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Interview - Chris Segger (Striker)

Interview with Chris Segger from Striker
by Marcus Kemp at 08 October 2014, 7:33 PM

On August 29th 2014, Canadian Heavy and Power Metal band STRIKER will be releasing their new CD “City of Gold” on Napalm Records. Marcus Kemp from Metal Temple recently conducted an e-mail interview with the guitarist Chris Segger and asked him some questions about the new album as well as some other topics, including personal facts, live shows, illegal downloads, future plans and videogames.

The new CD “City of Gold” is coming out towards the end of this month (August 2014) and after listening to it for the review, I wrote for the Metal Temple website, it does sound very heavy and something that is right up my alley but how would you say it compares to the previous CD “Armed to the Teeth” from 2012?

I think it's a great step forward! We set out to make a fast paced album with a modern heavy production without sacrificing the sound that has become STRIKER. I think Fredrik Nordstrom did an amazing job capturing exactly what we wanted.

What was the production like for this album? Was it easier or harder than the previous album and where does the inspiration come from?

I suppose I answered some of this in my first answer, whoops! I wouldn't say it was easier or harder, we recorded it in half the time that we recorded “Armed to the Teeth” so we were a lot busier during the studio time. The inspiration just comes from living life!

When it comes to writing the lyrics for a new album, is there anything in particular that strikes up inspiration during the lyric writing process?

It's a little bit of everything, a song like “Underground” is inspired by a love of heavy metal and positive thinking, Bad decisions is about well…drinking way too much and making really bad decisions haha. Every song is a little bit different, but the lyrics aren't forced; they're inspired by the things around us.

When STRIKER are not touring or writing new music, are there any other projects the members are involved with here and there?

Yeah totally!  Last year we did a bunch of Maiden tribute shows playing “Live after Death” in it's entirety, Adam is drumming in a hilarious 80's tribute band, Dan and Bill have a comedy rock project called “Max Alligator” and Tim plays in a METALLICA/MEGADETH tribute band!

What made you want to become a musician?

My entire family are musicians, actually!  My parents are university music professors who also tour the world playing Piano and Organ.  My brother is a jazz drummer and his wife a jazz musician as well!  So for me I didn't really know there was another option haha.

Who are your biggest guitar playing influences?

Adrian Smith has always been number 1, he's not the most flashy but every note he plays is perfect!  I love many different guitar players but he has had the most influence over my sound.  Lot's of Paul Gilbert influences as well.

Are you self-taught or did you take formal lessons? 

Formal lessons until I was able to escape!  Then mostly self-taught.  I actually went to college for 2 years in a music program but I should have worked harder and spent most of my time partying.  I learned more about playing guitar from Michael Wagener in 10 minutes than from anyone else in my life.

Out of all the shows I have been to over the years, some of them have been in small clubs and I love club shows as I think rock and metal music sounds better in a small venue but when you and the band choose the venues for the live shows, does the size of the venue really matter or is it not really an issue just as long as people turn up and enjoy the music?

I'd rather have a small club packed to the walls than a big venue half full!  That being said we like to put on a show and the bigger the stage the more room we have to run around.  So it's a bit of a toss up between the two.  Something in the middle, more like luke warm water..

If they have never been to a show before, what can the fans expect from a STRIKER concert?

To have a good fucking time and to smile! We do this because it makes us happy and it shows through our energy, we want you to be happy too!

With the rapid increase of new technologies these days, it’s become easier for people to pirate music and give them away for free illegally through download sites. Do you think that by sharing music through illegal download sites that the music industry is dying or do you think it’s the opposite?

I think there's a lot to be said for both sides. There were a lot of assholes involved in the record industry and it's nice in some ways to see that side of it go away (not that there are not still some assholes!). But we are also broke and many thousands of dollars in debt because of the band so it would be nice to make some more money on album sales! There's the add about people spending $5 a day on a fancy coffee from Starbucks that lasts for 10 minutes who are unwilling to spend $1.00 for a song that will last a life time. I believe there is some truth to that. We work full time jobs to subsidize the music we make and we do it because we love it. But I don't know, I could probably do an entire interview on this one alone haha

With a new album coming out in the next few weeks and several tour dates lined up for Europe and the USA, what is next for the band in terms of your future plans and activity?

Tour Tour Tour!! Then write and record before doing it all over again!

And finally, I am a big fan of gaming and the soundtracks that go with a videogame so if you and the band could have any of your songs to the soundtrack of any videogame, which one would it be and why?

Oh man, I'm the worst person in the band for this question. I haven't owned a gaming system since Nintendo 64 came out and I only played like 2 games. The guys had to try to teach me how to use the X-Box at the studio in Sweden and I didn't have the patience. I learned how to use it well enough to operate Netflix haha. I remember playing Zelda a Link to the past a ton in my early childhood so let's go with that one for a soundtrack!

Chris, thanks a lot for the interview mate, I wish all the best to you and guys, and last words for the readers?

Thank you man!  Really looking forward to seeing you all on the road, hope you like the new record!


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