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Interview - Edu Falaschi (Almah)

Interview with Edu Falaschi from Almah
by Daniel Fox at 09 January 2014, 1:09 PM

Started as a solo project for ex-ANGRA, Edu Falaschi, the ALMAH band became something permanent, providing a melodic Metal spike with Euro influences. Celebrating the release of the band’s new album, “Unfold”, via Scarlet Records, Daniel Fox had a chat with Edu regarding the new album, his earlier experience and more…

Hi there Edu, how have you been? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

I'm really fine! Thank your for the interview!

I'm flattered that you thought to ask instead of it being the other way round; an early congratulations on the upcoming release of "Unfold", by the way. I must admit, I had no idea what kind of direction Almah was going in following your departure from Angra in terms of creative material, but I had a feeling it would be even better than previous releases, and for me it met expectations and then some.

Do you believe that leaving Angra to focus on Almah has improved the songwriting and creative process, and are you even more pleased with it than Motion, which you called the greatest achievement in your discography?

Well, I use to compose a lot, I composed many important songs for Angra too, like Nova Era, Heroes of Sand, Bleeding Heart, Wishing Well, Spread you Fire, etc. So, you are right in one point, this time is different, It's my first album I record far away from internal problems since 2001! So, it sounds very clear, mature, positive and especially free.

What were your lyrical and musical inspirations for Unfold? To me it sounds, lyrically and musically, quite different to previous releases.

It’s a new beginning, a new way of life. That's an album full of truth and passion, without any fear of takes risks, I composed what I like and I sang the way I felt good and comfortable. My main inspiration came from the feeling of having the air passing through my lungs again…now I can Breathe!

It was very hard for me to pick out a favorite, but for me it would have to be 'In My Sleep' and 'Treasure of the Gods'. What are the songs you feel most strongly about on Unfold?

I love all… especially Warm Wind and Wings of Revolution! But I agree with you, Treasure is special.

The aforementioned 'Treasure of the Gods' is one of the longest songs you have ever written with Almah, and also the most diverse. I sense much potential for a concept album. How would you feel about making one of these into Almah's discography in the future?

Maybe who knows? I don't like to say no, but I prefer to leave all happen naturally!

I noticed some new faces amongst the band; interesting timing too. Whatever happened, it has made for a excellent recording. How do Gustavo and Raphael fit in now? Obviously they're excellent musicians in their own right, but have they changed much of the direction of Almah's music in some way?

No actually, of course they contribute with their influences but the whole concept of Almah comes from my direction as producer and composer.

Speaking of line-up changes, and it may not even be my place to ask this so I apologize in advance, but do you still share some sort of professional or friendly relationship with the guys in Angra? It's just you had been with them for so long and I imagine a tight musical and social bond would have formed.

I respect them a lot! I learned many things with Angra, and I will be always grateful and proud of all I did with the band, but I just have some contact with few of them.

With a final question somewhat concerning Angra, it may just be that you sang for both bands, but do you personally find some Angra influences from records you sang on in your Almah work? I myself could appreciate and enjoy that and don't think it would be a bad thing, even though you are not in the band anymore. I even think I heard some of that in "Warm Wind" from the new album. What are your thoughts?

Yeah for sure, there's a mix on it, but actually it’s not an Angra influence in the Almah's music. It's the same way of composing that EDU FALASCHI gave to Angra during 12 years, that now gives to Almah, so summarizing it's my way of composing that the people knew in Angra that now can hear in Almah. Just that!

The bigger picture; bands like Almah are cementing the thought that Brazil is a sheer melting pot of metal that rivals that of Scandinavia and North America. As a musician and composer who's been in the Brazilian music business for as long as you have, working with and producing so many bands and albums, where do you think the Brazilian music scene is heading? I personally find it has a very different sound to that of the US and Europe, and it's a most welcome sound.

Brazil is a young country, so we learned how to do Metal with Europeans and Americans, but we have our own way of doing it, cause we have other influences, like bossa nova, forró, different rhythms, etc.

You're no stranger to shows both big and small, especially the famed Rock in Rio. For some bands, both large festivals and small, intimate shows are special for different reasons. Which kinds of shows do you personally prefer to do, if you have a preference?

I love both too, venue size is not a problem for me since it's sold out! hahaha!

Thank you again for doing this, but one final question. Obviously, all of Brazil is going to want to hear the sound of Almah. But as you can see, you have fans from everywhere. What are your and Almah's plans for tours outside of Brazil in the future? Maybe a ProgPower, or 70000 Tons of Metal along the way? Maybe New Zealand if I am extra lucky

Thank you bro, I hope to comeback soon to Europe, especially for festivals, I believe it all happen soon!!!


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