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Grigoris of Metal Temple (Holiday Special)

Interview with Grigoris of Metal Temple from Holiday Special
by Gun Barrel at 20 December 2005, 8:06 PM

The first person who even tried to mumble you didn't warn us is now being devoured by a Samoan Penisaurus Rex. Here's an interview with our one & only Grigoris (well, you may call him Greg) who's brains know more shit related to Hard Rock 'n' Metal than I will ever possibly know in 1000 years. And no, he ain't a grumpy old man (hm, just some times maybe), he's living proof that age don't mean shit… Gun Barrel's Rolf Tanzius wanted to do the honors, so here's his interview with Greg and what metal grandpa had to answer…

What does the name Metal Temple stand for?

Hmmm… I don’t really know, since I wasn’t there when things started. I guess it must be something between the elite of Hard & Heavy music being presented through our magazine and the dream we all have for the mag to get enthroned inside the temple of Metal Media. Satisfied?

How many members are you there?

Lemme see… Me, Orph General Lee, Yannis Reb Web, Eleni Angel And Witch, Panos SpongeBox, Michael Analyst, Alex Popeye… This is the Central Department staff! Add Dimitris, Katerina and Makis from the Upper Level Sector and you have the Greek General Directory. Now, attach Ian and Katrina from the U.S, David from Belgium, Paul from Canada/U.K., Chiara from Italy and another one or two latest ’additions’ and… do the fuckin’ math! Across the Globe we riiide!!!

How many Metal maniacs are visiting your website every month?

See how it goes (true story):

- As a reader I thought I was the sole ’visitor’ of this webzine…

- When I joined the other Templars, I was (then) summing it up to 20 ’visitors’ per month.

- When I wrote my first review (wasn’t it Velvet Revolver’s Contraband?) and checked the links’ stats afterwards I saw 100’s of clicks! This was a cultural shock…

- When I put my ego aside and took a look at the 09/2004 stats, I saw the number of unique visitors per month: approximately 50,000 readers! I had so been in my world all this time.

- To cut a long story short: 60,000 to 70,000 unique readers per month seems to be our usual stat. Seems good to me! Seems good to everyone interested in having some ad(s) running at the mag, also!

How many days will you celebrate your 5th anniversary??

It’s just a matter of enough money and a metal heart (and liver…). Hope we’ll stop before Santa ’Claws’ comes to town!

We wanna know how many promo CDs you got from bands until now?

My ’reviews’ folder on the HD of my PC says 172 files. Not bad for 16 months as a Templar! Cross-check it by placing Grigoris in the search field at the bottom of each page!

What we are really interested in is what you prefer: a shaved or a hairy pussy (…hehe…)???

I feel really honored to be asked such a crucial question (laughing my hairy ass out loud)! Well, it depends on the weather: a shaved pussy is cool for hot summer nights while a hairy one looks appropriate in the middle of the winter dark. Hence, a pussy is like AC/DC: all-time, all-day, all-places, all-together!

What was the funniest situation you have ever had with a Metal band?

2001, Wacken Open Air festival. It’s 09:00 am and our bus arrives at the back side of the festival area. We got off a.s.a.p. and I start checkin’ around for a suitable place to let my dick loose. Finding a great fence I step ’inside’ and let Mother Nature send her breeze. Whistling a Sodom tune (yes, you can whistle Thrash songs!) I saw two members of a respected Thrash Metal band (scheduled to appear at the fest) shitting all over the entire area only 2m away from my dick. What the fuck? I won’t name the band (check the 2001 edition of W.O.A. and try to guess!) but we had a great 2-minute chat about dicks and assholes with our vital organs (and holes) free as the wind! I should have asked for an autograph, though…

What was a really unbelievable gift that was ever sent to you from a band?

This set of questions, and I mean it!

What is your biggest wish your the future?

Peace, anarchy, elimination of religions, free beer and love, truth, real friendship and the desecration of every single 35-year-old-plus lawyer in the world!

Do you already have the touring dates for Gun Barrel in Greece (…hehe…)???

Of course not, you scum!!! I bet even you haven’t yet decided where you’ll be playing in 2006! Don’t fuck with me! I love you!


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