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Henkka Blacksmith (Children of Bodom)

Interview with Henkka Blacksmith from Children of Bodom
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 08 June 2019, 5:51 AM

CHILDREN OF BODOM recently released their new album, "Hexed." Metal Temple writer Justin Wittenmeier was fortunate enough to catch up with bassist Henkka Blacksmith to talk about the album, and how fortunate their feel to be able to make a career out of their music for close to 25 years.

It seems like the new album, “Hexed,” is being well received with great reviews.

Hennka:  Yeah! It is great!

How would you rank “Hexed,” among your albums?

Hennka:  Hmm…I don’t know just yet.  When you make an album, you always think the same: it is your best album yet.  But then, you know, you have to give it some time and you can look back and really judge it.  But I’m really happy it is getting better reviews than the previous album we had (I Worship Chaos).

It was a good album though, I’m not sure where the negative reviews were coming from.  Speaking of which, Alexi did all the guitars for that record but with “Hexed,” you had a second guitarist in Daniel Freyberg.

Hennka:  I think it was a burden, so to speak, off of Alexi.  Playing guitar by himself doesn’t affect the results of the record or his playing but, of course, it is a bit easier on him to have that second player.

Was he able to help with song writings or did he come in to late with the recording of “Hexed?”

Hennka: He was definitely a help, as we could practice with two guitar players.  Also, from the fresh perspective of being new, it was nice to get his opinion on things.   You don’t want to get into a situation were everyone in the band thinks the same thing necessarily so a fresh outlook is always good.

From a fan perspective, it seems like it might be frustrating to the band to have to get yet another rhythm guitar player.  Is it really that way or is just part of being in a band, to sometimes have to replace someone?

Hennka: No…it really is frustrating! (laughs)    But it was of course so nice to get him on board.  We have been doing this for 25 years so it was good to have him as he sees things so different sometimes from the rest of us.  He also has some incredible enthusiasm so that is good for us.  Really boosts us up.

So once "Something Wild" was released did the band ever think they would make it this far, 25 years later?

Hennka: No…it didn’t even cross our minds we would still be doing this.  But it has been incredible and we are so grateful.

Finland has so many Metal bands…do you feel like COB is one of the bands responsible for this every growing legacy?

Hennka: We are one of the biggest bands from Finland, and we feel like we are part of the legacy in some way.  But it is hard to say how many bands we may have influenced.  But yeah, we are definitely glad we have been part of this scene for a long time.   Metal is very visible in Finland, almost mainstream in a way.

A lot of people feel like Metal has to stay underground but I don’t feel that way I think it should have an opportunity to get as many fans possible.

Hennka:  Yeah we are happy our band can do it for a living but you also don’t want to compromise the music.  That is the perfect situation, to make a living while still playing the style you want.  We feel very grateful to be able to do this.


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