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Interview - Don Crotsley (Nunslaughter)

Interview with Don Crotsley from Nunslaughter
by Paulomaniaco at 10 July 2014, 12:08 PM

Putting the word out for what ignorant people like to call the Devil’s music, the reigning blood of NUNSLAUGHTER is everlasting, especially with their new release “Angelic Dread”. Paulmaniaco talked to Don Crotsley about the band’s new album and his everyday life.

Hi Don how are you doing? Thanks for your time for this interview. What have you been doing lately? Anything interesting?

Just drinking beer and riding my Harley. That fills up my summers.

I had the honour to review your new album "Angelic Dead", another master piece indeed, tell us about  the processing of making it please.

Thank you for listening. It was a very organic process to making this album. We did not intend on writing a full length but after we started writing we realized we had many songs. After so many 7"s it was time to do a full length.

Why did it take seven years to release another full album, and also why have NUNSLAUGHTER released so many EPS and Demos?

It was not my intention to do another full length album. There are always expectations of a full length album and the last one we did was not a great experience. Doing 7's is just easier and plus I collect 7"s so that is what we have decided to do with our music. I really like to do splits it is a way to share with bands and people all over the world.

I see you are ready to go to Europe for few shows, are you looking forward to it? Also Do you see any difference between the fans from US and Europe?

It seems it has been forever since we went to Europe and we cannot wait to return to their shores and spread our filth. The major difference that I see is the US fans are not as animated or excited to see bands where as European fans still headbanging and get into the shows.

What has been your best tour so far and your worst?

I would say my two favourite tours were Japan South East Asia. Great people and awesome culture. The worst was a small bunch of shows we did on the east coast about 10 years ago. Snow storms and bad promoters fucked that tour up.

A while ago you were supposed to play in Brazil but that fell thru, what happened?

At the time our guitarist wanted to try and organize a tour. I was busy with other band things and I let him run the communications. I guess it just kind of fell through with lack of communication. We want to tour in Brazil. It will happen.

NUNSLAUGHTER is a 100%  underground band and you have been around for so many years and very successful as well, what is the secret behind that?

We are underground for sure but I am not sure about successful. I think the reason for our longevity is that we do not really rely on other people to spread the word of NunSlaughter. We are self reliant. We don’t have a label and we do have to do anything we don’t want to do. We are DIY.

You write most of the songs right? what is the message you want to pass to your fans?

I would say that Jim writes the majority of the music for the songs and I write the majority of the lyrics although everyone contributes when we are writing. My lyrics are about death, Satan and the downfall of Christ and the Christian religion.

Clearly you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in?

I believe in nothing.

If you could change the world, what would be the first thing you would do?

Make humans extinct. It is the only way for the world to survive.

When you are not involved with music, what do you do? hobbies, job, family, etc,

I have no family in my state. I recently lost my job. My hobby is riding my motorcycle and taking care of my cats. I tend to work on my house in the summer and travel as much as possible.

If you have to give the person you least like the album you hate the most, what album would that be?

I would give Christ the album Diabolus in Musica

What do you think about metal fans downloading music from the net and not buy at the record store but buying stuff at the shows instead?

I think they are cheating themselves out of a great music experience but I cannot condemn them for it. I like to hold the physical copies in my hand but younger people are not that way.

Are you a vegetarian?

For the most part yes. I don’t think I could do the vegan thing. I avoid red meat but love chicken wings every once in a while. It is my weakness.

If you were sent to an desert island with all the things you need to have a good life but you could only take three albums that you like the most, what albums would those be?

Reign in blood, Master of Reality and Thing Fish

Do you have any rules when you are on tour, like; dos and don’ts.

Do's are meet people and enjoy the culture and food of other peoples homelands. Dont's would be getting arrested in a foreign country.

I have seen videos of Nunslaughter live where you are not playing bass, why's that and also why have you had so many changes in the line up?

I was a crappy bassist. I gave that up as soon as I could find someone to play in NunSlaughter. We have gone through so many line ups because people don’t have the same passion for this band as much as Jim and I. People have other things they want to do in life but we just want to make music for NunSlaughter.

If you had the chance to meet someone that is no longer with us, who would that be?


What does the future hold for NUNSLAUGHTER  ? Any plans at all?

Man we are just winging it every year. All I want to do is just continue to make music and play some shows. More VINYL for sure.

Would like to send a message to your fans here in Brazil and also worldwide?


Metal Temple would like to thank you for your time and your kindness, Hell on Earth!!


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