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Interview - David Marcelis (Lord Volture)

Interview with David Marcelis from Lord Volture
by Danny Sanderson at 05 September 2014, 6:14 AM

LORD VOLTURE have been making a name for themselves on the Heavy Metal scene in Europe over the last few years. Finally, they have played their first English show at SOS festival in Manchester. After they came offstage, Danny Sanderson spoke to singer David Marcelis about the Siege of Badajoz, their new record label, their homeland and…erm… Bacon Trees….

Hi, this is Danny, and today I am interviewing LORD VOLTURE. How are you guys doing?

We're doing great. We've had a great show here in Manchester, and yeah, it's been fantastic.

Is this the first time you've played Manchester?

No, actually, this is our first time in England. We've played Northern Ireland before, but this is the first time we've ever played England.

So this is the first ever thing you've done over here!? That's pretty cool. Are you planning on doing an extensive UK tour at some point in the future where you play the rest of the UK?

We're booked for Power and Glory Fest in 2015, and we're planning a few shows in the future, including one in London.

How was the writing and recording process like for your new album, "Will to Power"?

From a period from probably something like summer 2012 to early 2013, we were all finishing up the song writing for the new album, so from basically February through to May we were rehearsing all the stuff we'd written to make sure that those songs were ready and see if they could have been improved on in any way. Then in June 2013, our drummer Frank Wintermans hit the studio to record the drums first, before everyone else, in a studio in Amsterdam called Split Second Sound Studio. Then we did our recording in Tilburg at Final Film Studio, where we recorded Rhythm Guitars and Bass, and the Vocals after that, followed by the Lead Guitars. We had some communication with Chris Poland in the USA, and we managed to get him to record a guest Guitar solo over the web. And then we did the mixing and mastering of the record at Swamp Studio, yet another studio (laughs) and then I think in about January 2014, this year, the final product was done. And now it's coming out in September.

So you guys were a bit all over the place with the recording process for this one! I guess that's the beauty of the sort of technological advances that have occurred in the last few decades; the guys that you are collaborating with don't have to necessarily be there to help out with the record, although it does help out. That wouldn't have been the case 30 or 40 years ago.

Yeah, that's definitely true.

This is your first record with Mausoleum Records. What are they like as a label?

Well, we have literally just signed with them, in May, and this has been the first album we've released through that label. I mean, so far we've had a great time with them; there’s been plenty of communication, as well as lots of advertisements and promotion, so it's looking really good, and I'm hoping that it stays that way.

Fingers crossed! So, in terms of lyrics, what were the themes on this album?

Well, I think it continues with the sort of themes that we were covering on the last two records lyrically. For example, we've released a new song called "The Pugilist", which is basically about a Heavyweight Champion Boxer. You know, it's just Heavy Metal. There's songs about the history of War, like the siege of Badajoz, which occurred during the Napoleonic War. It's an interesting topic, I'd recommend doing some research about that.

I was actually doing some reading about that while preparing the questions for this interview. It's not a typical Heavy Metal topic to discuss. Could you tell our readers exactly what the Siege of Badajoz was about?

Well, the Siege of Badajoz occurred during the Napoleonic Wars, and our song was influenced heavily by a book by a guy called Bernard Cornwell, who does a lot of historical novels. Basically, what happened was the British Army laid siege to a fortress in a Spanish town, where the French Army were based in that area. It's quite notorious, because it was an incredibly hard breach for the British to take the town. And then in the next three days after the British took it, there was lots of raping and killing and other horrible stuff, the soldiers just went really out of control. So it's written from about a historical event from almost like a horror perspective.

Well, I'm an ex-History student, and it seems that the British were, more often than not, the bad guys in Europe, who caused all sorts of problems and were generally horrible to other nations.

David: Yeah, you guys were a bunch of scumbags at times. (laughs)

 You guys are from the Netherlands, or more specifically, from Gelderland. The only other band that most Metal fans will be aware from that area is HEIDEVOLK \[the Dutch Folk Metal band] So what is the Metal scene like in Gelderland?

I think that the Metal scene in the Netherlands is very good, in that there is a lot of activity, and there's stuff going on. In my opinion, there's far too much focus on Extreme Metal, Death Metal and more modern forms of Metal in general. But still, for Traditional Metal, it's quite OK, especially mainly in the South and in the East. It's good man. And in Gelderland, there is a pretty good scene. I mean, I've moved now, and I no longer live in Gelderland, but the rest of the band are based there, in Wageningen.

I was going to ask something about Gelderland actually. I was researching the questions for this, and I came across a video of a guy doing a review of a band from Gelderland, and he started talking about a "Bacon Tree". What's that all about?


A "Bacon Tree". I don't know whether I misunderstood the guy or whether he's getting some wrong information.

Who was the video by?

It was by a guy who from Canada I think, and he was called "The Happy Viking".

(laughs) What a brilliant name. Well, I hope there is a Bacon Tree; I've never heard of it, but I'd love it to be real. If there was a city with a Bacon Tree in it, I'd fucking move there. (laughs)

I was just wondering, at the expense of looking like a total twat, if you guys could shed any light on whether that was true or not?

Not that I'm aware of! (laughs)

So you've mentioned a few things that you've got planned for the promotion of the new album already. What are you doing after SOS Festival?

Well, we have no more shows this month, but we've got one more festival in Holland to do before the album is released. The album comes out in late September and then we're playing a festival in Germany, followed by yet another indoor festival in Holland. Then we've got a tour of Slovakia lined up, followed by the UK Tour and Power and Glory Festival in 2015. There's a lot of other stuff coming up too, but they aren't up for discussion yet.

So yeah, very busy! That's good then. And finally, do you have any messages for your fans before the end of this interview?

Yeah; Keep an eye out for the album, it's coming in September, and it's going to be heavy and really killer. It's what you'd expect from us, a great Heavy Metal record in the style of LORD VOLTURE, and it's an improvement from the last album. So listen to it, and come and check us out live.

Thanks for your time guys.

No problem!

LORD VOLTURE's new album, "Will to Power" is out on Mausoleum Records on September 22nd.


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