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Grigoris of Metal Temple - Pt. II (Holiday Special)

Interview with Grigoris of Metal Temple - Pt. II from Holiday Special
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 16 January 2006, 2:25 PM

Live fast 'n' die young or take it easy 'n' live long, either way life is pretty full of surprises. One of them surprises was this interview. You know, I haven't been a music reporter for move than 5 full years now but I must say I've seen many things happen, on most levels. What I certainly never expected was one of my editor's 91 year old grandma interviewing… my editor. Well, when you're dealing with guys like Greg (aka Grigoris) you can never be too sure as to what he may come up with. Readers of Metal Temple magazine, I give you the… Heavy Metal grandma!

My son, why will you write down everything I’ll say to you?

Because I want to interview you for the magazine I’m an editor at, grandma!

You are not an engineer, my son?

I am Grandma, but this is my regular job. I also work as an editor for a music magazine!

What music, my son? Greek traditional?

No way, grandma!



Don’t get angry! I’m 90 years old. I have no mind at this age.

Ok, sorry.

What? (did I mention she’s deaf?)


Ok. Will you buy your magazine for me tomorrow morning, my son?

Grandma, first of all you don’t know how to read! Then, it’s not a printed magazine, it’s an Internet magazine.

An Inter-what?

Internet! It’s displayed only on computers, grandma!

What? (again…)


This is not a TV?

No, grandma! This machine can do many things. It’s a calculator, it’s a Stereo, it’s a TV, it’s a radio, it’s many things.

Does it tell the news?

It does, grandma! (in a way…)

What? (hm…)


And what music do you write about? These men with the long hair who take their bath once a month?

Yes grandma, and they don’t take their bath once a month! I have long hair. Does that mean I take a bath once a month???

No, because you listen to them, they do not listen to you!


And what’s this music’s name, my son?

Heavy Metal, grandma.


(I wanna kill her…) HEAVY METAAAAAAAAAAL !!!

This is not a Greek name.

And who said it should be?


And what do you like in this music?

I like the interaction of the instruments, the power, the passion, the lyrical themes, the attitude.

That’s why you have long hair, too, my son?




Don’t scream in front of an old woman, you naughty boy! (She slaps me gently…)

Sorry, grandma…

And why do these musicians have long hair?

Because it’s a part of the general philosophy of this music, grandma. It’s realated to the inner power long hair is rumored to give. Just like Jesus Christ or Samson, you remember?

Yes, but Jesus and Samson also wore skirts. Why don’t they wear skirts too?

(I wanna die…)

And why are they screaming all the time?

Because this is a powerful way to spread their passion, in this music.

Your Aunt Katerina screams also when she fights with your Uncle Spyros. Maybe she listens to this music?

No way , grandma!

She should, then! (Laughs)

And, son, how old is this musical style?

You can say it’s been nearly 30-35 years, grandma.

So, many of these musicians are old now.

They sure are, grandma.

And they’re not tired yet?

Some of them are, some not.

I bet the rest are on pills all the time! (Laughs)

Maybe, grandma.

What? (here we go, again…)


And you pay a lot of money for this music?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But I enjoy every single cent I give!

And how many songs do you have?

I can’t tell you about songs, grandma. Imagine that - approximately - one album consists of 10-12 songs and I have nearly 3,500 albums.

That’s lots of money, my son!

Yes, but I enjoy it grandma!

Then, why are you mainly dressed in black?

Because I like this color, grandma!

Do these musicians like this color too?

You bet, grandma!

But we wear these clothes at funerals, my son! Let this music aside or you will dieeeee!!!!!!!


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