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Interview - Gus G. (Firewind)

Interview with Gus G. from Firewind
by Harel Golstein at 26 October 2016, 12:06 AM

FIREWIND founder and OZZY OSBOURNE's axe man sat down with the Temple for a chat, discussing the upcoming show in Tel-Aviv on the 3rd of December, new FIREWIND material, and what's it like working for one of the mot celebrated rock figures in history.

Hey Gus! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Sure. Happy to talk to you.

FIREWIND will be performing in Israel for the first time on the 3rd of December. Are you excited about the show?

Yeah! I’ve been in Israel in the past with Ozzy, about five or six years ago. I loved it and I loved the atmosphere.

FIREWIND’s last album, "Few Against Many", came out nearly three years ago, and the follower is due on the 20th of January. What can you tell us about it?

Well it’s almost done now, I think it’s going to please the fans a lot. We’ve put a lot of effort into it and with the writing we just gave it all. I'm really pleased with the result so far.

What’s the best thing for you when you’re on the road? like, other than playing in front of thousands and hundreds of people. What else are you waiting for?

You know it kind of starts like a routine. At the beginning of a tour you’ll wake up early, do all the stuff.. Promotions, some sight-seeing, etc. Then after a while of being on tour so much you just kind of get used to it and wake up late, work on stuff for the show, and just enjoy the concert! The privilege of playing live for the fans just takes it all.

What’s the wildest thing ever happen to you at a concert?

Haha! Well not something too crazy to be honest. Eventually it happened to me as well, you know when your gear breaks up or something technical gets ruined and it’ll interrupt with the show. So that happened once in the middle of a solo I think, haha.

How do you feel about coming to Israel in a time when even artists pressure one another to boycott it?

Well I have many Israeli friends, And I really liked it the last time I played there obviously. But mainly we do it for the fans. We just want to play for them. I don’t think there’s a place I wouldn’t play in.

Firewind had it's recent lineup change in 2015 when vocalist Henning Basse joined in. How’s the chemistry between band members these days? Does Firewind feel like a family?

Well he actually played with us for a while in 2012, so it just came natural. And yes we’re all good friends! We enjoy each other’s company and love playing and making music together.

How sick are you of people asking you what it's like to work with a mega icon like Ozzy?

Haha! Not sick at all, really, I mean.. I actually understand it, people obviously want to know. And I’m just gratefull for the opportunity to play with him and to try and fill the shoes of such giants who played with before me. And he’s great! A lot of fun to work with. At the beginning when I heard he was looking for a guitarist I just went, didn’t think I could get it. But after the playing I felt really good about how it went and thought that maybe I actually have a chance.

So how does it feel like stepping in to such big shoes? Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde…

Haha! Well they are beyond me by miles, really amazing guitarists. So that’s just the hierarchy I guess! Haha. But it is a responsibility, one that I appreciate greatly. So I just do my best and know that I got this.

What albums did you most enjoy this year?

Definitely Glenn Hughes, and and Vangelium. I think it’s his first released in 16 years, he’s done the sound track for Blade Runner. Totally awesome.

What albums are you most looking forward to this year?

Firewind! I think it’ll be great.


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