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Interview - Amok (Onheil)

Interview with Amok from Onheil
by Jessica Howkins at 17 October 2014, 10:37 AM

Onheil has recently released their latest album "Storm is Coming", so  Jessica Howkins, of our UK team has gotten together with Amok, to get all the details. 

First of all, thank you Amok for taking the time out of your day to answer a few questions on behalf of the band Onheil, how are you doing?

You're welcome. Thank you for this interview and your positive words about our new album. I'm doing quite well. A lot of stuff going on for ONHEIL at the moment as 'Storm Is Coming' just got released a few days ago. This is my third interview in two days and we are setting up the first live shows. Also some website and video stuff coming up.

I just want to say congratulations on the new upcoming record “Storm Is Coming” – It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of art. What are your plans for afterwards in terms of promoting the album?

Thanks again for the compliment. It's great to know that there are people out there that enjoy our music so much. Sometimes it's unbelievable even.

First there will be a few more music videos we will unleash. After that we want to play as much live as we can, in every country that wants to have us. So far we have done over 50 shows but never really took the time to arrange gigs ourselves or work with a professional show booker company. We just always get gigs offered to us. Now that we are a well-experienced metal machine we want to change that! Play live a lot more!

The fans and the music press obviously have their opinions on your work, but, how is “Storm Is Coming” for you right now?

I'm actually the most critical person in the world about ONHEIL. There are always things I don't like about our releases or that could have been better. The responses to our last album 'Razor' were amazing. The reviews were overwhelming, a lot of high rating and compliments, the fans liked it but I hated the album. I took me over a year until I could listen to it again myself. I just heard so many things that could have been better.

But I must say, for 'Storm Is Coming' this is totally different. I'm still very happy with the album and actually listen to it myself sometimes. The sound is clear but a bit raw. There is power and aggression in our sound but the melodies give it a great atmosphere too. We never before played our instruments this well and the song themselves I enjoy very much. Overall it gives me a great, mighty feeling when listening to the album and that's what I wanted!

I know Onheil would love to play the likes of Bloodstock Festival etc. but if you had to pick anywhere in the world to play, where would it be? I think Wacken Open Air would be my personal pick!

Wacken would be cool as it's huge. So yeah for ONHEIL as a band we definitely would like to play there. Ten thousands of people is amazing of course. Personally I'm not sure if it's first on the list. I have been to Wacken myself in the past as a visitor between 2003 and 2008 I think. Great times and party all night! We even discussed our record deal with CYCLONE EMPIRE there for the first time.  But as a visitor I think it it slowly became a bit too big, commercial and lost it's original Heavy Metal atmosphere. But that's just a personal opinion. If the people of Wacken want to see us, we will come at play and bring the old feeling back!
I would personally choose a festival that would be at a unusual location. Like Rock Hard in Germany which is held at a amphitheatre or maybe one of the festivals on a cruise ship. That would see like a special experience! Also in Germany you have these festivals that are more in the woods. Seems like a cool location to me too. But a filthy torn down building sounds perfect too! And yeah, Bloodstock would be cool too. Heard good things about it and we never played in the UK before.

Having listened to the rest of the works of Onheil before hearing “Storm Is Coming” it is obvious that you have pushed yourself even further, is there anything you wish could have gone differently for “Storm Is Coming”?

With 'Storm Is Coming' we indeed came closest to what we want ONHEIL to sound like. As I said before, I'm a very critical person so there are always things to improve. The general sound could have been even more massive and powerful for example. It's very good as it is, so we are not complaining at all, but it's something we want to get even better next time around. Besides that the guitars have been played and recorded on such a perfect level that it losses a bit of it's spontaneity. I definitely want to bring slightly more live feeling to the next album. But overall we are extremely happy with the album. The songs turned out great and the sounds is very good. We took another huge step there. 15 years ago I never thought in a million years we could pull this off. Haha

You all seem like a very humble band in previous conversations, talking about how world domination as a band does not matter as long as you’re playing the music you love. However, if you was going for world domination musically, how would you do it?

I'm not sure if we are humble. We are confident and believe that we are doing good things. Our focus is just not on achieving any form of status but on creating musical quality and playing cool shows. If we become the almighty world-wide rulers of the true metal cult, that's cool. If we don't that's also fine. As long as we are content with the music we create. And we are also realistic. There are hundreds of thousands of metal bands out there, hard to stand out from the crowd you know.

But if we would go for it we would force everybody to buy our albums or else we throw a nuclear bomb on their heads!! Haha, fuck I don't know. The way we perceive our music and band doesn't mean we don't work hard. On the contrary, we work our asses off and push ONHEIL as far at we can take it! These last weeks I'm actually temporary working on ONHEIL full-time, there is so much to do. But the music always comes first.

Obviously for music artists, it’s rewarding for good things to come out of your career such as labels wanting to sign you up, releasing albums, playing shows – if you could pick one thing, what is it that you’re most proud of achieving in your entire career as Onheil?

I hate questions were I have to pick just one thing hehe. ONHEIL exists for almost 15 years now and we did sooo many things. Getting the record deal indeed is of course a big compliment, playing festivals of almost 10.000 people is great too. Getting great reviews with maximum ratings is amazing but also some of the artwork, animations and music videos are things that I personally created and that I'm really proud off. And getting messages from metal heads world-wide saying that they love your album… amazing too. Throughout Europe, USA, South-America, Russia, Israel, even Egypt and Japan. The OMEGA LEGIONS are everywhere!

But if I have to pick something it would be our albums and demo's. Ok, maybe not the very first demo as the quality is crap haha. But of all the other releases I'm really proud. Each one has it's own sound and every song is good. And it remains my personal favourite reason to make music, creating songs!

You guys have played with some of the biggest names in Metal such as Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Entombed, Watain, Mayhem and many more but if you could pick one band to play with, your dream band, who would it be?

Aaargg, again only one pick haha. There are so many bands we like. Not to sound arrogant but a “Big” name on the bill doesn't make a show extra special. They are just people like you and me. The crowd is the thing that makes the difference! If they really get into the show with us we can truly get a mighty and energetic state…. if the crowd is not responding, the show is crap. But luckily we don't have that any more. The energy is always flowing these last years!

We don't care about rock star attitudes and also don't take pictures with other bands or stuff like that. It was cool to meet Atilla from MAYHEM though. Not because he is from MAYHEM, he was just a cool guy and we had an interesting talk.

Although impossible, DISSECTION, would have been a band I would like to play with, and bands like NECROPHOBIC and NAGLFAR. CARCASS, AT THE GATES, DARK TRANQUILLITY, EMPEROR also pop to my mind. And IN FLAMES if they still would be a metal band. Looking at even bigger bands my personal favourite bands would be KREATOR, IRON MAIDEN OR MEGADETH. But if I have to pick one… JUDAS PRIEST. Just because their music is great!

What are your plans for touring next? Any hope of you guys spreading your wings a little further this time round?

No concrete plans yet. We are currently talking to the first venues and festivals, mostly in The Netherlands and Germany. This and next week we are going to contact some people to set up more shows, maybe even tours… who knows. Like I said. We did not push the live show part that much before but we will do it this time. 'Storm Is Coming' deserves it! We did do some mini-tours of a 2 or 3 days and got some offers. But a lot of times the conditions are not good. Touring is expensive and when it's with a band like SIX FEET UNDER or GORGOROTH it doesn't make that much sense as the bands are musically very different. Cool bands but we are not sure their fans would like ONHEIL. So we will see!

Once again, thank you for taking the time out to talk to me, good luck for the future – I hope to be seeing you in the UK at some point soon! “Storm Is Coming” is the best album of 2014 for me, so, well done on making one stunning masterpiece!

Thanks again! We definitely want to go over to the UK and play a show for you all. 


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