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Iliana Tsakiraki (Enemy Of Reality)

Interview with Iliana Tsakiraki from Enemy of Reality
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 22 May 2015, 4:45 PM

ENEMY OF REALITY is an increasingly-popular Symphonic Metal band from Greece, having recently played at notable festivals and having famous musicians featured on their recent album: Ailyn Giménez (SIRENIA), Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), Androniki Skoula (CHAOSTAR), and Maxi Nil (JADED STAR, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS). Katarzyna Zakolska interviewed their talented singer, Iliana, about "Rejected Gods", the upcoming show supporting LEAVES EYES and Metal politics and bureaucracy.

Hello dear Iliana, how are you today? Thank you very much for the time to this interview for Metal Temple.

Hello dear! I’m very well, thanks a lot for the chance to do this interview.

Now let's talk about your new album ”Rejected Gods” which was released on June 2014. Did You put a lot of effort into this album? How you can describe work over this album? Can you share your favoured or funny moments of the album’s making?

I’m very happy with our debut album and it makes me even happier to receive lots of positive feedback from people with different musical backgrounds. It certainly does require a lot of effort to get out an album, especially when you are an underground band and you need to have a good plan and contribution from all members. There have been many hillarious moments and this has also brought us closer to each other. Some of the funnier moments were when all the guys got in the studio to record the choir parts and another instance when we got together to listen to the pre-production, got drunk as hell.. after that we couln’t stop laughing and almost couldn’t walk to get back home.

I have listened your album and i really love it. You playing symphonic metal, with a few influences of progressive metal. What topics are the most important for you to describe in lyrics? What are your main influences as a vocalist?

We are all quite open-minded and get inspired by various elements when composing music and lyrics. In some instances, music was inspired by the general concept of the lyrics, while in other instances it was done the other way around. Our lyrics do not refer to one subject only, but they may derive from a wide range of subjects, from classic mythology to simple facts of real life with deep and beautiful meanings. In our debut album, we included both of the above and chose a popular Greek Myth that has also been performed in theater and opera worldwide, however explored from a different angle.

My inspiration when writing my vocal lines comes from the vibe and the feeling of the music itself. Also, depending on the song I may choose to use my studies and knowledge on classical music.

On your fresh album "Rejected Gods” are features guest performances by Ailyn Giménez (Sirenia), Mike LePond (Symphony X), Androniki Skoula (Chaostar), Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex-Visions of Atlantis). How was the collaboration and did you have fun during working together?

It’s a great honor that such talented and famous musicians accepted to join us in the recordings. I’m pretty sure that they would not agree to participate if they didn’t like the material. It was a dream come true for all of us.

You have confirmed show as main support to Leaves Eyes at United Kingdom at The Dames of Darkness Festival on 10th May 2015. Are you looking forward on Your performance on this festival? Do you prepare special surprise for your fans?

We couldn’t be happier about this and we can’t wait to get there. I cannot reveal any surprises yet, but you can find out there. Pre-sales have already started!

You have played on Μetal Female Voices Fest XII that takes place in October in Belgium and features major female-fronted bands, such as Therion, Xandria, Sirenia, Draconian, Stream of Passion, Diabulus in Musica. How are your memories from this festival? Please tell something more about your collaboration with Ailyn from Sirenia at MFVF.
MFVF is one of the best things have happened to me. I can’t descibe with words my experience and I am very glad for being a part of it. With Aylin we collaborated on stage last October, for the project MFVF United. It was a song of her choice and one of the most favored for that night.

Did You met any special fans or members of bands on Μetal Female Voices Fest XII in October in Belgium?

Every person that we meet is special for us, because they show us lots of love and appreciation about our work. This always means a lot for us.

You have fantastic and beautiful Lyric soprano vocal. It is result of many years learning, you started learning the piano at the age of 5 and singing at the age of 11. You are currently in the middle of yours exams in singing and exams for her piano degree. At the age of 12 you  studied the drums for a year,  at the age of 13 you started classical singing along with the learning of the traditional Cretan lyre and now you are front woman in Enemy Of Reality and you were a member in band Medan Agan, now you also cooperate with Septic Flesh . This is just amazing how talented you are and how many goals you have reached in your young age.

Thank you for your kind words. It is true that last June I completed my diploma in classical singing and now I work as a vocal tutor. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to passion. And music is my passion. What is necessary is patience and persistence. And always keep trying for the best.

From where is name of band Enemy Of Reality? Is there any history connected with it?

The band name was my idea, but was also discussed extensively with the rest of the band. With the name “Enemy of Reality”, we are trying to make reference to the real world and the impact our actions have upon it. Of course, life is not fair, but this does not mean people have to accept this reality and not try to change it for the better, even though sometimes they themselves are their own worst enemy and make the wrong choices.

In your opinion how is music scene in Greece?

The Greek Metal Scene is at a very high level at the moment. As the years go by,more and more bands make their way out to wider audiences, the new releases are more and more professional.

Do you like to meet with your fans after concerts, talking with them and giving autographs?

Of course! It’s very nice to meet more and more people that have come to see you perform. They deserve to get to know you, since they showed you their appreciation by coming to see you live, and not just listening to your songs on  youtube. It’s sad that sometimes because of traveling for the concert I have no more energy or time, to give to everyone. Signing sessions are also a good solution but that depends on the festival’s schedule.

Do you have any particular or special memories from the shows that you have been playing with Enemy Of Reality?

All the moments that we live with the guys in the band before a show are special,I can't really pick out any. We're facing many situations with humor, we like to laugh and we connect on that area as well, so there have been many funny situations before or after a live performance.

How do you see the female-fronted metal scene today? It is certainly different than it was back when you were just starting out.

It 's a bit different as we meet more women in bands singing brutal vocals and growls more often than before. This is very positive in my opinion. Another aspect that has changed in music in general (so it 's affecting the female fronted scene as well) is the situation with the labels, the promotion of the band, etc., things are a bit wilder and more difficult. Personally I don't think that it's just because of the labels and the financial crisis, but the human nature in general, that can do anything for money and profit. So the bands aren't financed the way they should,the contracts nowadays are always one-sided and sometimes the situation with the live/tour promoters and bookers as well is a bit strange.

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you live on stage one day. Do you have any special wish to send greetings to anyone or tell something to the readers of Metal Temple?

I just want to give my best wishes for 2015 to everyone! Keep trying to achieve your goals, no matter what the obstacles are.


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