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GRAND ROYALE's Gustav Wremer: "We hope that our music is head-banging material and that the choruses get stuck in peoples’ heads. It’s also a wish that the lyrics offer several layers, or different layers to different individuals."

Interview with Gustav Wremer from Grand Royale
by Andrew Graham at 21 April 2021, 7:28 AM

GRAND ROYALE recently released their latest album titled "Carry On," which Metal Temple writer Andrew Graham very much enjoyed. He recently got the chance to catch up with vocalist/guitarist Gustav Wremer, to talk about the latest album, and other topics.

I really enjoyed the album that you guys are set to release in 2021, and with that being said what do you guys think was your biggest difficulty in recording this album? Did you guys have to change any dynamics due to the pandemic?

Despite 2020 being a fucked up year in many ways, especially being musicians, we tried to make the best out of it. We had plenty of time to record the album Carry on for instance. We also put a little more energy into the making of music videos for the singles. The biggest challenge, and maybe blessing, with the album was that we did all of the recording ourselves. The feeling among band members is that the result turned out great. Having no producer of the album also led to a sound which is more aligned with our live sound, especially compared to Take it easy, that was more produced, and the band sounded a bit differently.

In the album you guys are set to release, what were some of the motivators behind the tracks that lie within?

The greatest motivators were the privilege and need to create and play music together, and to make an album that we are all proud of. Concerning the lyrics, the songs have kind of an own life, and telling a different story about for instance strange people, society and even mental illness.

You guys released your first album in 2014, since then how would you guys say your music has affected your lives?

We have met great and lovely people out on the roads and we have visited a lot of great places.

If you guys had to pick a favorite track from the album you are going to release, what would it be and why?

Not the same, because of its melodies in the chorus, a great main riff and excellent drum work from Johan.

In the early stages of Grande Royale you guys released albums independently but have since signed with The Sign Records, how would you say this decision has affected your guys band? I can feel the older sounds within your music, where would you guys say that you have drawn most of your inspiration from? Any bands in particular, or was it more just a pool of inspiration from a different era?

I guess it’s appropriate to mention Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters and Imperial State Electric. The members if the band listens to very different kinds of music, which means that the music of Grande Royale is a result of a significant variety of musical influences. We all though get a lot of inspiration from bands from the 1960s and 70s, for instance Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

What are the plans for the band once things in the world return to a more working state? Any tours on the horizon for the fans to look out for?

No concrete plans are set at the moment. Right now, we’re looking forward to the release of the new album. But eventually, we are excited to go out on tour again. We hope it’s very soon.

If you guys were able to go and rock with any band from the past, who would it be and why? I know there has to be a group that you guys would do anything to get the chance to play next to!

I think you have different answers from everyone in THE band, but i would say deep Purple.

When your fans are listening to your music what is something you guys hope that they get out of it?

We hope that our music is head-banging material and that the choruses get stuck in peoples’ heads. It’s also a wish that the lyrics offer several layers, or different layers to different individuals. Some of our lyrics are not just about rock n roll, but hopefully may mean something more profound.

What plans does the band have for future albums? Anything new already in motion for after you release Carry On?

The writing process is always in motion. And new tunes are in the making, which hopefully results in another great Grande Royale album. We’ve started a kind of tradition on previous albums, working and collaborating with prominent figures in the Swedish rock scene, that with any luck may continue in our music to come.


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