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Interview - Brendan Harvey (Jackson Firebird)

Interview with Brendan Harvey from Jackson Firebird
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 May 2014, 10:08 PM

JACKSON FIREBIRD really surprised, though being a part of a large assault of Vintage Rock N’ Roll shredding the streets nowadays. Their spiritual music, sticking to the basics of Rock, sounds so lively, vast and captivating. Celebrating their new album “Cock Rockin’”, a piece of wickedness, Steinmetal talked to Brendan Harvey about the new stuff, the band and more…

Cheers Brendan, how have you been? Thanks a lot for taking the time to zone in this interview for Metal Temple.

Hey guys thanks for tracking me down.

First of all, since you two guys of Jackson Firebird, are somewhat new to the Rock N’ Roll jive, please introduce yourselves to the world.

Ha.. My name is Harvey l play guitar in a two piece dirty rock outfit with my brother in-law Dale ( yes he married my sister #@##* ) called Jackson Firebird we have been dripping sweat on stages all over world  for the past 7 years. We started out as two dudes swigging beer and jamming tracks that we dug in a bakery in our home town of Mildura, Australia.

Though you guys being Aussie, I first thought about AC/DC but on the other hand, contemplating on your musical essence, I gathered that you are much wilder and out there on the high, rallying out mostly the old American spirit of Rock N’ Roll, conjuring the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s to your bullet belts. Do you perceive your music in the same way? What is your intake on that?

Cheers, our music is just from the heart we have always been into rock in all forms from heavy to old school rock, Australian to American rock we just dig good vibe tunes I personally grew up listening to The Easybeats, Master Apprentice’s, Steve Earle through to Pantera and good old Southern American rock too many to mention. But in playing rock I love the stripped backed airy riffage and a big strong beat… That’s what makes me groove.

What is so fascinating in Vintage Rock music that makes you tick?

Good Vibes and the sound of a great analog record. The sound of a guitar running strait into a big old valve amp is the best. I feel a lot of this is missing in music today.

Have you ever felt a part of the growing wave of Vintage Rock revival that has been consuming the world in a slow rate? What do you think about this sort of revival?

Personally I think its wicked we grew up in a small town in the middle of no were. Once we got out on the road and found other rocker kickin good old rock n roll out it was awesome

I would like to congratulate you on your new release, “Cock Rockin’”, via Napalm Records. How do you feel about the release, seeing it up and about throughout the world? What have been the reactions to it?

Thanks. Yeah it’s been great working with Napalm on this release we are stoked to see it out in Europe and making it way around this planet. We have been lucky enough to get really good reviews on the album so far and a lot of exposure with it. I don’t think you could ask for more.

What is with that chosen title to the album? What is behind it?

The album is Cock Rockin it’s also the first song on the album. There is no rocket science behind this title we are not out to send a message with our music, it’s like that saying “rock out with ya cock out” to me pretty much is just putting it all out there and going the hardest you can (pardon the pun) but in a JF show that’s what’s going to be dished up! Full throttle balls and all Rock n Roll.

Following your song on “Cock Rockin’”, there is a full load of attacking attitude, full blown blue collar smack in the face Rock N’ Roll, what are you guys so furious about?

Hahaha wow didn’t realize that we sound furious raaaa.. We just like playing rock and it’s gotta have attitude or maybe it’s just because there is so much shit out there on the airwaves.

What can you tell on the songwriting process of the songs?

Song writing evolves in many ways for JF it could be a riff or a melody first but a lot of the time we jam on ideas and what is fun, challenging and enjoyable to play it usually sticks and becomes a track. I have always thought that if it’s fun to play live that’s the way it should be we like to challenge our self’s on stage without playing each other say with speed or timing which never makes for a dull moment. I would hate to be in a band that just runs through the motions.

Which of the tunes made you feel alive than others on the list? Which of the tracks made you feel that you are the king of the world? Please elaborate.

They all sit well with me there are a lot of different sounds and styles going on in the tracks and l learnt a lot recording this album. Tracks like Rock Solid is just one take as you can hear Mick Wordly on the desk say “when you’re ready” we really tried to grab this album on live takes obviously there are track we worked on after the bones were laid down but it was a fun album to make. Tracks like Sweat Eloise and Quan Dang were put down later in the sessions and it was cool to see how our sound was evolving throughout the record. That was a rad feeling.

Earlier I mentioned that you released “Cock Rockin’” via Napalm Records. What can you tell of how you were spotted by the label, which is usually a Metal label per se?

Yeah I was well aware of Napalm Records for a long time and I had a big metal time in my life l believe they were checking out some Aussie rock and they came across us and touched base to see where we were at, 2013 we showcased at SXSW and caught up with a NP rep and now the rest is history.

What surprises are in store for the Rock fans out there upon your arrival to their home town for some kick ass?

Adrenaline Fuelled Dirty Sweaty High Octane Rock n Roll Show

Any scheduled support shows for the new release? Perhaps a tour or festival appearance?

We just finished a 19 date Tour with Scorpion Child and Horisont throughout Europe which was well received so hopefully we will be back soon come Festival time. Until then our next stop is Brazil on the 14th  of  May for a run of Festivals.

Here is something general. It is has been known that music industry is hard into social networks for means of promotion and distribution of bands. What do you think of this promotional evolution? Does it really help?

Yeah sure as JF come from a small town in a very remote area it was a way for us to reach out to other of for rockers from all over the world to find us two blokes.

Furthermore, with all the downloading going on nowadays, if your album is being downloaded illegally, what is your take about that? Does it promote you or hurt you?

As long as they are bashing it into their ears and a loud volume l am cool with it. They better spread the Bird though or else..ha

Brendan, I wish to thank you for this interview, I wish all the best to you guys for the new release. Any last words for the readers?

Any time. To the readers STAY ROCK. Cheers. Harvs JF


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