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Interview - Christer "Krunt" Andersson (Tad Morose)

Interview with Christer "Krunt" Andersson from Tad Morose
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 November 2013, 2:51 AM

The lively Christer Andersson (Krunt) of Power Metal band TAD MOROSE recently got the chance to sit down with Steinmetal and talk about the band’s latest album, “Revenant”. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of information as Krunt made sure to let us know the details of the band’s hiatus and if they have any plans to come.

Greetings Christer, or Krunt I presume. How have you been? Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple magazine, it is great to have you. I remember finding out about your band TAD MOROSE back when you guys released the Undead album in 2000, then I had to find ways to attain your earlier discography. However, suddenly in 2003, after the amazing Modus Vivendi album, you guys just vanished. What exactly happened? Was it a break up or just a really long recess?

We went fishing. Ha ha ha. No honestly, a lot of shit happened. First we came to the point where it was no longer possible to work with Urban. He had distanced himself more and more from the rest of us during the last year or two in the band. I don´t know what the hell happened to him. Lead singer disease perhaps. This happened, of course, just before we were scheduled to enter the studio to record the follow up album to Modus. I think this was in 2005. This put us in an awkward situation with the record company and the studio so this was not the best of times.

So we were grounded for a while there. Then we got Joe Comeau in on vocals. We did some demo recordings and a few live shows with him but in the end it just didn´t work out with him since he lives in the US. He is a totally professional musician and a very nice guy but it was hard for us trying to be a functional band with him over there. Then Daniel (guitars) left due to personal reasons and then Anders left too. Not much was happening in the TAD MOROSE camp during this time. So I guess both Daniel and Anders wanted to move on. So at one point it was only me and Peter (drums) in the band. But we didn’t give up. So we got Ronny in on vocals, Tommi on bass and Markus on guitars. With this line-up the songwriting continued and we played a bunch of live shows. After a few years Markus left, much due to that nothing really was taking off with the band. The four of us kept at it and started to record Revenant about 3 years ago. Then we got Kenneth in on guitars so we have been a full and functional line-up since then. Pretty much all of Revenant was recorded when Kenneth joined but he managed to lay down some cool guitar solos! I guess the reason it took almost 3 years to record the album is that we did not have a record company at the time and that we got our own recording studios. Ha ha ha. But it in the end I think it turned out quite well. So perhaps this record wasn’t supposed to be done earlier. The gunpowder maybe wasn´t dry enough earlier. Ha ha ha

With TAD MOROSE partially active or inactive, were you involved in other projects/bands?  If so, have you been responsible for any new creations?

Yes we all have, more or less. We got involved in INMORIA. This started as a project by former TAD MOROSE drummer Dan Eriksson. After he left TAD MOROSE back in 1995 he totally vanished from the music scene. A couple of years ago he started fooling around with keyboards and writing songs. After a while he asked me if I could lay down some guitar on some of his songs. So I did and one thing led to the other and all of a sudden we had recorded the first INMORIA album Invisible Wounds with me, Tommi and Peter from TAD MOROSE and Charles from MORGANA LEFAY. This happened during the time where not much was happening with TAD MOROSE since we didn´t have a singer. So for us it was a welcome relief to go out and play live again and drink beer and have fun. And the wheels kept turning and all of a sudden Ronny was in INMORIA too. Ha ha ha. Charles left INMORIA after the first album. So Dan brought in Sören Adamsen (ARTILLERY) on vocals for the second album (A Farewell to Nothing Part I). We did a few shows then Sören was out of the band. Don´t know what happened really. Anyway, we had a UK tour settled so it was like “well, who the fuck is going to sing now?” Ha ha ha. Ronni had been in TAD MOROSE for some time when this happened so Dan asked him if he could do the tour. And that turned out really well. So all of a sudden four out of five guys in TAD MOROSE also play in INMORIA!

Well, whatever. We like what we do and we have a lot of fun doing it too.  The difference between the bands is the music. In TAD MOROSE everybody contributes to the songwriting and everything is mutually agreed upon. Total democracy. In INMORIA we are “hired guns” and Dan writes all the music and handles all the business. So that is what makes it work.

So how did the engines of TAD MOROSE become ignited again? What was the trigger for the band’s restoration?

We always believed in ourselves. So even though we have been through some hard times we still kept at it as much as we could. So when we finally got a functional line-up again that was really the spark. It is not that easy trying to get a working line-up. I mean, Sweden is a small country and Bollnäs is a small city. So there are a very limited amount of musicians around. And, one of the most important things is that it has to work on the personal level. I don´t care how good a musician might be, I would not play in the same band if he or she were an asshole. You spend so much time together and you put in so much hard work into a band and you will probably never get that much money out of it. So for me, I would not waste my time spending it with people I don´t like.

It has been ten years since your last album, and you are heading fast with another chunk of Heavy / Power Metal bestiality named Revenant. I found it to be a great comeback release, heavy and melodic as it has been always from you guys, as I have been considering your music to be as heavy as your country’s DREAM EVIL and MORGANA LEFAY, and Germany’s MYSTIC PROPHECY and PRIMAL FEAR. Generally, with this new release, do you believe that your perception towards your music changed to some extent?

No, not really. The sound perhaps in a way. I mean, since everybody is involved in the songwriting and a new member brings new ideas and visions. But in the end it still sounds like TAD MOROSE I think. I also think that everything around influences you. The music you listen to, things that happens in life, whatever really.

Why choose the title Revenant? Does it resemble TAD MOROSE’s goal to terrorize the world after a long absence?

He he he. Yeah, that´s right! You´ll never get rid of us! He he he. We thought that it was a fitting title for the album. ;-)

What do you think are the key elements within the songwriting on Revenant?

As usual, the arguing within the band! It seems like no matter what weird, stupid or crazy ideas we bring in, when it “passed through the TAD MOROSE song writing grinder” it sounds like TAD MOROSE anyway. Ha ha ha. So it is just as always I think. Guitar riffs and good melodies.

Frankly, I was quite fascinated by your first two choppers, “Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls” and “Follow” - pure attention grabbers, just as you guys have been known for. What is your perspective towards this duo of songs?

Oh, thanks! Well… I don´t know. To us they are just like any other song on the album really. And when it came to putting down the running order for the album these songs ended up as number one and two. I think “Beneath…” is a good opener. Our management didn´t like the idea to have “Follow” as song number two. They thought that some other song fitted better. So of course we choose “Follow”! He he he.

Is there any song on the tracklist that you believe can start a positive change of events, an impeccable impact to be reckoned with?

No, not really. It´s funny, but as a musician in a band you kind of like this or that song better on your album. But then when the album is released the fans usually like the songs on the album that you perhaps thought were not as good. So I´ll put my nose here and say that I really like “Babylon” and “Absence of Light.” Probably because they are fun to play. But now wait and see, these two songs will be the ones that people like the least on the album. Ha ha ha.

Revenant also presents for the first time Ronny Hemlin as your frontman, whom you have been collaborating with for some period of time. I think that Hemlin fits you guys like a glove. However, what happened back in the day with Joe Comeau, who had been with you guys for almost three years?

Well, as I said before. It just didn´t work out. He was pretty occupied with work and didn´t have that much time. I know that he really wanted to make it work, so did we. But you have to make a living out of something too and he worked as a drum tech for Carl Palmer I think, so all of a sudden Joe went on tour for a while and so on. So that didn´t make it easier either. I guess it just wasn´t meant to be. But it was fun with him! I remember the first time he came into our rehearsal studio. We talked for a bit and then we asked if there was perhaps a certain song that he would like to try out first. But he just said: “Nah, just go through the set list” We had a couple of shows booked and we had the setlist worked out. So we just blasted through one hour worth of TAD MOROSE songs and Joe didn´t miss one single word , melody or tone! Just spot on right away! So it was like: “Ok, so let´s go play some shows then. No point wasting time rehearsing” Ha ha ha.

How did you reach the attention of Despotz Records? Where you pursuing any other deals at the time or just waiting?

It was our management that handled all this really. All in all we agreed upon that Despotz probably was the right company for us at this moment. I know that some bigger labels were kind of a bit cautious since we had not done much the last 10 years or so. Can´t blame them really. But it feels nice to have a Swedish label. It makes things a lot easier. And they seem to be interested enough too. That is very important!

With the release of the new album, any plans of support? Possibly a major tour is planned?

We wish! Ha ha ha. Nothing is booked yet, but there are talks going on between our management and booking agencies so hopefully things will start to take shape in the near future.

Here is a general question. Looking back to the past, and comparing it to what you are seeing today, do you assume that Metal is back on top? Or on the other hand, not close but there is still hope?

I don´t know. Some people say that metal is dead; some says it on top again. I don´t care really. To me, metal has always been on top! I think that goes for every die hard metal fan as well. And I guess we will soon find out how it is when we get on the road. Perhaps we will play for the club owner and his dog or for sold out venues? But one thing is for sure, it will be very interesting to see! Or just depressing…. Ha ha ha.

Krunt, I wish to thank you for this interview. I am really glad that you guys have Revenant out. It’s a glorious moment for Euro Heavy / Power Metal. Keep up the good work. Any last words for the readers?

Thank you! Yes! When you play Revenant, play it loud! It actually sounds even better then! Perhaps your neighbors might be of a different opinion, but that is their problem, isn´t it? He he he. Hope to see you all on tour soon! Take care! Cheers!


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