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Interview - Dakkar (Narbeleth)

Interview with Dakkar from Narbeleth
by Erika Kuenstler at 20 August 2014, 11:10 AM

Hailing with a blackened art following the old ways of extremity, the one man show of NARBELETH, featuring the multi-instrumentalist Dakkar, recently released a new album. Erika had a talk with Dakkar about his project, new release and more…

Hail Dakkar! Congratulations on the release of your second album, “A Hatred Manifesto”. I thought it was a really good album, and it was great to hear such raw Black Metal that incorporates an Old School sound so clearly.

HAIL Erika! Thanks for your words on my new album!

This is your first release with Folter Records, after having worked with four other labels. How has that been so far, and what made you decide to go with them?

Yes I have worked with several labels before, but now with Folter Records is different. The previous labels has worked with honesty and I´m very happy with the result, but Folter Records is a very well rooted and respected label in the underground that in despite of being old and have worked with well-known bands, still supporting underground metal and new bands. And about their work with my album, has been Excellent! They have supported NARBELETH with strength and I hope to still releasing trough them.

 “A Hatred Manifesto” has unusual elements for NARBELETH, such as clean vocals and guitar solos. What made you choose to include these?

Well, I wanted to add dimension to the music with these elements, but still in the path of raw Black Metal, so I decided to use this resources that fits very well in NARBELETS´s musical concept.

Do you think you would carry on in this direction in further releases, or were these elements more specific to “A Hatred Manifesto”?

Yes, absolutely! I will continue usind these resources, although they will not be the center, but extra elements in specific songs.

 “A Hatred Manifesto” is quite a suggestive title. What does the title mean to you, and why did you choose it as the title for the album?

The title is explicit… A Hatred manifesto, that´s what the album is… hatred toward the human idiocy, towards the brainwasher religions… and I express all this through the flame of Black Metal. That´s the title.

What was the inspiration behind this new album?

My main inspiration is Black Metal itself and the possibilities of express all my feelings and visions with this art.

Is there any particular ideological background that you base your music on? If so, what is this background?

As I said before, my main inspiration and ideological support is Black Metal and the power of this art.

There is a cover of URGEHAL’s song “Nyx” on the album. Why include a cover, and why this song in particular?

Is a song I enjoy and feel… and I did this as a tribute to URGEHAL and T. Nefas work in this band.

Personally, the most outstanding song on the album was “Land of the Heathen”, it really is so different from the others. What is the meaning behind this track, and how does it tie into the rest of the album?

Thanks. The lyrics of this son were written by King Abraxas, NARBELETH´s live guitarist. The lyrics are about a warrior defending his land with pride. The land is Black Metal.

How does the writing process work for you? Especially considering that you work full time and also study at night?

As NARBELETH is a solo project, I compose when I feel inspired, when I feel the necessity to do it, to express. I do not force the riffs or lyrics, I just let them flow. I have no rush, and not depends on others to do this art.

What influences do you draw on when you’re writing your music?

My main influence comes from early Scandinavian Black Metal, that´s what you can feel when listening to my music. Bands like DARKTHRONE, URGEHAL, ARCKANUM, BATHORY…

Are there any non-musical influences you use (eg literature or art)?

Until the date no.

As a one-man project, how difficult is it to stage live performances? Do you have problems with live members becoming unavailable when you need them?

Actually NARBELETH was not created for live performances, but later I decided to do some shows in special moments. In Cuba I had the help of good friends to take the band to stage. For Under the Black Sun was something of lucky, because about a year and half ago, King Abraxas, the live guitarist on Cuba, moved to Spain, and there he began to play in a Death metal band, which drummer was the one that helped NARBELETH at Under the Black Sun.
So, as I give no regular concerts, I fix things with time, so the members can be available for the show.

You’re performing at Under The Black Sun festival in Germany this year. What are your expectations of this show?

Well, I got this interview just the day before leaving, so now I can tell you that was an awesome experience for us to play in such renowned festival. So from here I want to thanks to all who helped NARBELETH there, to the guys from The Committee, The Great Old Ones, to the crew, to Jörg and Folter Records for all the support.

And what can fans expect from the show?

They already know… But always want to give all our dark feelings and energy in the concerts in order to connect with the audience.

You started the project in 2008. What has been the most difficult part of your journey so far?

Well, technical difficulties, I mean with the recording equipment, but nothing that can stop me from doing this.

And what has been the most rewarding thing?

Apart from release every recording… The letters and messages I receive from people that supports NARBELETH, and understand the message; signing with Folter Records and playing at Under the Blck Sun.

What are your future hopes and aspirations for NARBELETH?

Still releasing music, never stop composing, and play more shows abroad.

That would be all from me. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

Thanks to you for your time and space in this site. Sorry for the delay. HAIL to all NARBELETH´s followers around the world! Expect the vinyl version of “A hatred Manifesto” soon via Folter records. HAIL!


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