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Hell Hofer (Bullet)

Interview with Hell Hofer from Bullet
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 09 December 2012, 2:23 PM

Rocking and drinking till the morning light, that is the name of the game, which is how you play it right, kicking it hard with vintage energies without looking back. That is pretty much of how the Swedish BULLET present themselves, as far as their albums are concerned. Coming in with the recent development called “Full Pull”, via Nuclear Blast Records, Tommy-Foxx talked with Hell Hofer, the band’s vocalist, about the new album, the band’s progress and the future. 

Hello Hell, how has it been going lately? What are you up to these days?

Hey! Everything is alright. After the recordings of the new album where finished we took some time off. In fact it was the longest break in 5 years. After the release of the album we  went on a two and a half week European tour and currently we are playing shows in Sweden during the weekends.

The new album is out now named "Full Pull", can you describe the work on the album?

The work on the new album has been quite different than on previous albums. We focused on writing the material without being disturbed by playing shows all the time. We brought in a producer for the first time and we recorded for 6 weeks which is shorter then before.

I felt that the "Full Pull" album is closer to the first album "Heading For The Top" by the atmosphere than your previous "Highway Pirates" with songs such as "Running Away" and  "All Fired Up”?

I’m glad you noticed. It was one of our visions when we wrote and recorded, to get the sound a bit rawer and back to basics

You also used some elements that you haven't used them before like more harmonies 
with the guitar parts like on your song "Warriors" and using some piano's part in your song like "Rolling Home", what led you to that decision?

I guess we were simply ready to try different stuff out a bit more. A lot of people think that the piano-part is all made up by the producer but we have ideas of our own as well.

What is the difference between "Full Pull" album than the rest of your albums?

I like the album still, even if it's been out a while. Full pull is the best record we've put out so far. There are no songs I would reconsider to end up on the album nor change any parts

After concerts how do you feel, and what are you love to do, I know that you are really  like your crowd and sometime you get down and drink with the crowd after your concert .Do you feel that you are one of a kind among the whole Swedish Hard Rock scene these days?

Most of the times I feel quite good and happy after a show. What can make me in a bad mood is major technical problems though. There are no doubts that we love our crowd but we have been worse at hanging out after the shows and drink all night with the fans. It's only because now we play longer shows later in the evening. The energy at that point has all run out. There are no bands around in my opinion in Sweden that do the same metal as we love and love to play.

What led you to the AC/DC style of music in the 2000's? How do you explain your success, after all making an AC/DC style is not easy and AC/DC got their big reputation in the end of 70's, 80's and the beginning of 90's.

It's impossible to write music that doesn't remind the listener of something that has already been created. It feels more clever to take influences from the most famous and best bands in the world then from the bad and unknown bands…

The song "Rolling Home"  is about your bus, as I heard, how does it taking a part in the band life? Do you have some gossip story that you can share that happened there?

The bus has become a second home. During some periods we have slept in there more than at our homes. What happens in the bus stays in the bus but I can tell you that all imaginable and unimaginable kinds of drugs and women have visited throughout the years…

Do you success to combine between your personal life to concerts around the world?

Absolutely. It's a common question… I think it's weirder that people can make their lives work while working 9-5. We often have more spare time overall to hang out then I guess most people have…

How is the album promotions going? How does the tour days going?

We are working really hard to reach out. If all the people we work with do the same we should get there eventually…

what are you doing whenever you don't perform or play music? Thank you so much for the Answers

I got three kids and I live in a house from the late 18th century so there are always one thousand things to do. After being at home for a week or so I always wanna get back on the road again.
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