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Gus G (Firewind)

Interview with Gus G from Firewind
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 26 May 2008, 7:41 AM

The success of The Premonition brought FIREWIND in a US tour besides ARCH ENEMY. Metal Temple witnessed the band's live performance in Chicago's House Of Blues and had the chance to talk to the band's mainman Gus G. for your information. Read on!

The Premonition is the second album with Apollo on the vocals and he is going to break the record if he does another one. Because, you had three different singers from the beginning!

(laughs) Yeah, but we have already broken the record because this is the second album with the same lineup. Actually, I think this time the bondage between the members is that strong that will keep us together for more than one album. But you never know.

I was wondering what really happened with Chitty that made him quit FIREWIND?

To be honest with you, I never really understood what happened. He just called me one day saying that he wanted to leave. I think that he didn't like that I was with ARCH ENEMY that period of time. Maybe he thought that I was searching for something different. I said him that it would be just impossible to leave from my band but he had already made his decision that lately he regretted.

Ok, lets move on to the new album. I think that The Premonition has a more Hard Rock sound rather than a Power Metal.

I think that in FIREWIND you can find different of music styles and not just Power or Hard Rock Metal. Take for example the opening track that is almost Thrash…

(interrupting) Now that you mentioned Into The Fire I have to say that it kind of reminded METALLICA's Battery intro.

Yeah we did this on purpose! We wanted a powerful intro like METALLICA did. I believe that Battery has an excellent intro with one guitar that slowly builds the tension.

Great! Did you feel any kind of pressure from the success of the previous album Alliegiance?

We never felt like this. When we were thinking about the next album we were searching the things that would make us happy. If we have strong feelings about our music and we are satisfied with this then things can only go well. You have to strongly believe in your work and if you do the fans will follow you.

How did you work with the new album? Was it a team effort or you worked separately?

Usually, I work in my studio where I write many demos. Some of them are written with Bob (Katsionis) that also brings his own. Actually, this time Apollo also wrote a song so it was kind of a team work. When all the music is done, with send it to Apollo to record the vocals and do some arrangements. This is the first step; the second is entering the studio where you rehearse all the material and we make the final editing and put the finishing touches.

Were there any differences in your working process when compared to the Alliegiance making of?

Actually we followed the same pattern but now we know better each other. I think this time we were more of a band with stronger bonds between us.

 What about the title of the album, how did you choose it?

It was Mark's idea. We had the premonition that things will turn good for us. We had done a long tour with Allegiance and the record label was about to promote us more so we believed that things will get better.

 How did you decide to to the Maniac cover?

It was Bob idea. We wanted to do a cover song for the Mercenary single so we tried in the studio. It turned to be that good that we decided to put it on the album.

You have also done another cover song that is really great to an old Greek song from Manolis Hiotis entitled Perasmenes Agapes (English translation Lost Loves) that you perform only live. Are there any thoughts of putting it in an album.

Actually we have already recorded and mastered the track without vocals just like we do it on the live shows and it was to be in The Premonition but we did not manage to get the permission to do it. I really don't know why.

So, there is no chance that we can get on an album?

Unfortunately yes I don't think that we will be able to resolve this issue.

It's really a shame because it is such a great song and you did a great work rearranging it.

Yeah it is such a wonderful songs that has some latin elements and we managed to give it a Rock/Metal appearance.

It's a shame. How was your experience being on-stage with ARCH ENEMY?

It's an excellent band especially in concerts. They really professionals in their work and I can tell you that I learned many things from them.

Ok, how was the tour with KAMELOT?

It was great; we did 22 shows in 15 countries and had packed venues.

What are your plans for a DVD release?

We will work on this during the summer. We have already filmed the show we did in Thessaloniki (Greece) last January where we played the entire The Premonition album playing totally two hours! We had 10 cameras and a fully equipped crew.

 Did you have a good sound? Because in Greece things are difficult when it come to sound quality.

We had excellent sound and I believe that the Principal cub is the best one in Greece. It is really a shame that we don't have other venues like this one.

You have been to Europe, USA and also in Japan, but I will ask you to compare the European and the American fans.

One difference between the two audiences is that in the US you can get a positive response even if the guys don't know a band. In Europe things can be really cold when the fans don't know you. Here (in the US) if you play well and you can earn them and this is what I really like here.

What are your plans after the US tour?

We will perform in the 'Download' festival then we will return home for a while. Then we have some summer European festivals during June and July, in September  we have a UK headlining tour and in October a European headlining tour. Possibly we will get also to Japan.

It sounds pretty heavy. What about the next album.

Well, we will possibly start working on this sometime during next year but it really depends on how the tour obligations will last.

I think this will the longest in time duration tour that FIREWIND have done. How difficult can it be?

It will be definitely the longest tour! For sure it's difficult staying away from your home for so many long but this Metal! We have to make some sacrifices, don't we?

Definitely. Ok, these were my questions say anything that I forgot to ask.

I have to thank you for coming down to see us and for doing this interview. To our Greek fans I have to say that we will probably see you with some live dates during the end of this year or the start of the next one.


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