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Interview - Anto Addabbo (Reality Grey)

Interview with Anto Addabbo from Reality Grey
by Aaron Price at 11 July 2014, 12:02 AM

Early in the month of April, REALITY GREY released a great Death Metal album “Define Redemption” that not enough people are checking out! I found myself lucky enough to get to talk to Anto the guitarist from the band about the new album, his story behind it, and his favorite Taylor Swift song!

Good afternoon Anto how are you?

Hello Aaron, I'm good thanks

That's great to hear, your band Reality Grey released a new album "Define Redemption" would you mind sharing some of the back story behind the album?

That’s a good question indeed, there's a bunch of back stories as the album has taken almost a year to get done. The reason is that we had a very bad experience with the  studio we had all the first recording session. So unprofessional that we had to take a decision to quit it done with that bullshit and go to our very safe place which is Golem Dungeon Studio (where all our releases were recorded). We had to re-record almost 90% of the album in 1 month. You can tell that was a serious challenge for us, we were very upset , and i guess you can feel it on the songs, literally. Giuseppe Dentamaro, our sound engineer at Golem Dungeon Studio has all the credits for making "Define Redemption" so powerful and clean, we are very proud of it

Where would you say your inspirations lie both in the way you play alone and with your band?

well inspiration for me usually works when I’m alone, practicing guitar, listen to some music. It's a very weird process can't really tell how it works for me. Just a few times I had an inspiration at rehearsals, you know, to come up with a cool riff that fill right in there where something was missing. But it's pretty safe to say that I like to work alone and be focused on what I’m playing, in the rehearsal room sometimes can get really messy lol

Haha I understand, with the album did you or do you know with the other members if any big or small ideas were pulled from any other bands or any other albums in particular?

We all come from different metal backgrounds and it's not easy to put all this influences together. I like to say that everything always comes from something else. We always wanted to make good music, extreme yet catchy and recognizable. There are a plenty of very good bands out there that we take inspiration from but probably sharing the stage with Unearth has inspired us a lot.

Sharing the stage with Unearth eh? That's a big deal, being one if the larger extreme bands right now. What was that whole experience like for you?

Those guys are razors sharp, a real machine. I've never seen a show so powerful, and so clean, masters. Really down to earth dudes, they really want to entertain and have fun.  A tour with them would be so cool.

Well I wish you luck with I don't see why they shouldn't want to tour with you all too! Well Anto, is there anything else you'd like to share with the universe? Tour dates, announcements, maybe your favourite Taylor Swift song?

Thanks Aaron, glad for the chat ! An European tour will be announced soon, so please keep following us on our Fb page for all the updates at Also check our brand new official video "Define Redemption" , just google it or search on YouTube Thanks for the support from all over the world, it makes us very proud! Ah by the way , best Taylor Swift song is "We are never getting back together" of course, ROCK ON!

Haha thank you very much for your time Anto, and congrats on an awesome album!

No problem Aaron , my pleasure, glad you like our work, WE thank you!


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