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INFINITA SYMPHONIA's Micioni: "I always choose musicians that I admire, who are such an inspiration...and it’s always a big pleasure and honor to duet with them, it’s probably one of the most exciting aspects of my work..."

Interview with Luca Micioni from Infinita Symphonia
by Kevin Burke at 18 January 2019, 4:44 PM

The Italian progressive-powerhouse INFINITA SYMPHONIA return with eleven-tracks of symphonic goodness in “Liberation”.  This release and, only their third long-player lives up to the expectations already garnished from previous offerings. Frontman Luca Micioni took time out to give Metal Temple's Kevin Burke a further insight into the band, the writing process and where Metal is heading. 

I would like to start by congratulating you and the rest of INFINITA SYMPHONIA on the release of “Liberation”, Is the title of the album a statement of intent by the band? as you guys are following your own direction and not trying to fit Into a niche and carving your own sound?
Thank you so much,I’m proud that you liked it!..Of course this is one of the meanings: we always play and create the music that express ourselves, absolutely free from any label, but LIBERATION also represents the hope that every single person can start to think by his own,  free of undue influence
Italy is a country steeped in metal bands, did INFINITA SYMPHONIA struggle to be heard early on in such a vast field of bands?
Absolutely not! We love and respect the great Italian metal bands and  as I just said we compose play and share our music trying to be personal and hoping you all like it, so I don’t think It have to be a struggle…there is space enough for every one
The tracks on “Liberarion” sound extremely well honed, did they become part of your live show before you entered the studio to record them?
We’ve had five years to be well prepared :) The truth is we decided to record the album only when we were inspired and that’s the only way we can imagine to enjoy the incredible  experience of recording an album, it have a pleasure and you have to be sure of what you want to comunicate
How did the idea of guest musicians such as Blaze Bayley come about on Liberation? And was it difficult to put together?
I always choose musicians that I admire, who are such an inspiration (Blaze Bayley of course is one of them!) and it’s always a big pleasure and honor to duet with them, it’s probably one of the most exciting aspects of my work.
Unfortunately not all of my idols  are in our albums, but I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of them, and It’s been amazing… a special thank goes to Ralf Scheepers, a great singer but a man even greater
The song “Be Wise or Be Fool” is a personal favorite of mine, I especially love the opening, which comes first when constructing a track such as this? Are the lyrics built around the music or vice versa?
In this particular case we had the music and the lyrics and they fitted very well, both words and music seemed to have the same intention. But there are no formal rules, sometimes you hear the music and suddenly you think to something and write it other cases you have something to tell and than create the music to express it…
From your experience, what for metal bands is more important at present, power or melody? Or do you feel what INFINITA SYMPHONIA demonstrate in sound the direction of where Metal is heading?
OMG ! What a big question! I barely know where I am heading and you are asking about all Metal!? :) Seriously I think metal is a very vast World and I don’t think it will go in a unique direction, and I hope so because I really love musicians and music very different from mine! Concerning to power and melody …what can I say if not : both of them!
Finally have INFINITA SYMPHONIA already started on new music for their next release?
We are totally enjoying the present moment so we are totally concentrated on Liberation
Thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to share with us today, I wish you all the best and further success for INFINITA SYMPHONIA
Thank you very much for asking and…. fingers crossed!


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