kind of a connecting theme between the songs on your latest album that I don’t see or hear? You know sometimes those things are hidden to the normal eyes and ears.  

Yes, Dark Society and Under The Sign Of Will are connected by the same concept. Our mascot the Morphoenix has to warn humanity about the plot that leaders of political, religious, industrial organisations are putting together in order to rule the world, annihilate humanity and open the gate of a hidden dimension where their evil master awaits. The Morphoenix, a creature that has the power of a phoenix and Morpheus, teaches humans how to fight them and use magical tricks and incantations.

What kind of topics did you choose to write about or would you prefer the interpretation to be done by the listener?  

Edge of Fire is about staying true to our convictions, The Forgotten Side is about needing to return to nature from time to time and avoid all the fake things-people of our society. Deaf, Dumb, Blind is about the way the people hide behind things like religions, always search for scapegoats and don’t want to see they are responsible of their own decline. Next Ones On The List is about what could happens in the future, no more animals, trees, only ruins and only humans left to eat. Friends well it’s about friendship. The curse is about someone who imagines tragedies that happens immediately in reality but can’t do anything against it. Miracle Man is about a biomechanical man, a spy that is forced to serve in the army, but want its freedom back. Ghost is about someone who lost his soul after having horrible nightmares.

I noticed that ETERNAL FLIGHT has not toured a great deal; is there reasoning behind this? Is ETERNAL FLIGHT just not really a touring band?  

We played some concerts with KRAGENS, DARK MOOR, PARAGON, ELLIPSIS, NIGHTMARE and others but we have a status that maybe don’t permit us to tour a lot yet and also it’s really expensive. But when we’re onstage we kick ass, we love it and as METAL TEMPLE is originally from Greece, we’d love to play in your country!

After reading your interview with, I noticed that you have a great deal of enthusiasm for the ’ProgPower’ festival. Having been an attendee for the last 3 years, I assure you that ETERNAL FLIGHT would fit right in.  From your prospective what makes you think that you fit in with the festival though?  

I think it’s one of the place to be to spread our name in a larger scale in the USA! We mix Power Metal and Progressive in our songs, so it’s obvious that the fans attending to that festival would appreciate us! A lot of US fans ask us to play there, so…You have to tell the organisers that we’re the right band for their festival ;-)

I know that you used to be in DREAM CHILD; do you incorporate any DREAM CHILD tracks into your set? I tried finding a live review of one your concerts, but alas I couldn’t find one.

We talked about it in the early stages but decided not to do it preferring to make new songs.

What aspects of writing are transferred from the writing process during DREAM CHILD and during ETERNAL FLIGHT?  

At first I wanted to keep the name but fast decided to call the band ETERNAL FLIGHT, that was also the name of a song from DREAM CHILD. The die-hard fans would know that and follow me. I had written a lot of music, riffs, melodies, lyrics that should have been used for DC’s 3rd album, so I decided to use all this for our 1st album! DC was also mixing Power Metal and Progressive influences so it was not a problem to use some of the ideas I had for ETERNAL FLIGHT.

What was it like working with Emmaunelson from ELLIPSIS on the song Friends?  

A real pleasure ! He and I have been close friends since 1996! I sent him the music, some melodies and lyrics and he recorded the vocals at his home.

Does the band have any interesting day-jobs or is music your full-time career?  

I play in some classic rock cover bands, have also a LED ZEPPELIN tribute band called VON ZEPP, give singing lessons, sometimes record other bands, so yes i make music a living! The other band members have regular jobs, but Arnaud is a music teacher in a college so music is kinda his job too.

Where do you see the future of your band going?   

Play live more often, we’ll record a new album in 2009 that will be a concept album!

Thank you for answering my questions, do you have any last words for our readers?

Thank you a lot for the interview, it was a pleasure! Fans can find more info and listen to our stuff at www.MySpace.Com/EternalFlight , they can write us and we’ll answer!


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