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Giulio Capone (Bejelit)

Interview with Giulio Capone from Bejelit
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 August 2012, 6:15 PM

After taking the European continent with their darkened and assorted Power Metal obscurity, the Italian BEJELIT return two years after their debut with a sophomore bearing new gifts of progressed Metal. Steinmetal had a chance to talk with the band’s drummer, Giulio Capone, about the new album “Emerge”, the switching of labels, musical obscurity and more.

Hello Giulio, thanks for taking the time to have this interview with Metal Temple web magazine. How is everything working out for you?

Hi my friend! Everything is really good at the moment and we're working and playing at full throttle!!!:)While I'm writing to you I'm packing the last stuff before to leave Italy to Czech Republic, since we're going to play there at Under Dark Moon Metal Fest as headliner! Everything is real good ;)I first heard of your great band BEJELIT back in late 2009 when you were about to release your third album, “You Die And I…”. Before I got your album from Punishment 18 Records, I assumed that this Power Metal band is going to be different. Can you share your appreciation of why you guys are different than the average European Power Metal outputs?

Thanks a LOT!!! Uhm…good question but I think we cannot answer since it would be like to ask to a fish if the water is wet hehe. We're too much “inside” our music to understand what makes it different from many Power Metal bands in Europe. What I can tell you for sure it's that we don't follow any precise style, we just compose and play the music we like. No matter if it has many or few influences, no matter is it's something very Progressive Metal or something more straight. We don't hate to be labeled of course since it's a natural reaction but we avoid to be stuck into them:)BEJELITis like a melting pot that could mix a lot of different music styles adding, of course, its personal touch.

Lately you guys released your fourth album, “Emerge”, under your new label of Bakerteam Records. Just curious, why the sudden change of labels? Were you misfortunate in Punishment 18?

Oh no, the Punishment 18's guys are really amazing and they did a great job with our previous album “You die and I…”but we felt that to promote at the best the new “Emerge”we needed to make a step further. So we got in contact with Bakerteam Recordsand they are doing the best work for BEJELITand to promoter “Emerge”as well! We're really happy about them and our partnership is strong!

 “Emerge”, which I perceived to me great album filled with diversities, especially toward the dark side of the human nature, is probably another step in your development. What can you tell about this development if it’s there?

Diversity is the key to listen to “Emerge” for sure but the darkest chapters of it are the first song “The Darkest Hour”and the last one “Boogeyman”but to be honest all the songs have a negative situation that needs a strong reaction. For example in “Dancerous”the plot is about the very last night on earth. Our lives are close to end for a catastrophic event, no matter what, and the real question is “What should we do now? Cry all night? Or gather all our strength to dance, to drink, to have the wildest and biggest party on earth?”. So we use a very tragic situation to find the reason to “Emerge”.

What is the storyline behind the album? I am asking this due to its resemblance to a sort of play.

“Emerge”isn't a concept album or something like that. Of course there's a common theme line about the lyrics and the general mood. After a dark and quite obscure album as “You Die and I…” we needed to react to that mood and write something more direct and more “happy” ;). I think it's the natural path for our music. “Emerge”'s songs are linked by a more positive way of thinking' dominated by the will to go on and not to give up.

Why dealing with tragic or negative events in the first place?

Since they're a very good “Deus Ex Machina”to use to create a story:)And they fit so well with heavy music and heavy riff, minor melodies and so on. It's what I call “Cinematic approach”. If everything is positive why tell the story? It would have been so boring.

Aside from your highly skilled companions, Fabio seemed to me like the leading actor in this showcase. Also his singing style sounded as if he was acting a few roles at once. How do you perceive the drama that you reflect with his voice? Was it intended in the first place?

Fabiois a very theatrical singer who likes to put different style and voices in his singing. It's a very good weapon for us since we're able to write very different stuff without the problem of his singing style. I really appreciate this. Of course there are some styles where he gives his best but at the moment I'm writing we didn't find too much difficult style for him. Quite often our songs are intended as dramas so we start writing music thinking' about the different characters and/or the narrator of the lyrics. For example in the first song of “Emerge”, “The Darkest hour”, Fabiois speaking about  depression that brings the character to a fluctuating state of mind so I think it would be natural for Fabio to use a wide range of different vocal styles.

Let go further back to the band’s emergence. What is the source for the name BEJELIT?

Our band’s name comes from a Japanese Manga called Berserkwhich was our first lyrical influence during the first two albums. It's a talisman which could realize your deepest dreams but it requires a sacrifice. It's a very rough comic but all in the band were used to love it. Now we prefer to have some more personal lyrical themes.

When it comes to music, what is the style in Metal or Rock that you feel that has been unifying the band so well all these years?

Another very difficult question. It's hard to say what music style kept us together during these years since we have all different influences. They go from IRON MAIDENto HELLOWEEN, from IN FLAMESto STRATOVARIUS, from Classical music to Pop music. It's quite impossible to define a single music genre at least:). This maybe it's the strong element which kept we together and which permitted us to arrive at “Emerge”.

What is coming next for the BEJELITcrew?

We're touring Europe and of course Italy during these months with more than 35 gigs then we'll play at some big European Metal festivals in Czech Republic and in Croatia. It will be a nice summer I think:)Then we're going to play some more gigs in autumn and after that it will be the right time to work on some the new stuff we're composing yet.

Giulio I would like to thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure. I wish you guys the best and good luck with “Emerge”.

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