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Helmuth (Belphegor)

Interview with Helmuth from Belphegor
by Elina Papadogianni at 13 January 2011, 6:01 PM

Due to the upcoming release of BELPHEGOR's "Blood Magick Necromance" we took the opportunity to interview the band's frontman Helmuth and see how he feels about unleashing yet another hellish creation for the fans of the black and sadistic side of metal.

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First of all I have to say I’m a big fan and I’m very happy to see that as a band your music quality still remains top notch. And after “Blood Magick Necromance”, I now consider Belphegor as a guarantee in delivering pure hell through their songs.

Thanks a bunch, totally appreciated over here. You know we always deliver our best, in whatever frequency - stronger, tighter, louder. I think BELPHEGOR have so much to give to the true Demons worldwide! On “Blood Magick Necromance” there are a lot of new elements and structures added, to explore our chaos sound and take it to the next level,more shredding, more magick, more of everything. “Blood Magick Necromance”, is a very dangerous and magnificent BELPHEGOR album. Exactly how we wanted to sound in 2011.

What is your main drive in writing music? Where does your inspiration come from?

We have seen everything, in every town and city worldwide… We take a lot of inspiration from our own experiences and always different texts, films, albums which shape our views and perspectives….!Of course our own sick selves are enough to draw from - our lives inspire so much.

One more thing I particularly like about BELPHEGOR is that what you do comes from true belief, you’re not pretending or think like ‘oh, this is shocking, let’s do it’, something that, at least for me, is very obvious in many other bands of this genre.

This is Anti-Life - Anti-God.

I know that you combine every BELPHEGOR album with a certain period of time in your life. What time of your life does “Blood Magick Necromance” reflect?

At the beginning there was the element of shock, mixed with wanting to annihilate so many of these earthly inhabitants. Mostly this phase is in the past.My life is fukked up enough, I drew a lot of inspiration from private issues from this new LP. The Album is channeled from these intense experiences, these deep and tearing feelings. My passion acted as the stimulus for the musick, my hate and possession in eight sound collages.

Also wanna mention the first track IN BLOOD - DEVOUR THIS SANCTITY. The chorus melody is inspired by the classical composer, JOHANNES BRAHMS "Hungarian Dance" # 1 (1833 - 1897).

What’s the meaning here behind the name of this album? “Bondage Goat Zombie” was about free will in life for example. What is it behind “Blood Magick Necromance”?

The most important thing to us is freedom as man on this Earth. Freedom to live, to love, to choose the path before you. It is up to you!

Decide for yourself. BELPHEGOR is more than musick, its apact! Strong enough to tell you we don't care, as we go on working our asses off for years for ourselves, and those who do! “Blood Magick Necromance” reveals a world of unsightly romance, necro… sadistic… insane devotion to the other dimensions of terror and Flesh. We put all of ourselves into this, as we always have.

Why are Belphegor songs so strongly connected to sexual references?

No passion, obsession, art or true magick can escape sexuality. Sure, Woman may be the root of Sin, and we bask in this!We adore the lechery of the weathered bitch, the unbroken maiden, the psykko sukkubus!In all her forms, BELPHEGOR exalts her!We are men, built for obliteration. Our songs both describe the violence and the devotion shown to the most adorned of our art.

How was it with working with Peter Tägtgren for the production? Will you continue in the future your cooperation?

It was time for a new challenge. We needed a new soundwall for BELPHEGOR to enter the next level, so we decided for the Abyss Studios in Sweden with producer Peter Tägtgren. We recorded five weeks, devided in 4 sessions, so everything could grow and you get the best result. Its always a pleasure to try something new, its important,achallenge u know,…or see our musick from another perspective though.

About future, who knows what will happen next. We are happy with what he has done and have remained inspired. I have no time to think about the next LP. This is no assembly line - when we record - we let you know!

And the artwork kicked ass once again. I read it has been inspired by Helmut Wolech and Joachim Luetke. Can you tell me a few words about the creation of this cover?

We worked hand in hand - despite the difficulties imposed by the distribution. We hate censorship. If it wasn't for some, the cover would have come to you in a different form - more suiting the original idea. In the end, like the cover and layout, we worked together to come up with the sikkest we could. Joachim and Helmut are both from Vienna. This city, and country have a long line of extreme artisits we pais homage to in both the video and the artwork.

What are the touring plans for 2011?

To touring nonstop, worldwide. Hope we also can return again in 2011, its stellar to march in in Greece and shred for the demons there, we visited Greece twice with our chaos sound. Last time we had a day off in Athens, amazing food and sightseeing, we entered the monumental Acropolis, didn’t expect that it is that huge and on the top of a mountain. Imagine back then how many people died to created/ found this buildings/ sculptures etc. amazing; a lot good memories stuck in my head.

In every show towards the end it is standard procedure to wear your spiked mask. What does that represent?

Of course, when we finish with the song BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE - this mask takes its own life. If the crowd is right and all is pointing towards its appearance, I will take on the heavy leather hood as I shred your faces off. Do not become too comfortable with this display - there is always more to come!

Let’s say that you can have an infinite budget and all kinds of visual effects available, what would you do in your next video clip?

Haaaarhar… what? A violent sadistic orgy in the ruins of Dracula's Castle. Fog, strobes, blood, total Hell on Earth.Flesh in every shot, necro lust and ultimate sacrilege. Like Gille de Rais and his Choir, lost in the folds of unhindered flesh!Anyways, the musick always comes first and dominates everything.

Thank you very much for your time, I leave the last words to you for the Metal Temple readers.

Thanks Elina, for the space in Metal Temple Magazine. Regards to ya readership and all demons who stuck with us, who just got into the band, or who came to the shows, see ya all on the road. An honour this horror!

- Visit Belphegor's official website.


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