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Haruna (Love Bites)

Interview with Haruna from Love Bites
by Emily Coulter at 21 August 2018, 8:04 AM

Hailing from Japan, all girl metal group LOVEBITES play Bloodstock Open Air this weekend. They may look adorable but this group are all fire and power, a force not to be messed with. Taking influences from bands such as IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST but adding a feminine and personal touch. Metal Temple photographer and writer Emily Coulter caught up with bassist Miho and drummer Haruna to discuss festival details and musical influences.

How are you finding BLOODSTOCK so far?

Haruna: Truly a heavy metal fun fair! We are so looking forward to playing.

Any bands you're hoping to catch today?

Miho: JUDAS PRIEST for sure.

You released your first album ''Awakening From Abyss'' last year, do you have any plans to write another album or will you be focusing more on EP's like you did with ''The Lovebites'' and ''Battle Against Damnation?"

Haruna: We're actually recording the new album currently, we're hoping to release the new album by the end of this year.

What inspires the lyrical content of your songs?

Haruna: Manga and experiences in life mostly.

What is the heavy music scene like in Japan right now?

Miho: Very small but we're hoping to be the leaders in making it a lot bigger and to a wider audience. Slowly but surely growing.

You won Best New Band in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods this year, are you hoping to win more awards in the future?

Haruna: There's only one chance to win best new band, we want to win every award we can get!

Your band name comes from a song title from the band HALESTORM, are you ladies big fans of the band?

Miho: Definitely we love those guys. The name actually came to us in band practice one time and it just stuck!

Who are LOVEBITES biggest inspirations?

Haruna: IRON MAIDEN is a huge inspiration to use but there are not many bands who are female fronted in that style so we wish to be the leaders in that.

What are LOVEBITES plans for 2018?

Miho: At the moment it's recording the new album and getting it promoted, hopefully we will be back touring in 2019.


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