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Interview - Christian (Thrudvangar)

Interview with Christian from Thrudvangar
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 15 November 2013, 3:39 AM

THRUDVANGAR has been around for about ten odd years, but they continue to produce some of the finest Viking Metal has to offer, even with a few lineup changes. Here, guitarist and co-founder Christian talks to Blacknasa about the new album “Tiwaz” and the entire band’s other influences and aspirations.

Hi there Christian, how are you? Thanks for taking the time for this interview with Metal Temple.

Thanks, I´m fine. Hope you are too.

Let’s start with your band, THRUDVANGAR’s, origins. Can you shed a little light about the band’s past and how it came to be? What brought you all together?

Torsten and I met up in the nineties to start a small band. We are old friends from a long time before. We found Andreas for the keyboards and someone for the vocals. We started to write some songs and got some little gigs in our area. In 2001, we officially became THRUDVANGAR and our first CD was released in 2004. One year later, in comes our old friend Matze for the vocals and Kanne for the second guitar. After some time, Andreas left the band. Earlier this year, Floh joined the band as a guitar player as well. He was a friend of Matze’s long before any of this. But we stay in good contact with all the past members and they will always be a part of this band.

What have been the band’s major influences?

We have a lot. It starts from earlier Black Metal like BATHORY, SATYRICON, etc to  AMORPHIS and so on. But we are also influenced by other musical genres as it is important for us to have some variation.

Why the name THRUDVANGAR? Any meaning to it?

It means “the field of strength”. That is what we want: to bring the strength in our music to you.

Congratulations on the new album by the way. Are you satisfied with the finished product? If you were able to what would you change?

We are happy with the result. Sometimes even after completing your goals you will still find something you want to change about the product. But you have to come to a point where you realize that it’s time to let go, otherwise you could destroy it all and have to start all over again. You can take the things you wanted to change as a learning experience for your next endeavor.

It seems that you mix some styles of Metal together. Do you categorize your sound in any specific style or you rather prefer it mixed?

No. We only say that we play metal. We don’t like to give it a special name. Only the lyrics should be categorized.

What are the influences on the lyrics?

Old myths, old history, books, films, and so on. Influences can be found from anything you like.

It is known that the recording/production process of a release can be stressful. How did you guys feel while doing so?

We took a year for production. We started with the drums and half a year later with guitar and the rest. We took some time outs during this period. That was pretty cool, because then you have the chance to hear it with fresh ears everytime, but –yes it can be stressful.

How about supporting the album? Anything planned?

No, we don’t have plans yet. Only in December will we do a little gig in our hometown together with our friends from XIV DARK CENTURIES. We take this to be our release party.

Are you planning for a video clip anytime soon?

Maybe for the next album. We are now in a new label deal where we have to see how it works first.

Though I sensed that your songs didn’t leave anything behind, is there something that you wanted to address the world about?

No, we are not poets or politicians. ;) We tell only stories about an old time – it is the kind of story everybody knows because it is interesting.

It might be too early to talk about, but do you have anything new on the material front for the next album?

Yes of course. We are working again. Our new man Floh is a very fit and young guy on the guitar and he’s a very fast player. I think you will hear the difference on the next album. He takes us to new levels with his new style.

Do you use social media to keep in touch with your fans? Do you feel that it is important for artists, no matter the caliber, to keep a certain line of relations with their fans?

Yes it´s very important to stay in touch with them. The only problem is nobody from our side knows how to build a website. We are only musicians. But on Facebook we are able to reach out every time and when you write us you will get an answer 100% of the time.

Christian, I wish to thank you for your time for this interview. On behalf of Metal Temple and myself I wish to congratulate you guys for making such an amazing debut. Any last words for the readers?

I have to thank you for your interest and thanks for the review on your website - really amazing. Hope we write for us next year again. Stay Metal, hope to see you on a gig from us. 


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