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Interview - Jason B. (Territory)

Interview with Jason B. from Territory
by V.Srikar at 10 July 2014, 11:59 AM

Not that it would be a surprise to find Metal in Uruguay, but the Metal world has been looking for an astounding act from that small country, maybe it is the Heavy / Thrash Metal outfit, TERRITORY, signed to Sleaszy Rider Records? Who knows really? However, the band put recently a new album called “The Curse” and V.Srikar talked to Jason B. of the band regarding this new release and more…

Hi Jason, cheers from Metal Temple, how are things going in Territory camp?

Hi guys, we are writing material for an upcoming release and having a great time with it.

Uruguay isn’t really a country famous for Thrash Metal, so how difficult was it to form a band?

No, it wasn’t hard at all because the group is very tight and the musicianship is great so it was all easier because of it. It has been a great pride working with them in both albums.

You guys are all in another bands as well, so how did Territory happen?

We had played on Inner Sanctum with Marth previously so when he started Territory he called me up to be a part of it, and we started working very hard from then on to get to where we are now. Despite all the line-up changes we’ve always had very smooth transitions as every new member comes with a lot of experience and now we are very fortunate to have a solid line-up.

So how often do you guys play live shows and what’s been the most memorable show of all?

It’s not that frequent that we play live shows as we try to keep the band fresh in the sense that we always try to do new things with the set list. To be able to have a surprise or two for the fans. To me our most memorable show was when we opened for Hail! (Ripper Owens, Andreas Kisser, James Lo Menzo, Paul Bostaph).

I could see the influence of bands like Onslaught, Accept, Artillery in your music. So what bands really inspired your music?

Our influences are very varied as all the members have different influences. Vocally my main influences are classic heavy metal, power metal and thrash bands like Anthrax.

What are the other Uruguayan bands worth checking out for people not familiar with the scene?

I would recommend checking out Sentencia, Siria, Radical, Ecivresotua, Contraveneno and Through The Eyes of Perversion.

How can you describe the songwriting process of your songs?

I have contributed Sacred Field for the band thus far which is based on a true story that has had repercussions through time because of the gravity of the event. We don’t all have the same inspiration lyrically speaking in the band but I think we have achieved a nice balance.

The vocals in the album has an Ozzy influence written all over it in my opinion, so was it a conscious effort or was it natural?

Ozzy is a great vocalist but I think that my influence comes from different vocalists such as Rob Halford, Joey Belladonna and Bruce Dickinson. Nevertheless I try to find my own personal style.

What’s the lyrical theme of the album as I couldn’t identify one and what’s with the song named “1984”?

1984 is based on George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Curse can be seen as reflected in different situations along the record but it is not a conceptual album.

How did the deal with Sleaszy Rider Records happen?

The deal with Sleaszy Rider came through Marth who worked very hard in getting international contacts for the band and has done great managerial work in that sense.

How have you progressed from your first EP in 2009 to this album? Has there been any change in the musical direction?

We have tried to innovate and purify the sound in each record so as to become better with each release. We have looked for a more modern sound each time and the musical progression has been very natural in that sense.

What are your plans for 2014 apart from promoting your album?

We are working on a new album and booking local and international shows in order to promote The Curse.

Jason I wish you guys all the best with the new release, any last words for the readers?

These are the words: “Always keep your face up and seek for new horizons”. Thank you very much to all the fans for their support and thank you for the talk.


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