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Interview - Infernal (Desaster)

Interview with Infernal from Desaster
by Adriana "Oculta Nocturna" Marquez at 30 July 2014, 11:04 PM

The Thrashed mayhem within ther devil’s reach, the most powerful essence of darkness controling the burning fires of hell. The German DESASTER, prolonging since the late 80’s, have never been quite so sure of their utmost influence. Adriana recently talked with the band’s leader, Infernal, regarding the band’s upcoming mayhemic “Live In Bamberg”.

Greetings Infernal, how have you been? Thank you for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

HAIL! Thank you for giving DESASTER some place in your temple! I´m doing fine, Germany just won the football world championship, that´s great!

I wish to convey my congratulations due to the release of the "Live in Bamberg", celebrating the 25th anniversary of Desaster. What was the sense of this anniversary recording live in your home country for the first time?

Thank you! We were thinking about a special release to celebrate our 25th birthday and the idea came up to produce a “Desaster-history” on DVD and as a bonus to include a live recording of our special anniversary show which took place in Bamberg. It was a proposal of the record company High Roller Records to release the live recording as well as double-CD and LP, so the fans have the choice of their preferred format. So for us the “main part” ofthe 25th annivarsary release is the DVD-documentary “A dangerous meeting-25 years of teutonic steel” which turned out really great! But also the recording of the gig is very good and catches the atmosphere on a DESASTER concert very good.

"Live in Bamberg" is also your third live album in overall. What can you tell about the experience of the latter, having in the past released "Live in Serbian Hell" and "Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies"?

Well, in fact it is our second official live album, the “Serbian hell” is more or less a kind of “official bootleg” without professional recording. I think the sound of the Bamberg recording turned out very good, even a bit better than on our first “Brasil” live album. And the guest musicians we have this time including our old singer Okkulto makes the new live album to something really special.

As I’m Colombian woman I'm curious to have found this live participation of a Peruvian fan. What has been your experience in countries of South America to include a fan of these latitudes?

Well, we played in South America 4 times already (Brasil 2003, Brasil, Peru, Colombia 2005, Brasil 2008 and Colombia 2012) and every time it was fucking killer ! The fans in South America are still hot and really crazy and the shows we played there will remain in our thoughts forever!

What can you tell about participating on stage with Okkulto, your band's first singer?

It was great! When we first met again to rehearse for the show I was wondering if his voice can be as good as it was in the past because he havn´t sung for about 12 years! But he really did a great job which I didn´t expected, also his stage performance was great and many old DESASTER fans liked it a lot! And of course it was cool to meet him again and speak about the old times, crazy stories of the past and cool memories came up again. It´s a pity that he didn´t found suitable musicians after he left DESASTER to form a new project or band.

Desaster performed with earlier such as Thorim, Creator Cassie and Alexander Arz. How you feel about their performances in this live album? Did it spike memories of the past?

Yes, a lot of memories came up while meeting the old guys, especially Creator Cassie is still the crazy guy I met 25 years ago when we founded the band! Also Thorim is still a very talented drummer, it´s a pity that he nowadays only plays in a “hobby-band” from time to time. While we prepared the history-DVD we were fishing in many many old photos and videos which was very hard but also very amusing as well.

Besides Okkulto, this show was attended by Simon Seegel and guitarist Samme Johansson. What is the importance of these two characters in the path of Desaster?

Well, Mr. Johansson is one of the biggest DESASTER-fans worldwide and became also a great friend during the years. When Sataniac had to cancel gigs because of illness and injuries it was him who didn´t hesitate to help us out for the shows. He knew the lyrics to our songs and he also sings in his own band ORCIVUS, so it was no problem for him to do the job already 3 times! Of course the fans were wondering about this new guy on stage, but they were glad that we didn´t had to cancel the gigs so they easily accepted him as an “assistance singer”.

Mr. Seegel is the guitarist of WITCHBURNER, Germany´s finest Thrash band and good friends of us since 1996. Some day he confessed that it was a dream for him to play our song “In a winter battle” together with us on stage because the song is one of his all time faves. So we invited him for the special anniversary show and he really made a good performance, we had a great time on stage! For the first time I played with a second guitarist on stage and felt like Kerry King, haha!

The Slayer cover of "Black Magic" was debuted on "Live in Serbian Hell". You can safely say that Slayer has been your prime influence since the very beginning?

Well, we played a lot of covers in our career, covers of bands that have influenced us for example: DARKTHRONE, CELTIC FROST, KREATOR, BATHORY, EXUMER, VIOLENT FORCE, BULLDOZER, SEPULTURA, UNLEASHED, RAZOR…some we also recorded and released, some covers we only played live once. I think for the fans it´s always great to listen to a cool coversong live and also as a bonus on a record it´s good. It was because of Jeff Hanneman´s death that we chose “Black Magic” for our anniversary show but of course SLAYER is also one of our main influences since the very beginning, you are right!

Back to the live album. Why was Club Bamberg chosen for the recording of this release? Anything special about that place? Debut show perhaps?

No, the debut concert took place in a hut in the forest in our howntown near Koblenz on the june, 29th in the year 1989 and we celebrated the relaes party of our DVD and live album exact 25 years later at the same place which was really a great event which also reveals a lot of great memories! Well, when thinking about a location for the anniversary show we were thinking about a suitable venue and unfortunately there isn´t such venue existing at the moment in our hometown Koblenz, so we were thinking about a place that has the perfect size and of course the wildest and craziest fans! We remembered that our shows in Bamberg were always very good so we decided to do the show there, bringing over our die-hard fans from other regions of Germany with a rented bus to Bamberg. It was an amazing event where we met a lot of old friends and the atmosphere at the gig was really very special!

What can you relate about the artwork? Who designed it and what does it mean to you?

Well it was designed again by Axel Hermann, which already did the artwork for our latest album “The arts of Destruction”. He already painted the covers for bands like MORGOTH which we really liked when “Ressurrection Absurd” and “The eternal fall” came out in 1989 ans 1990 and also covers for ASPHYX, UNLEASHED and many more. I think it again turned out very good on the live album and DVD and I like it very much!

I really hope to see Desaster in Latin America one day, and I thank you for this interview Infernal, all the best with the live album. Any last words for the readers?

Thank you for your attention! I hope we´ll manage to come again to South America again, we love churrasco!!! South American Brutal !!! BANG OR BE BANGED!  


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