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Interview - Andreas Dorner (Caliban)

Interview with Andreas Dorner from Caliban
by David "Capt. Fury" Garlow at 01 May 2014, 7:07 PM

Metalcore has been like an infestation ever since the late 90’s, though powerful throughout the US, the German CALIBAN has been able to shape themselves as one of the leading bands of the genre with bombastic performances and bone breaking music. David Garlow talked with the band’s vocalist, Andreas Dorner, regarding the band’s new album “I Am Nemesis”, via Century Media, and more…

Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple Online Magazine. How are you?

Hey, there. I'm fine thanks!

Caliban has been around awhile now but the band has really pushed to stay new and fresh, especially with the last album and this one; with so many bands finding a sound and style then staying there, why do you push the way you do?

We always try to push us to the limit of what we can do, of what we are capable of! We grow as men and we grow as musicians. We're always looking for a better sound and the next "step"…

What did you learn from working with the “Killswitch” guys?

We barely worked with the "Killswitch" guys, it was just Adam D. who made a mix for us!!! He made a great job at the time, but I prefer the latest mixes…but it's a total different time now…

“Ghost Empire” takes another new twist yet I can hear elements of the KsE influence in parts, what separates this album from “I Am Nemesis”?

I think the influence of the record is more than 15 years of experience as a band, a lot of emotions, anger, hate and everything we listened to…the difference between "I am Nemesis" is the improved sound, the songwriting is more complex with more different music styles and my clean parts of course.

Last summer the band played China and a host of other major festivals around the world; can you talk about that experience?

China was a blast!!! Very interesting and almost like making holydays…we just played a few shows and had at least 4 day offs…so it was tourist time!!! It's a big privilege to have the opportunity to visit so many great places in the world and get the chance to play so many big festivals with thousands of people…It's always a pleasure, I'm grateful!

What will the fans see in the DVD footage?

They will learn about Caliban, how we Tour, what we are about!!! It's a documentary from our Festival Season in 2013…

You have grown from pure scream to actually singing on this one with amazing results, he also had some back-up vocalist help, what pushed the band or him in this new direction and was it an easy transition?

It's was not very easy and not very hard…I needed a little time to get used to the new "clean" way of singing, but after a while we had a good flow : )

The band goes out of its way to praise Klaus Scheuermann and Olman Viper; what did they bring out of you guys collectively that maybe no one else had done?

The whole team we had for "Ghost Empire" which includes Klaus S. and Olman V. worked perfectly together, all in consultation with Marc and Benny. They worked very hard on the guitar sound for each song…I was very impressed by that!!!

You have an artist, who also sang for a while, did some wild artwork for you; having only seen some of it can you talk about his work?

Christopher Lovell is a great artist and made a shirt design for us in the past…I love his details…When we get his ok, he got the title "Ghost Empire" and some topics and lyric ideas and then he started to create the cover construct for the album…It was very impressive seeing the artwork grow until it was finished!!!

The band is gearing up for more extensive touring for the album, what will fans see from you onstage?

We're working on a whole new stage set up…all in the style of the artwork of course…but I can't tell more at this point…you'll see shortly ; )

Lastly, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans out there?

I want to thank you for your interest and your time!!! Thanks for reading this and thanks for your support!!! I hope that you like "Ghost Empire" and I hope that we get the chance to come back to Israel someday…It's so long ago we had the chance to play a show in your Country…make it happen and get us there!!!
Take care, Andy.

Andy, I wish to thank you for this interview. Good luck with the new release.



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