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Interview - Chris James (Threatpoint)

Interview with Chris James from Threatpoint
by Cami Kyttle at 08 October 2014, 1:03 PM

Based in Scranton, Pennsylvania THREATPOINT is a band you'll need more of after listening to one song. The 5 piece metal band just released their sophomore album on October 3rd at Bar on Oak in Pittston, Pennsylvania. THREATPOINT was joined by national act IKILLYA at the release, along with Psychoprism, Cause of Affliction, and Beyond Fallen. Metal Temple recently spoke to the guys of THREATPOINT to learn more about this heavy hitting band.

How did it feel to have a national act opening for you at the CD release?

Amazing, but we look at them as friends. IKILLYA is a fantastic band, but are real people.

For those who don't know, how would you describe your sound?

Our sound is simply "Groove Metal." It’s filled with elements of death, speed, power, classic hard rock, and thrash metal.

Are there any current bands you would compare your sound to?

People tell us we remind them of DEVILDRIVER, TESTAMENT, SEPULTURA, and LAMB OF GOD. It's not any one band; it's a mix of a lot of bands. Bands like MAIDEN, PRIEST, THE DOORS, SANCTUARY/NEVERMORE, MEGADETH, METALLICA, etc.

What motivates you guys as a band?

If you fall asleep at the wheel, you're forgotten. The industry is harder than ever and you have to go claws out!

Each of your songs is unique, with none sounding exactly the same. Why is that?

We really try hard to analyze our songs to make sure there are different flavors in there. Each one has its own unique journey to take the listener on. Our second CD is way different than our first, and the third (which is already being talked about) will be different as well.

How long did the new album take?

Too long. 14 months with some time off here and there.

What has changed in the band since the beginning?

First off, we had a great final lineup change. Ron Martin is our bassist now. Ron uses a fretless bass which isn't very common. He's a big Steve Digiorgio fan. My (Chris James) vocals have changed. I've gained more range and some style change from playing out and growing with the rest of the band. We have also just added a new guitarist, Dave Visbisky to the lineup. Dave is a string rhythm player with great ideas which will be heard in the future. The drums and guitars are more technical than the first CD. We are definitely improving ourselves.

What can fans expect from THREATPOINT in 2015?

We want to expand in the USA, touring more cities and states. We will be writing and recording the third album. Also, we will definitely be pushing our name and be in talks about Europe.


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