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Interview - Amine Andalous O. (Deathronic)

Interview with Amine Andalous O. from Deathronic
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 11 March 2014, 2:41 PM

DEATHRONIC, the brainchild of Amine Andalous, might be the upcoming profound natural progression of Doom / Death / Gothic Metal. Relaying on the profound past at his disposal, Andalous created interest with the project’s latest release, “Duality Chaos”, via Mighty Music. Steinmetal talked with Amine regarding the project’s statue, perceptions of songs and music and more…

Hello Amine, how have you been doing? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

You’re welcome and thanks to Metal Temple for the interest

It has been nearly three years since you ignited the DEATHRONIC project on your own. It would be interesting to know why did you chose pursue upon following this path on your own from the early stages of the project?

I composed a couple of tracks a few years ago, and wanted to release those songs through an album. Being a One Man Band Project, is in relation with my professional constraints (I have a full time job)… I can’t be available for a traditional band structure (being available several months for touring for example).

What made you form DEATHRONIC in the first place?

I have many influences spanning over various Metal periods, from Old School heavy Metal, to 90’s Death Metal, Modern Black Metal, etc. With DEATHRONIC, I wanted to express my seamless view of Metal, where all the styles are permitted…

Why calling it DEATHRONIC?

The name “Deathronic” is, first of all, an homage to Chuck Schuldiner, an artist who influenced several generations with his masterpiece project « Death ». The other part of the name refers to my electronic music influences, which I wanted to introduce into my compositions.

Recently you signed with Mighty Music for the release of your debut EP, “Duality Chaos”. Right from the get go I sensed your passion towards inner emotions thus the music turned out to be more Gothic oriented than your average Death Metal outputs. Furthermore there was the fine Symphonic venture that you implanted within your rhythms. Do you agree with that assumption? Please elaborate.

In general, I try to give each composition its own character. The track Bloody Lust for example, has a heavy metal influence while Kalila Wa Dimna is more symphonic. I also experiment clean vocals in the track Anno 1423 which can be considered more gothic or doom. I really wanted to experiment my open minded view of composing, without focusing on any one specific current…

Such an interesting title is “Duality Chaos”, what is it about?

The idea behind “duality Chaos” is to denounce how humans are still, today, bestial beings. The unending conflicts and wars are a perfect example of this. Mankind continues to kill for irrational reasons. I think that the origin of that violence is the internal duality of human beings (the struggle between Good and Evil). Many of the worst atrocities are perpetrated in the name of subjective notions of good or bad… A duality that gives birth to chaos… I recently saw the Syrian river of death, and the unsupportable choking images of that bloody war, killed children… that violence cycle is still the cancer of Humanity… and this is not the progress! We have to “deconstruct” that notion of progress!

If found the song “Anno 1423” to be one of your prolific creations. It made me do a research to all the happenings that went on in that cursive year, plenty of death I might add. Lyrically it is amazing and both catchy in the same time. Musically, it is one of the greatest Doom Metal examples I have heard in a while. How do you find this song personally?

Thank you… Well, Regarding Anno 1423, musically, I tried something quite different compared with the Symphonic black Metal or Death Metal  feel that’s present on the other songs.  Also, I wanted to experiment a clean voice on one of my songs. That took me a while, to work my clean voice.

Were you directing this song to a specific event that happened that year?

Yes, a personal event in my family… Anno 1423 is actually referring to the “hijri” lunar calendar which correspond to 2002. All I can say is that, in life, sometimes, we have to face the unexpected and we must keep hope!

Is “Duality Chaos” a prelude to something great that is about to hit?

I started to work on the next album, which, I hope, will be a full length album… And I will take the necessary time to release it.

Please share a few moments of the recording process. How much time did it take you to complete the whole instrumentation / Vocals and other features?

After working at home on the orchestration and synthetic parts, the recording of “Duality Chaos” took place in late 2011 at the Parlour Studios, in Kettering, UK. It was produced by Neil Haynes. Everything went as planned except the vocals. They were planned to be recorded with the whole album, but finally because of lack of time, I recorded the vocals later (march 2012) in Berlin (Audio sound Art studio). Vocals’ recording was engineered by Laurentx Etxemendi (former Gojira live sound engineer). "Duality Chaos" was mixed & mastered in April 2012 by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman. It was a rewarding experience working with these geniuses…

Will there be an actual DEATHRONIC lineup in the near future? Will this project ever go live?

I have a new band project and am currently rehearsing with one of my friends. We plan occasional live shows during which we could play, may be, Deathronic’s Songs…

Amine, I wish to thank you for your time and effort for this interview. I wish you the best of the luck with this venture and hope for the best. Any last words for the readers?

 I would to thank “Metal Temple” Webzine for supporting emerging projects… 


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