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Interview - Casey Orr (Rigor Mortis)

Interview with Casey Orr from Rigor Mortis
by Aaron Price at 11 December 2014, 8:39 PM

Casey Orr, a madman from GWAR who lived through the reign of Oderous. Played with MINISTRY and practically invented Thrash Metal as we know it with RIGOR MORTIS. With the release of "Slaves To The Grave" the final Rigor Mortis album, this legend of a man has found time to talk with us at Metal Temple about the end of an era.

From what I understand all the guitar work is done by the late Mike Scaccia, is that correct?

Yeah that's how it is, Mike use to go in and do everything he could and make sure everything was perfect and he managed to finish everything. We are all thankful that he did too, if Mike had never finished that stuff there wouldn't be an album to release.

Has the album been completed since 2012 or did you all have to go back into the studio to finish?

The album has more or less been done, we went back and did some finishing touches and made it all nice and pretty and stuff but other then that its been pretty well done.

What made you decide now was the time to get the album out?

It had to be done eventually, sooner rather than later. Considering we had no label help because we didn't even know if or when it would come out and I knew a little bit about doing releases we just decided hey, lets release this ourselves. We make a whole lot more money this way too.

Is there any desire to get one last tour in for this album?

We are in a way touring, but Rigor Mortis is dead. We are touring under a different name with one of Mike's best friends on guitar, we all have other things to work on though, we are all with other bands so it's not like we are hoping to do this to play music, we want to do this because we were asked and hell, how can we say no?

Being a past member of GWAR what are your thoughts on their two new vocalists?

I think it’s an amazing and bold choice. Mike Bishop is obviously a brilliant man for the job, he's meant to be in that band just as much as anyone else, as for the girl I've only heard news so I guess we will see. They have a lot to fill though, the days in GWAR were full of Dave just being Dave, no matter what you threw at him he always has some smart ass remark to make back almost as if he knew what you were gonna say.

And what about Ministry?

Al and I do not talk, ill leave it at that.

Do you hope for a Rigor Mortis reunion somewhere down the road?

Yes and no, it would be fun to play again but there is no Rigor Mortis without Mike, that's just how it is. We all have our bands, I have a punk band and another bands each of the other guys has their own bands or their own things so its not like it's a hope, it can't be a hope I know it can't happen.

Was it difficult getting the album out independently?

I'll tell you there wasn't enough hours in the day, it was a ton of work I don't know how we are even managing to get it out. Jon Freeman from Napalm Records helped us out a hell of a lot though, were not for him there may not even have been a new Rigor Mortis record for another 10 years. He's been a friend since my days in GWAR, glad to know he's around to help.

Would you say this is a good album for new Rigor Mortis fan to start out with?

Any Rigor Mortis album is a good album to start out with, they're all unique in their own ways. The horror theme is always around and its always some straight to the point Thrash. Start where you want and get here but trust me this is an album and fan new or old will want to pick up.

Anything you can share to close out? Future plans or whatever?

Just keep an eye out because you never know what can come from this or any other band we are in. It's always an honor to play music for everyone and I live for it. 


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