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Interview - Aad Kloosterwaard (Sinister)

Interview with Aad Kloosterwaard from Sinister
by Daniel Fox at 14 August 2014, 12:09 PM

Since the past five years it would seem that the Dutch SINISTER, one of the early juggernauts of Death Metal presenting the classic Death Metal definitiveness of the early 90’s, has been though twists and turns with its lineup. However, Aad Kloosterwaard, lead vocals, is a survivor and he won’t let his band go to waste thus fighting for its survival. Daniel Fox talked to Aad about the band’s new album through Massacre Records“The Post-Apocalyptic Servant”, and about the band and music.

Greetings, Aad; I'm glad that Metal Temple is able to get in touch with you once again. Just over a week ago we saw the release of "The Post-Apocalyptic Servant". How do you think this album compares to the rest of SINISTER's discography?

I think that this record is more aggressive and intense then all the records we did before.

I was rather pleasantly surprised with the cover tracks I found on the new album. What's behind those choices?

This are all covers from bands that we like.. Only it's not easy to pick out 3 songs we always have at least 10 tracks that we like to do hahaha.

You are now the longest-standing member in the band's current line-up; do you feel as if you have a different perspective within the band compared to the others who all essentially joined in 2011?

In Sinister we work as a crew so all members can say what they think about the stuff what is going on. Maybe by me it's a bit different of course but it's not strange after more than 25 years in this killer band.

Going over the back catalogue, I'm noticing changes in the band's sound; some more significant. How much of an influence do you think that the band's great amount of line-up changes has on its sound over time?

When you have so many new members in the band it's normal that the sound will be a bit different… but I think it’s not too much. Bastiaan is the one how is creating the new sinister music and he has a different view on creating death metal than some old members. But what I said I think we still sound like Sinister… only more brutal than in the past and I like that.

I adore the track "The End of All That Conquers" from the new album. Do I hear some Deicide influence in there?

Haha that is possible… I know that Bastiaan loves this band… so that will be the reason maybe. But Sinister don’t need to listen to other bands for inspiration… we do our own thing that is also the reason why we have our own sound that nobody has… and I am proud of that.

Which bands could you name are important influences on SINISTER's music?

Not really one band because what I said already we do our own thing… but when I have to name a few than it will be… Suffocation, Deicide and more from this old school death metal bands.

What about yourself, as a vocalist?

Really like to vocals from Suffocation but also Paul Kuhr from Novembers Doom is killer but then I was talking about his low end vocals.

I can place SINISTER with a small number of long-running death metal bands that don't stagnate; how do you feel about the current death metal scene, and where do you see the band in it?

I have no idea man and I don’t care .. We with Sinister do our best to make killer records and playing good live shows. From here we hope to do more cool stuff in the future.

Naturally you'll be wanting to promote the new album. I know the difficulty that extensive and long tours can impose; what does the band have planned for live shows this year?

Playing live show and many as possible all over the globe… more we cannot do.

Thank you for answering to us once again, and a personal thank you to SINISTER for being one of 3 bands this year that has reignited my love for extreme metal. What last words would you like to leave?

Thanks man for your nice words about Sinister and hope to see all fans soon by one of our live shows.


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